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The Bloody Solstice / specific Chaos rituals

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Posted 08 May 2012 - 10:08 PM

Helsinki / Ruskeasuo heretics: stay away!

Fellow GMs: I'm starting a BC campaign soon and I'd like to share some of my notes with the class. Perhaps you'll find them useful in your own campaign or wish to give feedback.

In the Bloody Solstice, the (human) heretics are Imperial citizens slowly awakening to the possibilities of actually toppling or corrupting the Imperial rule on the Hive World of Malfi. Some will do it for vengeange, some for knowledge, some to protect their kin, some to protect their own lives. I'm borrowing liberally from the Dark Heresy book Disciples of the Dark Gods, esp. chapter IV. Malfi is a den of intrigue, although Chaos has been driven to the the ground after the Bloody Solstice revolt. At the start of the campaign, survivors of said event will provide the would-be-heretics the following text, giving them short-term goals and tools to rebuild the different Chaos cults on Malfi. Each will include a complex ritual with necessary items, a sacrifice and dangers. Some include obvious references to certain pieces of fiction, but this done in the grand tradition of Warhammer after all…

The rituals are scetched below - feel free to comment or use in your campaign!


Book of Empty Promises: Rebuilding the Chaos Cults on Malfi

By Karcist the Witch. [Ref. Disciples of the Dark Gods].

Fanning the Flames of Hayte

Alignment: Unaligned

Why: Incite the masses to revolt; craft warp amulets; create Dybuks; gain the rank and power of "The False Prophet"; re-establish the Pilgrims of Hayte cult; bestow the "Consumed by Spite" gift to cultists

Items: A supply of Warp-tainted metal for the Maiden.

Sacrifice: The Psyker, initially one, later several.

How: Construct the Maiden of Pain and bind the sacrifice within. Speak to the masses, make them flock to you. The larger your cult grows, the more maidens you will require for otherwise the Cult will run rampant.

Beware: The Pilgrims, consumed by their spite, have the tendenct to lash out and spread beyond the Prophet's control, especially without the Maidens to control them.

Opening the Murder Room

Alignment: Khorne

Why: Gain the favour of an undetectable assassin capable of killing without warning, anytime, anywhere. Reawaken the RED GOD.

Items: The Chosen Monster or Monsters; the remote location.

Sacrifices: The Athlete, the Scholar, the Fool, the *****, the Virgin

How: The sacrifices must come willingly at a chosen remote location; then, they are killed by the chosen Monster one by one. The Virgin must die last - or survive.

Beware: The ritual is complex and is easily failed - the ritual master will then suffer the wrath of the RED GOD.

Creating the Imperfect Beauty

Alignment: Slaanesh

Why: Create and spread works of art that drive men mad; summon Slaaneshi pretties to feast.

The Sacrifice: None; the Artist.

Items: Copy of the ERIS TRANSFORM.

How: Find - or become - the artist or the logician to apply the Eris Transform to his works. Revel in their beauty.

Beware: The most beautiful works of art unleash terrors; some devour their maker.

Awakening the Horned Darkness

Alignment: Unaligned

Why: Gain powerful, corrupt allies in the higher echelons of Imperial society; re-establish the Brotherhood of Horned Darkness.

Item: Warp-touched dagger for the sacrifce.

Sacrife: The Vessel

How: The Preacher, the Trader and the Noble must willingly agree to sacrifce to BALPHOMEL regularily for great power and insight. They must provide and sacrifice the Vessel. The Herald of Balphomel then takes over the Vessel. The Circle of Three may be established many times over with new participants.

Beware: The Circle gains mighty insight and are not bound to your will. They may very well plot against you; thus is the nature of Chaos.

Calling Forth the Pandemonium Carnival

Alignment: Tzeentch

Why: Summon the MANAGEMENT and gain power to mutate yourself and your enemies and create chaos spawns; gain the rank and powers of "the Revelator"; re-establish the Menagerie cult.

Item: Materiel for the Pandemonium Caravan; warded room for THE MANAGEMENT.

Sacrifices: The Midget, the Snake Charmer, the Freak, the Clown, the Fortune-teller, the Acrobat, the Creature

How: Bind the sacrifices to your will - the more powerful initially, the more you will be rewarded - and put on a travelling show!

Beware: THE MANAGEMENT has powerful will of its own as a servant to the Architect of Fate.

Inflicting The Fydae Strain

Alignment: Nurgle

Why: To spread the Plague of Plagues; to see the five steps toward doom; to please Papa Nurgle.

Sacrifice: The Martyr

Items: The twisted remains of what the Martyr loved.

How: The Martyr must be a man or woman who has lost all that is dear to him. He must be so bitter, desperate and empty by her sorrow that spreading the Papa's Love seems like the only alternative. The Martyr must agree to partake the ritual with full understanding. After a brief fever he becomes Patient Zero and begins spreading the disease.

Beware: If you personally create the Martyr by your actions, how likely is she to agree to the ritual? Also, the Strain will consume entire worlds if left unchecked. Spread it where it is deserved.

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Posted 10 May 2012 - 02:44 AM

It looks cool to me.

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