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Game Variation

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#1 br0wnski



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Posted 02 May 2012 - 12:46 PM

Hello guys,


I am new to these forums, and I have been reading a lot of the topics on this game, (I just randomly bought the second edition because it looked cool in the store) and you guys have answered a lot of my questions and posted interesting house rules.


I don't think I've read on here a new variation that I have come up with; assigning the house cards to physical units. (This way if you are a Stark you can assign the Robb Stark card during your first battle to a specific footman/horse, and continually use the house card until the unit dies.) I feel this would add a more realistic aspect to battles. To me it didn't make sense that a specific character would be there for one fight then be missing for the next 6 fights that occur in that same area/or with the same units. I am not saying assigning a card to a piece of land, but to a unit. Do you guys think this idea would work? I understand there would be some balance issues, so you would only be able to use the printed effect once, (or else Loras could essentially take over the board in one turn) and you could apply the strength of the card to the battle.


-Thanks for the feedback

#2 FalloutGuy004



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Posted 03 May 2012 - 11:55 AM

There is no way for me to wrap my head around the balance issues without playtesting, but I think the idea is extremely interesting. 

1 thought I would have would be that for each time you use a text ability  printed on the card, it cost you one extra power token.  First time would cost 1, second time 2, third time 3, etc…. Ser Loras would still seem to have an advantage.  The Blackfish couldn't be killed if you had enough tokens.  If the unit is killed then that card is out of play for good?  Damphirs text would be pretty useless, as well as Patchface, Roose Boltons, Tyrions, and I am sure several others.  But If everyone picked 4 cards from their deck to apply to units, then used the other 3 as normal in battles without a "hero", then that could fix that issue.  Gregor Cleganes card could potential wipe an entire house off the map.

Good Idea.  Go play a game or 2 with it and see what happens.  I'd like to hear what happens.


#3 jhagen



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Posted 04 May 2012 - 08:28 AM

i believe i know what you wish to get from such a modification to the game:

fixed units in play that are "leaders" with higher combat values than regular units, and are movable around on the board to empart said bonus in battle.


unfortunately, the game mechanic of the cards is to possess a "rock paper lizard scissors spock" aspect:

Sometimes in battle you can make a poor decision in using a card and lose to a 2 or 3 combat value card. If you always had a "4" in play it would be unlikely to ever lose. moreover everyone else would have the same high powered unit running around facerolling every other non hero territory.

the card mechanic is at it's best when you are 3 or 4 attacks in and you (A) have a "4", "2" and a "0" card left in your hand and the opponent (B) has "3", "1", "0":

does player b play his 0 card knowing you (A) has a "4" and expects you to use it. or will (A) use a lower card knowing he has won.


It will not work. I will find out omething that can work though. just give me a little time.

#4 steveg8tr



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Posted 10 May 2012 - 03:24 AM

 We played an interesting variiant last night……  We had martell, tyrel, lannister and baratheon…  Pyke and Winterfell were off limits, this forced battles almost right outta the gate …… We also took all the neutral force markers off the board , so that lannister wouldn't have a advantage at the start.  It went back and forth for 5hrs and finally had to call due to the lateness of the hour…  Tyrell came out victorious even though they were at a disadvantage from the start by not being able to place any special order tokens.( may have to look at randomising the track a bit next time).  But our first test was a success i would say. 

  We will try it again and see if comes out just as good next time.

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