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Firewall and Mental force

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#1 napoleonWilson



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Posted 20 May 2012 - 02:29 PM

Hey all,…

New to these boards here, but I checked all the back history and didn't see a few questions I have answered. 

I put a wall of fire up next to an opponent, I then cast mental force as my attack with four energy into it so I can move the opponent 7 times.  I grab him and

move him back and forth through the wall of fire.  The rose and thorn bush specifically say you cannot but the Wall of Fire has no limitations on it.  It ended up doing 18 damage and killing him.  Is that a legal move or when moving a character can you only move them in a straight linear line? or does a player only ever take damage like that once per turn?  It seems cheesy to me, but I have heard that the game is pretty ruthless sometimes. 

I also am not sure about items and counterspells.  Some counterspells actually say, "when ATTACKED you may counter x" does that mean it can block physical attacks like punch, stab, or even items like the boomstone? or can counterspells only counter actual spells like fireball and lightning bolt.


Those are the two big ones on our minds right now,…thanks in advance for any help anybody gives…



napoleon et al.

#2 Tromdial



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Posted 27 May 2012 - 05:24 AM

I have been told by someone else in the forum that the Mental Force/Wall of Fire combo is legit according to Tom Jolly. An official FFG errata would be nice because the combo is very over-powered, as well it doesn't even have to be your Wall of Fire in play, just that it is in play so you can target any unfortunate wizard with Mental Force.

For your second question, I am not sure which counter spell you are referring to. Possibly Shield? If so, then yes, it prevents damage from any one source up to the amount you charge it by, plus two.

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