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Secrecy Decks

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#1 Troymk1



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Posted 25 June 2012 - 06:13 AM

 So I have built two Secrecy Decks


One is based around the Twins,  getting lots of resources via Resourceful & Steward of Gondor, Sneak attacks for the Gandalfs and a few more expensive allies in there and Out of the Wild to get them out cheaply ;)


The Second is Aragorn & Glorfindel  Both the latter versions. This one concentrates on threat reduction and treachery/Shadow control and hopefully gets out the Zigil Miner & the Stargazer to increase resource production.  Found a nice synergy with Song of Earendil for the other deck, basically get this attachment out and protect the other deck from threat increase at each end phase. With it's own Gandalfs being used to reduce threat if need be. Otherwise you simply reduce your own threat or if it completely blows out let it hit the 40s then use Aragorn to reset to 17.

So the decks seem to play really well.


Except The first quest Passage through Mirkwood is kicking the collective asses of these 4 Heroes.  Just Bizarre.


It might be a bad quest to try against as shadow effects are good at stripping attachments, and the treacheries can make you lose all your events.


I will keep fine tuning and report back!









#2 leptokurt



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Posted 25 June 2012 - 07:13 AM

I'm currently running a secrecy decka against Anduin. Théodred and Glóin with a mono-leadership are doing a good job against the encounter deck; lots of wins, but the results are pointwise not the best (> 150) as this deck takes some time to build up to its full strength.

#3 Connor McGinnis

Connor McGinnis


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Posted 25 June 2012 - 10:19 AM

 I've been interested in Secrecy decks, but don't have a whole lot of cards with secrecy. Any deck ideas with it as a sub-theme? Which heroes work the best with a secrecy deck?

#4 Troymk1



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Posted 26 June 2012 - 03:06 AM

 Update. I pared down the decks to right on 50 cards. 


Played a bit last night  Defeated Passage through Mirkwood and Voyage down the Anduin.  (Not going to attempt Dol Guldur with only 2 heroes a deck)


Now I am starting the Mirkwood cycle will be interesting to see how this Secrecy thing pans out.





#5 Troymk1



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Posted 02 July 2012 - 12:38 PM

 So I finished all but Rhosgobel; of the Mirkwood cycle


I realized after finishing with 2 Athelas in hand and 5 resources on Radagast to heal the eagle and still losing the secrecy decks might be too slow.


I could tweak them adding healing herbs etc but Rhosgobel is such a crap shoot.


Meanwhile  would anyone like me to post the two decks? They do make for an interesting experience


And how is best to do that? (A deck builder program ??)





#6 Golden_Nightingale



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Posted 02 July 2012 - 06:00 PM

I don't know of a software program to list them. Most people type out the whole deck and associated heroes.

Aragorn, Glorfindel

Starting threat: 16(?)

Neutarl Sphere:

3x Gandalf

Leadership Sphere:

3x Sneak Attack

etc. etc.

#7 leptokurt



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Posted 02 July 2012 - 08:28 PM

I always like to have a look at other decks. So put them here, and don't forget to tell how many core sets and expansions you used. Nightingale already showed you how to post it (but honestly: do as you wish!).

#8 Troymk1



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Posted 16 July 2012 - 04:08 PM

Decks Built using 2 Cores & one of each expansion

Fighting Deck

Elladan & Elrohir 

Starting threat 20


51 Cards


3 x Resourceful

3 x Gandalf

1 x Radagast


3 x Steward of Gondor

3 x Timely Aid

3 x Sneak Attack

3 x Dunedain Warning

2 x Celebrian's Stone

2 x Dunedain Wanderer

1 x Erestor

1 x Faramir

1 x Son of Arnor

1 x Path of Need

1 x Sword that was Broken


3 x Winged Guardian

3 x Rivendell Blade

3 x Unseen Strike

3 x Feint

2 x Eagles of the Misty Mountains

2 x Horn of Gondor

2 x Blade of Gondolin

2 x Rivendell Bow

1 x Support of the Eagles

1 x Landroval

1 x Beorn

I mulligan this deck if Timely Aid is not in opening hand. The expensive allies are basically a salute to this card. 

8 Cards are dedicated to Resource generation to allow the more expensive cards to be tenable if threat increases.  Gandalf should be used almost exclusively as a threat reducer in this deck. 









#9 Troymk1



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Posted 16 July 2012 - 04:33 PM

Questing & Healing Deck

Glorfindel (Spirit) &  Aragorn (Lore)

Starting threat 17

51 Cards


3 x Resourceful *


3 x Elrond's Counsel

3 x Northern Tracker

3 x Light of Valinor

3 x A Test of Will

3 x A Hasty Strike

3 x Ancient Mathom

3 x Zigil Miner

2 x Imladris Stargazer

2 x Unexpected Courage

2 x Out of Sight

2 x Galadhrim's Greeting

2 x Stand and Fight

1 x Arwen Undomiel

1 x Elfhelm

1 x Song of Earendil

1 x Will of the West


3 x Out of the Wild

2 x Asfaloth

2 x Gleowine

2 x Miner of the Iron Hills

2 x Self Preservation

2 x Warden of Healing

2 x Burning Brand

1 x Daughter of the Nimrodel

1 x Haldir of Lorien

1 x Gildor Inglorion 

1 x Henamarth Riversong

* = Using proxy     This deck is all about questing and Healing. However the 2 Heroes and a few vaunted comrads are more than able to deal with a fight if it comes along.   I do mulligan for Light of Valinor unless we have a resourceful available.  The Zigil Miner/ Stargazer combo ensures that by late game this deck can pay for whatever if draws. Gleowine is so useful to hand out some cards here and there, as is the Ancient Mathom. If you can get Song of Earendil into play try and protect the threat of the other deck using galdhims greeting etc to reduce your own as required, or if it blows out. Let is do so then use Aragorn to reset to 17 once you go to 40+




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