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Posted 10 June 2012 - 08:04 AM

Hi all, just played a demo of versus mode guardian 2vs2 solo and was pretty awesome. Im gonna give you the house rules I used.

No special abilities are used and any order card that states skip locust activation do not apply. Hope you enjoy would love feed back.

COG: Marcus;Cole
LOCUST: Kantus;Drone
LEADERS: Marcus;Kantus
MAP: 6B;16B;11B
COG WEAPONS START: Lancer;Snubnose
LOCUST WEAPONS START: Hammerburst;Snubnose
TOKENS USED: 1 Boomer wound token (Marcus);1 Kantus wound token (Kantus);Ammo tokens;Grenade tokens;2 locked tokens
INITIATIVE ORDER: Marcus;Kantus;Cole;Drone

NOTE: You may use any maps, tokens, characters ect. as you wish this is just my demo.

GAME SETUP: Map order(6B;16B;11B) 5 Ammo tokens on weapons area in 6B;11B for a total of 10 ammo tokens. Take the remaining weapons cards including the single sided ones and with out looking shuffle deck and set aside face up. If you go to a area with the ammo tokens you may take top weapon plus keep 1 ammo token from pile for weapon picked up; or you may discard weapon keeping 1 ammo token from pile for a weapon you have. If your weapon is in the weapons deck you may add 2 ammo tokens to any of your weapons or 1&1. (EX) You have a lancer and the card showing in the weapons deck is a lancer you may discard that weapons card and take 1 ammo from top of pile and get the other ammo token from your extras placing the ammo tokens where you wish. On 16B weapon area I placed the 2 locked tokens over the ? marking this as the area where you take the leader once captured. Cog spawned from entrance of 6B and locust from exit of 11B.

SPAWNING RULE: Leaders do not spawn seeing as they don't die they are just used as meatshields, other characters do how ever respawn. Respawn takes 2 rounds before it takes effect so if you die before its your turn the turn will pass you once then when it comes back to you the second time you can go. But if you are killed by some one using a guard card during your turn the round will pass you twice before you may move. If a ammo token is in possession at time of death this becomes another weapon or ammo area until the token is gone.

MEATSHIELD RULE: When a leader is out of order cards they are considered bleeding out yet do not die and can only crawl one area on turn. Players must either revive if on team or capture if on opposing team. To capture a leader one must be bleeding out advance to their area and discard a order card and play leaders token under your mini to represent you have hostage. ( The reason I used Kantus and Boomer because they are both marked 2 as I use this as the meatshields health.) With a meatshield you may only gain 1 order card on turn and may only use order cards to move 1 area or attack with a pistol (any pistol), as reactions you may guard only no following or added defense dice. Also with meatshield you have full cover giving you 3 def die If you are captured and released you gain 2 order cards to begin with if bleeding out and revived follow rules from rule book.

CAPTURING: To capture the teams leader and gain a point you must hold there leader as meatshield in the capture zone (which I located on 16B weapons marker with the locked tokens) for 2 whole consecutive rounds. (EX) If you start your turn with the leader as a meatshield in the capture area and end your turn in the capture area then remove 1 of the locked tokens placing it next to your character card representing you have 1 round down, gaining both completes the match giving the team that made the capture a point. Starting a turn not in the capture area and ending your turn in the capture area does not count as a round in the area and thus no token is gained.


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