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Relic Terminator Armour of the Lance of Sable Dawning

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Posted 26 June 2012 - 05:34 PM

As mentioned in a previous post, I'm not setting my game in the standard setting for Deathwatch, so I'm creating my own relics. Part of that has been making up my own suits of Terminator armour (as I personally treat them as Relics). Below are the suits I've made, as well as the fluff behind them.

The stats listed aslongside each suit of plate are in ADDITION to the benefits of Terminator Plate, eith the exception of listed AP values which are replacements. These suits don't get to roll for armour history in addition to these benefits, as should be perfectly obvious :P


Feel free to steal/give feedback/mock me without question or restraint.



The Saturninus Plate 

+10 WS
+5 Fel
+10 to resist pinning
+5 BS vs creatures with Psy Ratings or the Demonic trait.

Originally donated to the Deathwatch by the Sons of Ultramar chapter before their destruction
at the hands of the Archenemy in m37, this suit of terminator armour has been the center of a
dispute between the Ordos as to whose armouries should contain it. The sensorium was rebuilt
around a psi-auger, allowing the wearer to take aim at psychic creatures with far greater
accuracy. The Sons of Ultramar were infamous for their axe-craft, and the suit responds well to
melee combat, the spirit of the armour hungering to get in close to deal damage.



+10 Intimidate
-5 Charm
+1 Cohesion
Hatred (Eldar)

The Xerotallian belonged to a veteran of the Salamanders chapter, who left it to the
Deathwatch upon ascending to the case of one of the Deathwatch's few Dreadnought suits. After
being damaged by one of the Eldar Tomb-walkers on the Maiden wold of Feraetha, the plates
reactor has taken on a worrying harmonic, seeming to sound more like the growl of a great drake
rather than the normal hum of Terminator plate. The rear cooling vents have been replaced with
a set of stacks that rise along the back of the armour and occasionally give out small bursts
of fire as the reactor vents overgenerated plasma. To soothe the machine spirit and honour the
original owner, these reactor vents have been shaped into the form of the drakes that populate
the Salamander home world. While disquieting, the effect is both intimidating to the wearer's
enemies, and a source of pride to their brothers.

Bulwark of Sarrak Aurelias

AV16 to the front, AV 15 from the rear
+10 S
-10 A
-3 Initiative

Originating in the Iron Hands legion,this massive suit of Terminator plate seems almost closer
to Dreadnought armour than any normal suit. Built to be the perfect breaching armour, it was at
the head of thousands of Iron Hand assaults on defended locations and voidship assaults. It was
gifted to the Deathwatch in m34 after the Deathwatch managed to destroy the Rulership-caste of
the Martalian's World gestalt, slaying the species and avenging the death of over one hundred
brothers of the Iron Hands. Brother Sarrak Aurelias, who had consumed the Rulership-caste with
the vengeful fire of his heavy flamer, was granted the plate personally by the Clan Father of
the Iron Hands, and wore it for nearly three hundred years until his death.

The Specter's Robes

+5 Fel
+5 BS
+15 Command
+5 to resist pinning and fear
Fear 1 (or Fear +1 if you already cause fear)
AP12 on the Head

One of the few suits of Terminator plate granted to the Deathwatch at the founding of the
order, the Specter's Robes has long been considered one of the highest honours the Deathwatch
of the Lance of Sable Dawning can bestow. Bedecked in sigils of His Holy Inquisiton, and
covered in adamantium prayer strips ad purity seals informing of the tens of thousands of
xenos, heretics and traitors that have been slain by the plate during it's song service, the
armour appears as Death incarnate for the foes of the Imperium. The sensorium has been replaced
with an archeotech vox and auger system, that allows the wearer to gain advanced tactical data
from any other suit of Terminator Plate in the vicinity, although the sensor package has
weakened the integrity of the helm armour.

Casin's Sculpture

-10 Command
+10 Awareness
+1 Fate during a mission. This fate point cannot be burnt or transferred.
+1 Cohesion

Records relating to Casin's Sculpture are difficult to attain at best. It seems a stock
standard suit of Terminator plate. There have been no modifications made, no major repair work,
since its construction. The only decoration upon it is a single word scratched in a crude hand
on the inside of the helm, just above the eyes - "Casin". Those that have worn the plate have
all noticed that they have had better fortune while wearing the armour, yet nothing seems to go
according to plan. The Deathwatch's Librarium have run auto-seance after auto-seance on the
plate, all of which show it is clean of corruption, free from psychic influence, yet the
strange fortune remains.

The Battle Plate of Gaius Stenovas Maximus

+10 Corruption while wearing the plate - this disapates after not wearing the plate for a
Terran month.
+2 Cohesion
Hexagrammic Wards

Gaius Stonovas Maximus is a name praised on a dozen worlds in the Locas System. A veteran of
the Deathwatch, Maximus was leading a kill-team hunting a xenophilliac cult on Locas VI, only
to discover too late that the cult they hunted was aligned with darker powers yet. Assaulted by
daemons of the Architect of Fate, the kill-team fell, one by one, as they retreated to the only
refuge on the planets surface, the Church of His Benevolence. Only Maximus survived the hellish
trek to safety, and there took only enough rest for the local confessor to inscribe a set of
protective wards upon his plate before heading back into the madness. Protected by the wards,
but feeling their effectiveness wearing thin, Maximus strode into the heart of the insanity to
challenge the creature at the centre of the warp rift - one of the mightiest servants of the
Prime Anathema. Feeling his flesh starting to warp and bubble in the creatures presence,
Maximus strode forth and  crushed the beast's head with a single blow of his power fist.
By the time the Ordo Malleus could respond to the threat, the warp rift threatening Locus was
destroyed as had the entire Kill-team that had defended the worlds. The Ordos delivered the
plate back to the Deathwatch, the crude psychic defences reinforced with true Hexagrammic
wards, where it has been an object of pride ever since. The librarium warns that the daemon was
slain, but a creature that powerful leaves traces still, and checks closely those that wear the
armour too often.

The Hammer of Consequence

Hatred (Hordes)
+5 A,
+1 Initative
+1 damage to hordes per hit
+10 on any roll to resist the Primarch's Curse

The Hammer of Consequence was a gift from the First Founding Imperial Fists chapter. While the
circumstances surrounding this gift are shrouded in history, the armour itself has been in use
for more missions than any two of the other suits of Terminator Plate found in the Lance of
Sable Dawning.
Like many machine spirits, the spirit of the Hammer of Consequence urges its battle into
combat. Unlike many others though, it seems to take a simple delight in destroying the enemies
of mankind. There does not seem to be the techno-arcane anger or rage of other machine spirits,
merely a simple pleasure in death. The few Blood Angels and Iron Hands who have worn this plate
have sent back the biometric samples from their encounters with it, as in each case the curse
of rage that seeps through their genes have been somewhat calmed by the armours mild demeanour.


+10 BS
+ 5WS
-10 command
AP13 Arms and Legs
AP15 Torso and Head

Destroyed and rebuilt after Waagh Grimnak in 877.m38, the Godslayer was originally named for
Brak Bolttooth of the Space Wolves. Bolttooth was known for his recklessness, which culminated
in a duel he held with a Ork Stompa during the height of the Grimnak invasion of the Helden
hive world. Bolttooth stood on top of a monument of Leman Russ, exchanging fire with the Stompa
as it approached the civilian convoy attempting to escape the doomed hive. By the time
Bolttooth was out of missiles for his Cyclone Missile launcher, the Stompa had hit him no less
than thirty eight times with ordinance generally suited for destroying light vehicles and,
miraculously, managed to miss with all of its anti-titan rounds. The Stompa on fire, the crazed
captain attemptedto get close enough to Bolttooth to destroy him with its varies close combat
attachments, when Bolttooth boarded the Stompa, killing the rest of the crew and emptying his
storm bolter into the bridge, engine and any machinery he couldn't identify. Before Bolttooth
was able to leave the Stompa, the fires reached the ammunition supply, detonating the war
machine and seemingly killing Bolttooth.
After the rest of his kill-team recovered his body, Bolttooth was discovered to be alive and
demanded to be referred to as Godslayer before collapsing into hibernation. His armour was
rebuilt, as much as repaired, and in recognition of his monumental achievement, an archeotech
targeting system was installed.

Aurion's Case

+5 Command
Re-roll Cohesion checks
Fear 2 (or +2 if you already have Fear, max of Fear 3)

Traditionally worn by Deathwatch reclusiarchs, Aurion's Case has an unknown providence. The
first mention of the plate comes from records of the Deathwatch activities during the Age of
Apostacy being worn by Reclusiarch Ervas Aurion of the Fire Drakes.
Despite an inauspicious start, Aurion's Case has been the favoured armour of many kill-team
commanders over the millenia, the emblems of death that cover it being a source of inspiration
to the children of the Emperor, and a source of unceasing terror to His enemies.

Reliquary of Varden

+5 BS
+5 WS
+10 command
+10 intimidate

This gruesome plate appears to be as any astartes terminator plate on the outside. Within,
however, the origins of the armour are made clear. Gifted to the Deathwatch from the
Mortifactors chapter, the inner lining of the armour appears to be a polished, slightly
iridescent ivory. Looking closely at it reveals its true origin, tiles of highly polished
astartes bone, honed to a fine gleam. The orginial bearer of this armour granted both the plate
and his bones to the Deathwatch, so that both could continue the work that he could not as he
succumbed to the rarest of all astartes ailments - age. Varden's body was stripped down, his
geneseed sent back to his chapter, and the remaining flesh, blood and bone used to decorate his
armour. His blood was added to the enamel that darkens the Plate, his skin tanned and used to
pad joints and craft the purity seals within the plates mechanisms. A vial of his cerebral
fluid sits in the rebreather mechanisms of the plate, and legend tells that faint vapours rise
from the vial and are ingested by any astartes wearing the armour, their Omophagea absorbing
the powerful captains knowledge of war.

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Posted 07 July 2012 - 12:26 PM

You are no longer permitted to write fluff that is so cool.

On a more serious note, Aurion's Case could use some more interesting fluff.

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Posted 08 July 2012 - 02:21 PM

DJSunhammer said:

You are no longer permitted to write fluff that is so cool.

On a more serious note, Aurion's Case could use some more interesting fluff.



Uh… I mean thanks. I'd love to write fluff for 40k more professionally though. Just saying. If anyone from FFG happens to randomly wander past. At random. Also, I can bake muffins for co-workers.

Yeah, Aurion's Case seems really slim compared to the others. Might bump it up a bit, just to keep things equal.

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