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Pax Obscurum - 40K LARP at Origins Game Fair

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Posted 29 May 2012 - 03:11 PM

 The heretics who brought you Nox Terminus and Nex Eternus return to the Origins Game Fair with Pax Obscurum, a new live action roleplay experience set in the war torn future of the 41st millennium.

Lost to the Imperium in a savage Warp storm, the fledgling world of Recedentia Cuspis began a slow decay into barbarism and chaos. However, the collapse of this lost colony was halted by the intervention of an enigmatic alien intelligence. Now, the battle-scarred flagship Dominance and her war-weary crew have rediscovered this world. When radical Inquisitors, ambitious Rogue Traders, and an emissary of a Xenos empire clash over the fate of a world, will victory belong to the righteous, or will another planet fall to the hidden machinations of Chaos?

Dramatis Personae

Imperial Detachment
Lord Inquisitor Bellatrix Nightfall – Radical Inquisitor
Old Steward – Savant, scribe, and psyker thrall
Young Mort – Youthful man-at-arms
Plaxx – Enigmatic survivor of a destroyed world
Lord Captain Malifax Randal – A Rogue Trader bereft of ship
Lord Admiral Doramus vanRichen – Master of the flagship Dominance
Arch-Cartographer Gadevillious Brom – Peerless Navigator of the Imperial Navy
Lieutenant Maximillian Gorst – Last of an old naval family
Commissar Korolvov – Ruthless discipline incarnate

The Unsated Host
deYar The Maw – Warlord and master of the Unsated Host
Chia Bloodsavour – Cannibal cultists and right hand of The Maw
Hrud Redbelly – First among Slaughtermen
Strane Gutspew – Slave wrangler
He Who Burns – Mad prophet of the wasteland
Lucaz Stremp – Snivelling slave of The Maw

The City of Bastion
Satrap Eclipse – Enigmatic ruler of Bastion
Urik "No Eye" Driskil – Blinded mercenary captain
Sister Greta Angstrom – Emissary of the Missionaria Galaxia
Grok of The Old Bones – Kroot Shaper
Okek of Many Scars – Kroot Tracker
Kret of Sharp Jaws – Kroot Bloodhunter
Abek of Short Years – Kroot stripling
Rane Krios – Salvager and Archeotech dealer
"Sores" Rugose – Mutant scavenger and Rane's business partner
Xillith Dwin – Douser in Rane's employ
Barber-Surgeon Jenner – Healer and proponent of hygene
Bizarbara Rech – Mutant and rat catcher
Backwards Circuitous – Mutant and village idiot

Archibalt Orville Hrusk - Town elder

Arthus Hrusk - Brutish machinist

Abigail Hrusk - Sump worker


For any and all questions and character requests, contact lead GM William Thrasher at SpathiPrime@yahoo.com


When: 05/31/2012 at 7pm

Where: The Harding ballroom in the Hyatt

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