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How do you play Runebound?

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#1 SolennelBern



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Posted 02 May 2012 - 04:03 AM

Hey to all!

I'm a new owner of Runebound and got lucky enough to get my hands on: Traps and Terrors, Drakes and Dragonspawn, Terrors from the Tomb (french), The Dark Forest (french), Weapons of Legend, The Frozen Wastes (which i'm trying to sell lol) and Sands of Al'Kalim.

Now, i've played 1 game solo to get the hang of the game and 1 game with the bro.  tonight it's our 2nd game and i'm pretty excited!

My question to all of you Runebound fans, how do you play? What I mean by that is do you read the flavor text of each Challenges to add to the ambiance or you just pick a card and resolve it ASAP?

I'm asking this because being french canadian, even though english is really not a problem for me both written and spoken, I find that reading english text is not as effective as reading in french…and translating "on the fly" sometimes feels a little clumsy hahah!

So, whats your RB playstyle?

#2 SolennelBern



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Posted 02 May 2012 - 06:40 PM

Ok…our game started at 7pm and ended at 1am…on a week night with work tomorrow for both of us.

First thing: EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

Second thing: WOW!!!!!!!!!!??!?!?

We played with: Traps & Terrors, The Dark Forest, Terrors from the Tomb and Weapons of Legend.  Many of the Traps & Terrors card came out and they were hilariously awesome to encounter.  Cool addition to the core game.  Then lots of Weapons of Legens appeared in many markets, giving the Towns lots of appeal.

While roaming the lands, we stumbled upon many terrors from the Dark Forest and the Tomb, which all added lots of flavor to the core game.  All those expansions all a "must have" if you can find them cheap.  Hell I even bought The Dark Forest and Terrors from the Tomb in french just to be sure to add them to the base game.


On Topic: We read all the flavor text on the cards we played and it added so much immersion and fun to the game that it will be the way we play RB from now on.  Dunno why we skipped it in our first game really.

Anyways, RB = Pure fun, great adventure game, lots of random stuff that can slap you in the face at every corners.  That's why we love this game so much, a lot like Talisman where everything looks like it's going well/bad and then BAM! a complete 180 degres turn of your game!

Anyways, i'm a wee bit drunk and tired a lot, so good night all and peace!

#3 JCHendee



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Posted 05 May 2012 - 02:35 AM

In the past, we have occasionally read the flavor text aloud, though many players are just interested in the win or only their own turn and thereby feel this slows the game down (for them, not others). Reading the text can be fun, as not everyone will encounter the same creatures. Thereby, any one player wouldn't get to know the "flavor" of a card unless they hear about it from the one who drew it. But after many plays, more players in a group get to know what's what and fewer will want to take the moment out of actual play… even the ones who enjoy it and sneer at those self-interested ones.

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