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A random scenario idea bourne of random skill checks

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#1 Emirikol


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Posted 28 April 2012 - 04:53 PM

This is a bunch of diary entries concerning my current project writing (to FAN PUBLISH on the internet) another scenario (which will perhaps be submitted for inclusion in Liber Fanatica).  Comments are welcome along the way.

Here's what I'm doing:  I'm writing a full, one-night scenario using a lot of random elements to spur and force my imagination and production.  These entries will record my progress.

I took the list of skills an broke them down into a d30 roll (plus a d8 or d10 specialization roll).  This is meant to stimulate my thinking about a series of random encounters themes that would arise from a particular skill check.  Put into 10 encounters, an entire scenario idea can arise.


1. "Other/Puzzle"
2. Animal Handling
3. Athletics
4. Ballistic Skill
5. Channeling
6. Charm
7. Coordination
8. Discipline
9. Education
10. First Aid
11. Folklore
12. Guile
13. Intimidate
14. Intuition
15. Invocation
16. Leadership
17. Magical Sight
18. Medicine
19. Nature Lore
20. Observation
21. Piety
22. Resilience
23. Ride
24. Skullduggery
25. Spellcraft
26. Stealth
27-28 Tradecraft
29. Weapon Skill
30 Dwarf Engineering





#2 Emirikol


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Posted 28 April 2012 - 04:55 PM

Here's what I came up with on my first exercise:

Encounter 1: (6) charm, seduction

Encounter 2: (18) Medicine, critical wounds

Encounter 3: (13) Intimidate, combat

Encounter 4: (23) Ride, Long-Distance-Travel

Encounter 5: (25) Spellcraft, Colleges of Magic

Encounter 6: (2) Animal Handling, Train

Encounter 7: (19) Nature Lore, Locate Food

Encounter 8: (22) Resilience, Resist Disease

Encounter 9: (3) Athletics, Rowing

Encounter 10: (22) Resilience, Block


Now, putting it together…

#3 Emirikol


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Posted 28 April 2012 - 05:03 PM

Now I need to generate some more random things:

  • Random location in Reikland either as a setting or as an idea:  I'm rolling randomly from the list of villages, etc in Sigmar's Heirs (roll percentile and estimate a location)


(99) location - Wittgendorf: Baroness magritta von Wittgenstein, pop 120, subsistence - castle mysteriously collapsed in 2512. Avoided by travelers.

 A little research on Wittgendorf turns up that it was covered in the original The Enemy Within campaign and there is a review here: Death on the Reik GW ***1/2 Third part of TEW campaign. The characters travel around quite a lot, to end up in Castle Wittgenstein, where they have to eliminate the leader of a Chaos cult. This set also contains a booklet "River Life in the Empire". Originally published as a boxed set, it was later reprinted as a hardback book and much later combined with TEW and SoB into Warhammer Adventure.- Disjointed, but a lot of fun episodes. The goblin in the red dress is a
hoot :>, while the adventure in Wittgendorf was really dramatic and exciting. Did anyone else game out the whole assault on the castle at the
end? We did, using WFRP rules, not WFB. It was a lot of work for me to prepare, but well worth it! - A strong and long adventure which takes many nights to complete, is full of new places and people, and lots of black humour and nods at Hammer Films. - Useful river and trading source material


I found a link to a map and a simple google search for wittgendorf warhammer pulls up about all I need:



Now off to round up my copies of TEW for some background…







#4 Emirikol


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Posted 28 April 2012 - 05:29 PM

Next, to roll up the Big Bad Evil Guy (and minions):

  • Completely arbitrary Race determination roll (1-5 human, 6 dwarf, 7 high elf, 8, wood elf, 9 halfling, 10 ogre or monster)
  • BBEG: Random career rolled in Players guide

(6) BBEG Dwarf
(91) Random career - Troll slayer (any relevant advanced career applies to expand the scope of the scenario)

I drew two Nemesis Organizations for an idea on the BBEG's motivation and complicating factors:

  1. The Knights Templar 
  2. Brotherhood of Blades


 Sounds like a chaos dwarf (female), but I may keep it simply an evil, insane or corrupted female troll slayer.

HMMMMM!  This gets the wheels of the mind cranking doesn't it!




#5 Emirikol


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Posted 28 April 2012 - 05:40 PM

Ok, now there are a couple things to consider before getting started:

1. The original TEW occurredin 2512 (I believe) with the current year being 2522. Events from the original TEW apply.  Wittgenstein (SPOILER) castle collapses into the ground and a bunch of the local villagers have nasty things happen to them because of some stuff.  In 2522, Wittgendorf has a small population, a collapsed castle, a windMill, Temple of Sigmar (with map), and an Inn by the name of:  The Shooting Star Inn (Herbert Marcuse proprietor). Rotgut could still be around. The Outlaw band could still be around. The MAP from TEW Death on the Reik would be ideal. TEW is being reproduced so I'm going to anticipate that they will duplicate the same scenario (except set it in 2522 or possibly a little earlier).  In either case, a note about 'when' the scenario will be set will be necessary.   The von Wittgensteins should have a distant relative now governing the lands..

2.  The scenario doesn't need to be set in wittgendorf, but could be "related" to the village or the TEW scenario, or loaded with rumors.

3. and the same is true for the rolled BBEG, however I'm kind of itching now to figure out how to make that troll slayer work.  As PCs will not suspect a troll slayer..they're full of honor right?!?!  (As the old Monty Pythol crew indicates - "No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!")  Brainstorms from Monty Python would be nice if my players were more well versed..of course we could torture the poor old lady..have insanity, the TS could be an old woman (dwarf), fear, surprise, fanatical devotion, ruthless efficiency, heresy against the holy church..ok, getting off on a tangent…




#6 Emirikol


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Posted 28 April 2012 - 05:57 PM

Now, I need to flesh out the details about something to do with Wittgendorf and a BBEG female Troll/dragon/daemon Slayer with something related to the Brotherhood of Blades and The Knights Templar…


I'm going ton integrate drawing a few insanity, mutation (because of location), and condition cards for inspiration.  Eventually obviously some random monster card draws will help too..not that those creatures will be used..but that those elements will make it into play.



#7 Emirikol


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Posted 28 April 2012 - 06:48 PM

I plan to do one or two of these per day. Feedback is welcome.


To start:  The PCs are anywhere and receive notice from [distant von Wittgenstein relative] according to the two drawn hooks below:

I'm going to draw 2 random Party types for a hook brainstorm (again, these are not to imply that only those party types are encouraged, but rather the approach of the major hooks of the scenario):

  1. Servants of Justice
  2. Diplomatic Entourage

The PCs will begin in Hargendorf. With the hook and a second encounter there, these two elements above will be developed.


..more to come…


#8 Emirikol


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Posted 29 April 2012 - 05:06 AM

Now, considering my earlier research on the major port city of Aarnau in the northern wastelands of Marienburg, and my previous work on scenarios in Hargendorf, Schalghugel, and Marienburg make an excellent linkage point for a trip from Hargendorf to Aarnau either by sea or across the Middenheim road.  I'm going to go with a rough sea crossing, past Wrecker's Point.

Nothing whatsoever has been detailed on the town of Aarnau except that there are 4000 people (see earlier research here).  This makes it less appealing than an area with some meat - especially for a town of 4000 people!  However, I think the constant threat of Fimir, gives me a good batch of content for a scenario though, as well as it being on the coast gives possibilities for inclusion of the new POD cards (which I hadn't seen any point otherwise to even bother to order).

I found a link to a Polish site with some more summary information: translate.google.com/translate]

Now for a map of the route from Hargendorf to Aarnau (below from Gitzman's map).  Once the PCs have left the port (probably the first couple encounters), they pass old Laurelorn elven landings, the river Shauckel, Manaan's Teeth, Wrecker's Point, the Reaver goblin tribe (boats maybe?), more Laurelorn (and probably Fimir lands), and finally to Arnau.  I'm thinking rather than the usual ghost ships and storms, I'd like to do several landings for items/water/repairs/whatever.

After a read-through of the Fimir info in Warpstone/the Fimir book, I'm going to /not/ use that information. I'm going to stick only with the old canon info from WFB 3rd edition. Instinctively, I'd like to have a Fimir vs. Skaven battle be going on at some point in the scenario to emphasize the long-standing war between the two.  Possibly even aboard a ship (although the Fimir hate sunlight and surround themselves with mist).  Zoat could also make an appearance just to complete the reminiscence ;P

At one of the locations, Norscan "settlers" could be encountered, suspicious of outsiders..and with all the things they bring with them.





#9 nephtys



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Posted 01 May 2012 - 12:38 PM

very nice idea indeed, but a little complex for my taste.

i usually draw a career, a monster, a location and then i start the brainstorming….

#10 Johannes_Tippmeister



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Posted 02 May 2012 - 05:16 AM

What I really like is your creative bottom-up approach, utilizing the component system of wfrp 3ed.

I much appreciate being able to follow your brainstorming session here! Good inspiration indeed.

#11 Emirikol


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Posted 02 May 2012 - 08:19 AM

Title:  →/working/

Blurb:→ /working/

Adventure Synopsis:► →/working/

Adventure Background: →/working/

RANDOMLY DRAWN PARTY TYPE TO STIMULATE HOOKS: Servants of Justice,  Diplomatic Entourage
RANDOMLY DRAWN NEMESES:  Female Trollslayer, Brotherhood of Blades (..frathernity of individuals, some noble, some villains, but the entire Brotherhood is aligned against the PCs and their patron NPC; they represent organized warriors who think they are the best), and The Knights Templar ("Holier than thou";  priests, hordes of fanatical lay people; their devotion and zeal are infectious; the unclean must burn).


Linear Layout:

Encounter 1: charm, seduction  ----  INTRO/HOOK

pcs in Hargendorf at the Lantern Tavern, Lady Dania is working the crowd (see False Pretenses WFRP3 scenario)
attractive woman who is sure of herself comes in and buys the PCs a drink
PCs are witness to "some action' where a woman or man needs to send a diplomatic entourage after the antagonist (to do justice)
Previous PC saved by the PCs is in town and asks for help
Noble woman needs official help for something mysterious or perhaps a slight from the antagonist

PCs  hired/hooked to board ship to got to Aarnau.

Read aloud text: Hargendorf is a busy northern port and contains shipyards and lumber mills for the Empire.  It is the last outpost of civilization in western Nordland.  To the West, lies the Laurelorn forest, also known as "The Witchs Wood."

GMs TEXT: /working/



Encounter 2:  Medicine, critical wounds --

Injured NPC needs help, stumbles to the PCs, someone in the employ of the PCs is critically wounded, a crime has been committed, this leads the PCs to encounter 3. person who hires them becomes wounded or somehow this becomes personal.  Perhaps a criminal is sought after by boat, they have left for Aarnau.

Read Aloud Text: /working/

GMs Text: /working/




Encounter 3: Intimidate, combat

PCs are may or may not be on the ship and on their way.  A combat occurs either with a monster or an ally of the criminal.

Read Aloud Text: /working/

GMs Text: /working/


Encounter 4: Ride, Long-Distance-Travel

Brainstorms:  The PCs are on the ship and corss past the Laurelorn, river, and to Manaans teeth.  Checks to see how they are getting along with crew, each other, and ocean voyaging are made.  Implications further in the adventure are noted.

Read Aloud Text: /working/

GMs Text: /working/



Encounter 5:  Spellcraft, Colleges of Magic

Brainstorms:  At the first fresh water stop or repair on an island in Manaans teeth, a magical event/person occurs or can be investigated.  It should be a deliberate stop relevant to the encounter. The isles of Manaans teeth show burial grounds of old Norsicans (rock outlines of boats) as well as an old Dwarf fort (the stopping point of the Troll Slayer).

 Read Aloud Text: /working/

GMs Text: /working/



Encounter 6: Animal Handling, Train

Brainstorms: whales, hostile sea-life, an on-board animal gets loose (maybe the boat is transporting dangerous animals) or something arises.

Read Aloud Text: /working/

GMs Text: /working/



Encounter 7: Nature Lore, Locate Food

Brainstorms: At Wrecker's Point, the ship is sunk and the PCs are forced to go overland or float to shore with no resources, through Goblin and Fimir infested areas.

 Read Aloud Text: /working/

GMs Text: /working/Read Aloud Text: /working/

GMs Text: /working/



Encounter 8: Resilience, Resist Disease

Brainstorm:  Swampy disease stuff

 Read Aloud Text: /working/

GMs Text: /working/



Encounter 9: Athletics, Rowing

Brainstorms: Option to go through the swamp some more or via repairable boat. Could also be a situation where the PCs need to cross a river with some terrible beast chasing them.

 Read Aloud Text: /working/

GMs Text: /working/



Encounter 10:  Resilience, Block

PCs arrive in Aarnau (if still alive).  They are chasing down or inquiring about the criminial and an event occurs where "block" would be relevant.  Perhaps the Trollslayer chops ropes on barrel bunches and they come rolling to the PC (dodge), or She is going after someone and the PCs need to block her blows.  FINAL COMBAT/RESOLUTION.

Read Aloud Text: /working/

GMs Text: /working/



Location List: /working/

NPC List with motivations, and clues to reveal (if any): /working/

LIST of important clues that must be revealed

If applicable:  A Player's "Guide" or Cluebook of sorts. A list of NPCs and major locations at the Grunwald Manor for instance was very valuable for me to give to the players.

7. MOTIVATION of the primary BBEG and NEMESES organizations

Fill out more later including warhammerisms and making it more interesting than "just another boat trip".  Suggestions are welcome as I build this.







#12 valvorik



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Posted 03 May 2012 - 11:42 AM

All very interesting and thanks for posting.  I like using randomness sometimes as a way to generate ideas that wouldn't otherwise occur to me and to avoid "always going to my same touch stones", so this is all very interesting to see - I really like the skill table.

I borrow some ideas from other systems for this at times, such as having cards with various plot elements on them relating to various things PC's have already done/encountered and pulling out random ones to see what to "reincorporate".  The universal NPC emulator is also good for coming up with NPC's with their own interests etc. quickly.



#13 GoblynKing



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Posted 04 May 2012 - 08:12 AM

Fantastic stuff! Thanks for sharing your technique with us.

I've been brainstorming on how to use the games components to generate content and plot/adventure hooks on the fly. Basically a way to run the game as an open sandbox without having to create a ton of homebrewed content.

The only component that seem to fit this idea perfectly so far are:

Location Cards - Easily drawn and wedged into where the PCs currently are located.

NPC/Enemy Cards - same as above

Disease/Mutation/Insanity/Wound cards - more useful for brainstorming before the game.


What would really come in handy would be the following:

Deck of random ruin/dungeon/crypt/sewer layouts - sort of like location cards but more specific.

Deck of random encounters dependant upon location types (rural, urban, wilderness, etc)

Deck of random loot - random items/money that PCs may find on the average dead body - there was actually a great fan created (2nd Edition) random table that someone made that would be perfect for this sort of thing.

A hex map of the Old World - perhaps released as a PDF or even better, as a hardbacked foldable board.



#14 Emirikol


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Posted 04 May 2012 - 09:05 AM

I think this random scenario generation is probably more well suited to indivial encounters, but I'm seeing if it's possible to use it for inspiration as well.

As for the other things:

*  Here's a google search for random item generation.  I had one that was hooked up to maptool on the random item generation chart (maybe i posted it to rpg.net back in the day..I dunno.)  Anyways, heres a link on that:  www.google.com/search

* I'd all but abandoned item cards, location cards and nemesis sheets, but I think using them as a "deck" for inspiration is a good idea.

* For my house rules for character generation, I put in random charts for what "region" a PC is from (Empire province, Ulthuan Province, Karak, or Wood elf region.

*  Random encounter deck:  I'd start with the nemesis sheets (group, eg. Undead or dark elf) and then randomly go with some selections there.

* Random dungeon deck: These things are out there

Here's a random dungeon generator: www.gozzys.com/index.php

* As for Random Building Generation:  I use Betrayal at House on the Hill (which is a fantastic game in itself!).



#15 Fenderstat



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Posted 05 May 2012 - 12:18 AM

 Wow Emrikol, you sure do like RPGs.  I will use this method in the future based on your enthusiasm alone, I'll report how it goes on here.

WFRP3 Online game forum - http://ffgvirtualrpg.prediger.at/


#16 Emirikol


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Posted 19 May 2012 - 12:48 PM

This actually played out where the party got themselves hired onto the boat:

Mystic:  Conned the captain

Navigator:  the other navigator didn' tcome back to the boat

Pit Fighter:  Hired on as a dockhand

Smuggler: The cook

Lady Dania: Harlot from Hargendorf

Somehow, things went bad around Manaan's teeth when the Navigator had a couple bad "navigation" checks and nearly grounded the ship. Again at Wrecker's point it happened again. After getting the ship damaged (it was listing badly), the 4 were thrown off the boat and into a damaged dinghy.  They made it to a plain island off shore.  After a short time, another vessel was spotted coming out of the fog, but it was a druchii black ark.  Since it wasn't easy to hide on this small (really small), plain island, somehow the Harlot was pushed (by someone throwing a shield at her head) off the back cliff onto the rocks below.  The druchii, never passing up a chance to be unhelpful, unleashed one of their unruly beasts onto the island for some food.  The party fled, swimming with debris towards shore. 

Their swampy shore landing was littered with humanoid-lizard like tracks with pole-indentation marks throughout the mud.  There was also a nearby limestone outcropping (actually a large calcified pipe-like thing).

They chose not to go through or near that thing other than to climb up to survey the landscape. 

They went across the mudflats on foot pushing the remains of their boat.  (resilience check)

A large floating white thing that smelled bad was avoided.

5 headed eels were discovered on their bodies and the dwarf pit fighter had some trouble.

Further ahead, they suffered a cold lagoon and while avoiding a Fenbeast, they lost some more items (chaos stars) and the halfling almost drowned from exhaustion and failed swim check.  The group was able to find him at the very last moment, but he was unconscious.

Further ahead, they reached a river with a dry sand-bar covered in bird feces.  In exhaustion, they fell face down onto what shall be forever known as Bird sh'..Poop Island.  After a short respite, they decided to move a bit further up the river to another sandbar that wasn't so exposed.

During the evening, the halfling came to, but he was clearly insane  [strained].

 By this point, the party was terribly exposed, fatigues, stressed, wounded, and infected (halfling also got infected with something nasty).

Fortunately, a patrol of soldiers from upriver saved them and brought them to the domain of Eylea at night..where they were welcomed..and tasked with []enter other discussion here regarding the dragon].


I used the random skill check a couple times to inspire some ideas an thinking outside the box.  The player playing the pit fiighter came to the realization that playing a one-trick battle pony isn't as fun as having a diverse skill set.









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