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Campaign Mode Varient

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Posted 25 June 2012 - 02:56 PM

Includes the expansion map packs.
Order of Missions:

1)Emergence (No check points) 3 Exp
2)Roadblocks (2 check points) 5 Exp
3)Scattered (2 check points) 5Exp
4)Belly of the Beast (2 check points) 5 Exp
5)Hive (2 check points) 5 Exp
6)Search for the Stranded (1 check point) 4 Exp
7)China Shop (2 Check points) 5 Exp
8)The Showdown (1 Check point) 4 Exp


(Ticker,Wretch,Lambient Wretch,Drone,Theron Guard,Palace Guard,Kantus,Grenadier,Boomer,Grinder,Butcher) are worth 1 Exp.
(Beserker,Feral Beserker) are worth 5 Exp
(General Ram) is worth 10 Exp


Ammo Token: cost 5 Exp (Max is 3 per gun per purchase)
Grenade Token: cost 10 Exp (Max is 4 per purchase)
Order Card: cost 20 Exp (10 card hand limit)
Weapon (no special weapons): cost 15 Exp/20 Exp w/2 Ammo

Difficulty settings: (Casual) players start with +1 order card, +2 ammo or +1 grenade token. Reviving does not cost a order card.
(Normal)Play game normally.(see special rules)
(Hardcore) players start with -1 order card,-1 ammo token.
(Insane) players start -2 order card, no ammo or grenade tokens. When reviving a player he no longer receives a order card when revived.

Special Rules:
Reviving: Player that is revived draws 1 order card.
EXP: Players can only make purchases at begging of a mission.
Check Points: Are last explored level.
Order Card: The cards you purchase are a permanent upgrade.
Trades: Weapons cost 1 order card from both players, ammo and grenade tokens cost 1 order card from receiving player, order cards can be traded or given (not to exceed hand limit) once per mission.

Played a couple times really fun but long thinking about adding a medic and trade expert upgrade to it but want to try it first. I would add a Upgrade category along with the order card upgrade have Medic 1: Revive a player without discarding a order card
Medic 2: (Must have medic 1) When reviving a player he can draw +1 order card
Medic 3: (Must have medic 1,2) Add +1 order card for player reviving (EXAMPLE) If your playing on Normal player would receive +1 order card when revived but with medic 3 he would receive +3 total.
Trader 1: You do not discard a order card when trading (only player who has this upgrade doesn't discard.)
Trader 2: ( Must have Trader 1) Receive +1 ammo for weapon you trade for or an extra token you are trading. (EXAMPLE) You trade snubnose ammo for lancer ammo 1 for 1 with this its 1 for 2.NOTE: the extra ammo does not come from trading player it comes from ammo pile.
Trader 3: (Must have Trader 1,2) see trader 2 add +1 ammo and now +1 grenade token.
NOTE FOR ALL TRADING OR RECEIVING IF YOU HAVE THESE UPGRADES THEY ONLY APPLY TO YOU AND APPLY WHEN RECEIVING ALSO. (EXAMPLE) Player gives you 1 ammo and you have trade 2 upgrade you would receive +2 ammo 1 from him and 1 from ammo pile.
All in this category would cost 20 Exp per upgrade and all would carry over from difficulties played so should go from Casual to Insane

Hope to hear your thoughts.

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