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Crimson Rain. Did you lost any PC?

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#1 zirow



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Posted 17 May 2012 - 11:05 AM

 So I m gonna play the Crimson Rain adventure from the Liber Carnagia book soon and I wanna know if any of your PCs lost his soul to the spear because I am 90% sure that someone is going to lost his PC on that session. Also how many steps your PCs moved on the blood tracker?

#2 Amehdaus



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Posted 18 May 2012 - 11:16 AM

It came down to some stalemate rolls at the end and dragged on a little longer than I might have hoped, but of the 2 PCs I was fully expecting to be overtaken -- One scouted ahead of the party and was slain on the tower by Crimson Rain before the rest could catch up and give back up. (I let him still participate in the trial as a part of the spear itself forming his image). The Witch Hunter was the highest and showed up in time for the scene almost as written, failed his check and took up the spear.

Biggest tip I can give is to limit a large party of PCs to ~4 arguments to affect each roll. If feels cruel for the limitation but that seems to be where it's designed and having 8 players each brainstorm a defense on every single roll took far too much time -- and defensible actions got weaker and weaker and time went on (both theirs and the demon's).

The greatest thing working in the player's favor is that instances of being firm-minded and commanding can be used in defense and the player most bloodthirsty is also likely the most string-willed (by playstyle, if not WP characteristic). Also, the demon only can "witness" events over the course of this adventure, while the players can cite instances since the beginning of the campaign. Depending on how much time you have and how obvious the character on trial will be, try to brainstorm well before the session examples that the demon and players will give.

Be sure to take notes every time the PCs increaseo n the tracker because you need to cite these instances when the trial commences. I had cited some but not all and the trial suffered a bit for it.

Also, one thing that worked well building up to it is that during a night of rest, the two players highest on the track (that had reached at least 15) each had a vision as they slept of the other standing over the dreamer with the spear in hand, then dying to the thrust. It set a precedent for the scene and worked well to how they approached the tower from their vision. (I also gave the Celestial Wizard a vision at one point that gave a 3rd possible rundown of the scene).

Having been saved from the spear, by hair's breadth, the Witch Hunter opted to destroy it -- after which I allowed him to read the spear's mechanical effects. He stood by the decision.

Another note, on each "favored action," I described the scene as being played out in reflections on the metal of the spear, playing up things the PC could not have known at the time of the action -- things such as Bit-part Raider #37 clutching a necklace given him by his wife at the moment he died to the PC's hand, and the raiders clutching each other in the warehouse after the PC set it to the torch.

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