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Questions on Impossible Weapons

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#1 MrNefarious



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Posted 17 June 2012 - 10:44 AM

For any of my martial characters I really enjoy the aspect of Ars Magnus and the Impossible weapons, but had a couple questions regarding two of my favorites; Scorpio and Libra.

For the Scorpio style you are able to transform your longsword (or saber) into a bladed whip thanks to your ki, but from what I have seen on this style you only get one. Is it possible for a character to have 2 Scorpio swords? Would buying 2 longswords and using the style through both work or would you have to buy the "technique" twice or is there some rule that states you cant have two of this partictular weapon?

Also, I know you are able to combine certain Ars Magnus and Impossible Weapons (example, character uses Sagitarius and Capricorn), but would it be possible to use Libra (the variable weapon) with Scorpio? I figured since Scorpio is a moderately "moddable" weapon, using Libra in conjunction with it wouldnt be that far of a stretch.

I recently had a character death in one of my Anima games and I gave him Libra and thought about combining it with Scorpio, but didnt know if that would work.

#2 F3nr1s



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Posted 17 June 2012 - 12:12 PM

Now, I have read both of the Impossible weapons, and would say:

Yes, but:

- The weapon must be modified for Scorpio (Sword with chained pieces)

- It is usable as "Scorpio" or "Libra", but not both at the same time. For example, you can't use the damage of libra + gigantic size + increased damage (which would make an base damage of 110 with libra), an the trapping rule of the "scorpio whip" (which would be a trapping, with a "charateristic" of 10 and full damage). You could only make the "scorpio trapping" OR the Libra modifing.

- The used profile is the profile of the used type (if used as Libra, it uses the profile of libra and if used as scorpio, it uses the profile of scorpio).

So, this is my graps of the rules. Because, Scorpio has the restriction, that the weapon must be a "chained sword", but libra hasn't a restriction about the weapon. But, if a weapon is used as Libra, it only has the Libra states and "loses" all his normal states. For example: If someone uses a dagger as libra, it would lose his higher speed and normal precision tag. So, if we apply this rule on scorpio-weapon: The scorpio-weapon would "lose" his own "rules" and only be used as libra-weapon.

"libra" is something, which only depends on the character (there ist no rule, that a character with libra could only one weapon as "libra", it only states "his weapon", which could mean "his personaly weapon" or "the weapon, he has in his hands"), so every weapon, welded by the character, can become libra, therefore I would say, the character can decide to weld a weapon normal and not as "libra" (which would be rather "bad", if every weapon would turn in "libra" (for example, throwing weapons or bows) … something like king midas XD)

But, if I would be the Gamemaster, I simply wouldn't allow it OR would make same additional rules, for changing from Libra to Scorpio and back (because a change from Scorpio-Sword to -Whip gives some penalties, so I would give some penalties, if you change from scorpio to libra).

I would like to hear the opinion of some other persons :-)

So long,

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