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High Elf Wizards

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#1 Bjork1



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Posted 02 May 2012 - 04:20 AM

As per date, there are no ordinary rules for high elf wizards, as the humans have been taught the ways of the eight colours of winds of magic by the High elve's highwizardlord Teclis himself. Who taught them to only master 1 of the eight colors during their lifetime. Hence the eight orders of magic school were created.

However the High elves can master all colours of the winds of magic and intertwine them when mastering all of them, which is called "Qhyash" or High magic. They are highly respected amongst their own ranks and the Reik alike, and think them selves higher than the humans. Sending envoys of wizards to supervise the teachings of man.

I see two ways of houseruling high elf wizard careers.

1.) You are sent out by the High Elves community to learn from the colleges of the humans, since all of your races mages are either trapped within the seal of the deamons world to maintain it from bursting open, or too busy maintaning the islands wards and magic holding the island together. Therefore you must take up the wows of one order and complete all the careers and the colleges teachings before moving on to the next colour of magic. This will also explain how long it takes to master all colours of the winds of magic.

2.) While you wander the realm of man, you need to study the winds of colour in your own way. The High Elves believe they must have a balance in the winds of magic to safely use them, therefore you must spend all the normal 10 advances in the career + you must have spent an equal amount of action advances in all of the eight colours before moving on to the next career. Meaning you wil have 3x8 action cards in total as evenly shared between the colours. Thus making it slower to change/advance the career. Instead of having an order card, replace it with a focus talent card.

how do you guys see this?

#2 LoveSkylark



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Posted 11 May 2012 - 12:22 AM

 I just allow Elf players to repeat the careers for order if they like but they will have to finis apprentice to go to the next step etc.

So for the same exp an Elf can be rank 1 in 3 order or or rank 3 in 1 order. (buying a spell out of his current school does not count towards advancement and cost extra)

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