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Regionals Deck Lists

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Posted 03 June 2012 - 04:32 AM


Under advice i've started a place where those that wish to can post regionals deck lists and have a say if they like. I certainly can't afford worlds so i'll start off with the winner of the australian regionals.


Gibbering soul x 3
Harvesting mi-go x 3
Pawn broker x 3
Blood magician x 2
Faceless abductor x 2
Hungry dark young x 3
Descendent of Eibon x 2
Mage known as Magnus x 3
Stalking hound x 3
Telepathic chthonian x 3
Shudde M’ell x 2
Shub-Niggurath (new) x 2
Yog-Sothoth (new) x 3

A single glimpse x 2
Casting off the skin x 2
Speak to the dead x 3
Opening the limbo gate x 3
Thunder in the east x 3
Burrowing beneath x 3

Fairly straightforward deck but was darn effective(on the day!!). Was lucky and most times had 2 ancients in play on turns 3 - 4 and a 3rd coming in soon (even snuck Shub-niggurath out on turn 2 once!!). Pawn broker / Magnus mill ancients from hand (you actually WANT to start with them) and Limbo gate plays them out and activates all Stalking hounds from hand / discard. All spells re-castable from discard (often 2nd ancient for COST 2) with Yog the frontrunning ancient one engine and Shub relegated to support (or support destruction!) and minor character engine.

Along with faceless abductor (some attachments) and speak to the dead returning destructions (and limbo for a triple cast if desired), no supports lasted much more than a turn, if not directly after playing, sometimes causing sacrifices, even the threat of which slowed some opponent plays down. Also threw out a couple of nice early rushes (mi-go / Eibon combo can turn a 2:1:1 domain into a 2:3:3 for 1 turn). Includes reshuffles to mix double cast spells back into deck from bottom. Designed it to counter all the new relics last series and the tomes from the new packs (could change slightly as weren’t legal here yet). Also never went over a 4:3:2 domain total.

Certainly wasn't often a quick win deck but it is super speedy for what it is and with ancient ones, character engines and support denial it was simply too much on the day. I'm also glad i didn't see a particular couple of cards.

So there you go. Hope it might be useful as some sort of deck tester.

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