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Which career would be tougher in a 1 on 1 combat?

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#1 Emirikol


    ~Ĉiam subskribi antaŭ-nup kun Fimir

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Posted 31 May 2012 - 03:59 AM

Pick two non-advanced, newly created characters to battle it out in single combat. Who would win? I've got a scenario idea brewing.

For purposes of argument, they are in a generic situation:  They are in an open field, medium range apart. They are fighting to the death. They have whatever the toughest, min-maxed combo of legal talents and actions would be legal for a new character.

  For example: 

   Bright wizard apprentice vs  Pit fighter 

   Ironbreaker vs Trollslayer

   Pedlar vs. Entertainer

   Zealot vs Initiate of Sigmar

   Ironbreaker vs Ogre Maneater

   Ironbreaker vs Swordmaster






#2 nephtys



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Posted 31 May 2012 - 04:12 AM

why not try it out. i did that once. since our dragon slayer would not find his worthy opponent he was presented with a nemesis, i think it was an ironbeard with gromnil armour.

took the slayer a total of 30 minutes of realtime to finally defeat his nemesis. and only because of the action cards "this will be a glorious death" and "deathwish"

so i think it really is up to the actions they have upon creation. and of course their tactics….

#3 k7e9



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Posted 31 May 2012 - 06:52 AM

My guesses (not backed up with any kind of actual play testing, just based on hunches):

  1. Bright Wizard beats Pit fighter:
    The brutal ranged spells avaliable to the wizards combined with the soak spell (that I believe is avaliable to Bright wizards?) would probably kick the fighters but. The Bright wizard would just have to stay out of range of the pit fighter, burning multiple fatigue to increase the range if neccecary, to finish him off in a few spells. Might be an even fight though, and who wins might just depend on who gets higher initiative.
  2. Iron breaker beats Trollslayer:
    The ironbreaker's superiour armour would win the fight for sure. They're able to equip themselves with virtually the same weapons, actions, talents and start of at about the same physical characteristics and skill trainings. (beeing dwarves they can allways have WS trained, as well as Resilience). The ironbreaker could also opt for a shield for an even more intimidating soak and giving him access to more defencive options at almost no damage reduction.
  3. Entertainer beats Pedlar:
    It just feels right. I don't have my books and can't read up on skills and other stats at the moment, but it just feels like the Entertainer is more Agile and might do better with a ranged weapon, make better use of close combat attacks that use Agility (and maybe even coordination) as well as utilize the dodge card more effectively than the Pedlar could.
  4. Initiate of Sigmar beats Zealot:
    Tthe Zealot-ability isn't super powerful. Offensive blessings, the healing blessing and the option to train WS would give the Initiate a clear edge in the combat.
  5. Ogre Maneater beats Ironbreaker:
    While the ironbreaker might have a few points more of soak, the Maneater would probably do a considerable amount of damage, while having a relatively good soak himself, and a higher number of hitpoints. This might be an even fight though.
  6. Ironbreaker beats Swordmaster:
    Same argument as with the slayer, the ironbreaker might do a few less points of damage, but would probably win through superiour soak and defence rating, and probably due to a few more hit points. Thisarguments also depend a bit on how restrictive you are with "special" actions for a character, are swordmasters the only ones able to purchase Way of the Sword cards? That might give them a better shot at the ironbreaker, but I still feel the ironbreaker would win the fight.

What kind of scenario idea if I may ask?

#4 Yepesnopes



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Posted 31 May 2012 - 07:14 AM

In your list I mis the wood elf waywatcher with: longbow immobilising shoot + rapid fire + called shot, knock back or some similar action

The Book of the Asur - High Elf fan supplement

The Dark Side - Witches, Warlocks, Dark Magic and more

Secrets of the Anvil - Advanced Dwarf careers and runes

Dice statistics calculator for SW EotE

#5 No:12



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Posted 01 June 2012 - 12:52 AM


Have to say Yepesnopes suggestion is a fine one. using a wardancer with maxed ag and javelins looks pretty lethal too.

Bright wizards and Initiates of sigmar probably do well in all these hypothetical situations. Crazy damage output cant be bad in 1 on 1…

how about Halfling chef vs small but vicious dog?

#6 Emirikol


    ~Ĉiam subskribi antaŭ-nup kun Fimir

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Posted 01 June 2012 - 05:22 AM

The halfling in our group has managed to take out each of the big bad evil creatures in "The Pig, the Witch, and her Lover", "Ravager of Time," and "False Pretenses."  He's getting quite the reputation.

Our session ended last night with him having snuck past a door into a room full of ju ju zombies..the rest of the group laughed because they know there will be a bunch of noise, and then silence..and a halflign covered in gore.



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