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#1 Zso Sahaal

Zso Sahaal


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Posted 01 May 2012 - 01:03 AM

 So has anyone tackled these behemoths yet and the affects that would have on a character?

#2 TheHeavenlyLily



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Posted 01 May 2012 - 03:02 AM

 I did! This is a first draft of them though and still working on the fluff and balance but I laid down the core of what I wanted. And besides the way they are presented in DeathWatch just wasn't good enough for me.


Obliterator Virus - Carrier
Tier: 1
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 30, Weapon Skill 30, Toughness 30, Weapon Training (any)

Having caught the virus while near the Screaming Vortex the character has become a host for virus. After spending a day bonding with his weapons he no longer needs to worry about ammunition. As a free action the character can reloaded the bonded weapons that he holds. During this stage he is a danger to those around him, every hour spent near the character they must make a Challenging Toughness test or become carriers of the virus, only those who take this talent can gain its benefits.

Obliterator Virus - Host
Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Obliterator Virus - Carrier, Ballistic Skill 40, Weapon Skill 40, Toughness 40, Hip Shooting or Marksman, at least 2 Weapon Training (any)

The virus has continued to mutate within the character granting them further abilities that most could not hope to have. Melee and pistol weapons can be absorbed into the body to be recreated later, these absorbed weapons cannot be detected when scanned. The daemonic nature of the virus has begun to assert itself more fully and the armor the character wears can longer be removed though pieces can be added to increase its protection. The virus can no longer be transmitted to others at this stage.

Obliterator Virus - Ascendant
Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Obliterator Virus - Host, Ballistic Skill 50, Weapon Skill 50, Toughness 50, at least 3 Weapon Training (any)

The virus has become ascendant and its host is reborn into something new and terrifying. They gain the Daemonic (2) quality and the weapons they fire are now tainted by warp energy. In addition they can regenerate from wounds received at a rate of 1 wound per turn. Their size increases by one step and they can no longer blend in with normal society. The Obliterator can absorb any weapon though his body bulges and twists to accept it. He can choose to spread the virus to others with a touch and they must make a Difficult Toughness check to pass.

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