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Noob questions

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#1 Mordjinn



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Posted 10 June 2012 - 03:48 AM

Hi all. We played our first Dust Tactics games yesterday and had a lot of fun. We have the original core box, but we also used the reactive fire rule from the revised rules as it sounded fun.

1. Are there loads of differences in the original and revised rulesets? At least one thing I've noticed is that in the original box Knife&Grenade has a range of 1 and in the revised it has been changed to C. There was some special ability or rule that affected only weapons range of C, but there isn't weapons like that in the original core set. Confusing…

2. When a unit fires do they get to use all of the weapons available or does each squad member choose one weapons and shoot with that one?

For example if the weapon lines are:

Machine pistol
Grenade Launcher (1)
Panzerwreck (limited ammo three)

How we played it was that each squad member chooses one weapon and shoots with that one. For example one shoots the flamethrower, three with panzerwrecks and one with the machine pistol. But then why would you ever use knives as the others can then knife you back?

Or is it so that first the whole squad shoots with machine pistols (five guys because there's no number in brackets), then one with flamethrower, then up to three panzerwreck shots and to top it all they can still knife someone if they are near. This seems kinda overkill. (And if this it how it's done does the heavy weapon guy always have the basic weapon or not and if not why it isn't marked on the card that only four have the basic weapon?)

3. Does a fast -special ability apply also when deploying the troops? How we did it was that since you always have to enter the board with move + other action, the fast applies to that board entering move-action.


Great game, but there are some things that have been written in a way that you can understand them many different ways.



#2 Major Mishap

Major Mishap


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Posted 10 June 2012 - 04:35 AM

The revised rules superceded the original rules, so you should be using those, there's not a lot of difference but there are additions.

You need to look at the model to see what weapons it has and it can then use that weapon plus a limited ammo weapon plus knives/grenades.

So if you have 1 flamethrower and 4 shotgun models, then that's what they shoot with.  Each could also use a demo charge and then finally once shooting has been resolved, go in with knives/grenades, the enemy can also  retaliate with C weapons before removing C casualties.

#3 Loophole Master

Loophole Master


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Posted 10 June 2012 - 05:31 AM

1- The differences between the original rules and revised are minimal. There's no reason why you shouldn't just download the Revised Rules PDF and use that. The C range  doesn't really change anything from the original rules, it just makes it clearer which weapons provoke a retaliation attack.

2- All soldiers can always fight with all weapons they have at their disposal at once. So usually they have their main weapons (machine guns, bazookas, flamers, etc), they have a C weapon (knife, knife and grenades, etc), and occasionally a limited ammo weapon (UGLs, panzerfausts, etc). A single soldier can choose to use the three in the same attack (as long as he has range for all of them, and ammo from the limited ammo weapons).

3- Yes, Fast can be used during deployment, since it is essentially a normal Move action into the board.

#4 Chaplin717



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Posted 11 June 2012 - 06:30 AM

 Hello and welcome to dust.  I too am new, but I think I have the answer to your questions.

1). A unit can use all weapons lines use on a card, but you only use a line that relates to the models remaining in a squad.  I have not used the original core set, but I have the revised.  The closest match to your question would be the grenadiers that have 5 models (1 with flame thrower, 4 with assault rifles-- 3 of those have panzersfausts).  The card lists all weapons plus knife/ grenade.  So if everyone is alive, most of the time I fire 4 rifles and 1 flamethrower if they are in range.  I may choose to use up 1 to 3 of my panzersfausts (limited ammo).  Once the shooting is done I could then knife/grenade with all of them, but anyone still alive after shooting in the target squad gets to fight back.  The choice on going to knives will depend on what you are fighting and how much their return attack will do.

2). Yes a fast move can be used when entering the board.

Now I also have a newbie question.  I learned this weekend that I was using flamethrowers wrong and that you roll the number of dice per how many are in the target squad.  Does the Hanz work the same way?  That is his anti infantry weapon rolls 5 dice against a squad of 5?  Before we were just rolling 1 and if it hit it wounded everyone.  The anti armor just rolls 1 and kills outright if it hits the walker right?

Thanks all.

#5 Loophole Master

Loophole Master


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Posted 11 June 2012 - 07:15 AM

As for your flamer question, yes, your second assessment is correct. The " 1/ " damage means you roll one die per each model in the targeted squad, dealing one damage per hit. Against a vehicle, you roll one die, and a hit kills it immediately.

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