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3rd Expansion : Sea Battles

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#1 magicrealm



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Posted 17 May 2012 - 11:37 AM

after we get the dwarfes and the orcs, we will get sea battles in runewars !  beware you need a large table.

i can give you some overall rules so you can already play a taste of it. only thing you need are some ship models. you can get perfect ships in the seddlers of catan sea expansion. 


1. build islands and peninsulas

the whole map forms an insula-continent surrounded by the sea. further islands and peninsulas can be builded. after 2 maptiles are placed, third player may declare to start an island or penninsula. for a penninsula, he places his maptile with at least one borderless edge to an existing tile. for an island, he places his maptile max. one seaarea away from an existing tile. a seaarea is (as long as we dont have blue tiles) an empty area of the table in the size of a game area.

the next maptile must be placed at the new island / penninsula tile within standard rules. further tiles can be placed anywhere within standard rules.  an island or an peninsula cannot be connected by further tiles with existing other tiles. it stays an island / peninsula.


2. build a ship

one ship can be builded at the cost of 2 wood with fortif- order, additional to other buildings . it is placed at a coast of an area containing a city or castle of the player.


3. moving a ship

a ship moves with strategy order into a sea area (middle) or to an adjacent land area (coast). with mobilize or conquer a ship can move to the target area two areas far. if the target area is a landarea it can reach it by sailing to its coast. it can sail through coasts containing enemy or neutral units, but not through coasts or sea areas containing enemy ships with units aboard.


4. loading and deloading a ship

a ship can carry up to 8 units. it must be at the coast of the area containing the units. they are simply placed on the ship ( means beside the ship or on the right side of the fractiontable if you numerize the ships). a ship can deload its units from the coast to the area the coast belongs to. it can deload any number of units it carries. the units are places at the area. loading and deloading does not count for movement. a ship cannot load and deload in the same season.


4. battling a ship

a ship can not be attacked from neutral or enemy units on land. a seabattle between ships are handled exactly like a landbattle for now. a ship with no units abord is immediately destroyed if in the same area / coast with an enemy ship with units aboard. empty and sunken ships do not stop the other ships movement.


5. flying units

flying units can move over sea as if its land. they can attack enemy ships with units and sink ships with no unit.


6. heroes

heroes can use ships in exactly the same way as units. he can use a ship with or without units aboard. a ship with only a hero aboard can avoid enemy ships and flying units.

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#2 sigmazero13


    Rules Geek

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Posted 17 May 2012 - 11:46 AM

 I'm not sure I'd like this.  I had mixed feelings about it in Battlemist - it was a cool concept, but in practice it just made it harder for the players to interact, and whoever ended up on the richer island often has a HUGE advantage.

#3 CrazyJaws



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Posted 21 May 2012 - 12:17 AM

Interesting idea, although I'm not sure how often I'd use ships, doesn't seem to be a huge advantage to them.

Check out how they used ships in a similar game by GW calle dMIghty Empires; http://www.games-wor...questid=1130120

It's been ages since I've played this game but remember using ships because they had the advantage of being able to move troops quicker or something.. perhaps if ships are to be use din runewars, letting them move 3 spaces would be great.

#4 Steve-O



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Posted 21 May 2012 - 03:40 AM

I think the major problem with water-based terrain in a game like Runewars is how the water will divide up the map.  Particularly in a game that has a modular and randomly generated map, it is difficult to ensure that water is wisely distributed in order to make it useful without isolating parts of the map from other parts.

If one player is on an island by himself, he either has a huge advantage or a huge disadvantage (depending on what kinds of resources he has on his island.)  However, if the landmass is interconnected such that no player is on an island, then the waterways are not well connected, which makes ships (particularly fast ships) basically useless.  What's the point of having ships move three spaces if there's no place on the map where a ship can move more than one adjacent space before it runs out of water to move through?

I think the first priority with any serious attempt to make a water-based expansion to Runewars (fan-made or otherwise) would be finding a way to ensure that the water is widespread and connected enough to be tactically useful without being so widespread as to isolate players by land-based channels.  This would, more likely than not, require that any game which uses the water-based rules and components be played on one of X-many pre-built maps instead of using the base rules for map building.

#5 mvl4d



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Posted 16 November 2013 - 05:36 PM

You should carry Rune tokens on Ships, and if you lose a battle with the ship the Rune sinks never to be found again. :))


I would rather see some underground passage hexagons so you can play with up to 6 players.And I´m not sure about that either, it would make it a Fantasy Empire Building Wiz-War :)). 

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