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Radical Inquisitor Campaign (Necrons included)

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Posted 06 June 2012 - 09:01 AM

 I have been throwing around an idea to have a radical inquisitor be appointed command over the PCs.  He essentially assigns them to recover an artefact (secretly xenos) from a renegade Imperial Guard battalion (actually a loyalist group to a Imperium compliant world).  It gets confusing, but bear with me (hehe… bear).

--Background before Kill Team Enters--

It essentially starts off where a Dead planet has been discovered, which contains large deposits of Adamantium.  The Inquisitor establishes a new legislation that allows them to assess the planet for possible Xenos inhabitation.  From what could be assessed, the planet is actually a home to a Necron tomb world.  Seeing this as a way to get their hands on some juicy Xenos (and very powerful tech), he sends a Heretek Tech-Priest to establish a research facility and conduct experiments to understand a particular artifact enabling teleportation over vast distances (like the Necrons always do).  Little do they know, this device cosntantly being active has roused some of the elite (more powerful) Necrons from their sleep.  A Necron (who has retained his own intelligence) seeks to recover the artifacts taken and potentially resurrect the sleeping army.

Meanwhile, the Imperium compliant world knows that the Inquisitor is trying to utilize dangerous Xenos weapons and hires Imperial Guard operatives to go rogue in order to confront the Inquisitor's agents and tech-priest indirectly through random attacks and bombings.  

--Kill Team Enters--

The inquisitor is wise to these plots and has the Kill Team hired to dispatch one of the squadrons who are carrying one of the Necron artifacts in hopes of providing evidence of the Inquisitor's schemes.  The inquisitor will have the PCs recover the artifact for him and secretly return it to the Heretek who is currently working towards utilizing this ancient and dark technology.

Essentially, I want the Kill-team to slowly realize that the guy they are taking commands from is actually a radical himself.  I plan to have them realize it is too late and the Inquisitor labels them traitors and Xenos sympathizers (or something along those lines for refusing to do is bidding).

What do you guys think?  I know it may be a bit confusing…

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