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Words of Power Is Now Available

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Posted 02 May 2012 - 08:36 AM

The newcomer was a thin, dark man of medium height attired in the clerical garb of the Anglican church… He looked nervous, and before I knew it he was casting all his magical books into a fireplace on the window side of the room (where the wall slanted sharply) which I had not noticed before. The flames devoured the volumes greedily… the strangely hieroglyphed leaves and wormy bindings succumbed to the devastating element. All at once I saw there were others in the room.
–H.P. Lovecraft, The Evil Clergyman

The race for forbidden knowledge heats up between the different factions of Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game as they begin to master the dark Tomes they’ve discovered.

Words of Power is now on sale, and the fate of the world hinges upon the successes of those who hunt long-forgotten secrets. Miskatonic University faculty, criminals, and Relic Hunters all employ their newfound tactics and curses against those darker forces touched by ancient evils. Head to your local retailer today, or visit our webstore, to access these Words of Power.

Wisdom of the Ancients

The Revelations cycle does more to develop the game’s Lovecraftian theme of forbidden knowledge than introduce new Tomes. Many of the cycle’s new cards promote exciting synergies that both veteran players and newcomers can explore. Naturally, many of those synergies will give players good cause to revisit the game’s existing Tomes. The different factions counted a dozen Tomes between them before the release of Written and Bound, and while Miskatonic University owned most of them (as might be expected), each faction was able to draw upon their dark secrets. Either the faction may have owned its own Tomes, or they could delve into the pages of neutral Tomes.

Now that the first two Asylum Packs in the Revelations cycle have arrived to retailers everywhere, players have access to sixteen different Tomes, including the Silver Twilight’s T’tka Halot (Written and Bound, 14). From its eldritch mysteries, members of the Order of the Silver Twilight have managed to empower their Spells and Rituals.

They have also learned more effective techniques and gained the means to forge more powerful weaponry to combat the elder beings that threaten this world from realms beyond. Armed with the secrets of the T’tka Halot or another Tome, the Knight of the Eclipse (Words of Power, 32) gains both Invulnerability and Willpower. And while the Silver Twilight hosts arcane mysteries in its libraries, its lodge warden, Sarah Van Shaw (Words of Power, 31) empowers the efforts of every Lodge member, granting them each a Combat icon and an Arcane icon.

Visions of the Past, Visions of the Future

The Knight of the Eclipse and Sarah Van Shaw are just two of the cards from Words of Power that create exciting new strategies by steering players back into their existing card pools. Explore all that the Revelations cycle holds in store for the future when you get your hands on this imaginative Asylum Pack.

Don’t delay. Head to your local retailer today, or visit our webstore, to command the fate of the world with Words of Power!

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