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Sarween Tools & Warfare/ Sarween Tools & Secondary Empire Abilitiy

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#1 Shinhideaki



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Posted 22 April 2012 - 03:35 PM

If I have Sarween Tools teched and I have already produced a unit on my turn (activated system with Space Dock).

Then I play Warfare to remove the command counter then produce again/ Activate the Empire's Secondary ability on

an enemy turn, do I get an additional resource to produce with, or does this bonus only apply once a round?


The game doesn't specify if this is once per turn, also it makes it seem like each activation should allow an extra resource.




#2 BigKahuna



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Posted 22 April 2012 - 08:26 PM

In effect there are no rules that need special clarification as it applies to Sarween tools.  When you build at a space dock you get 1 extra production with which to build.  This is always the case and there are never any exceptions to that rule, at least none that come to mind immediatly.  You might argue the production secondary doesn't include Sarween Tools, or select action cards.  But when it comes to a standard activation there are no special rules that govern a second occurance of activation with Sarween tools, so the standard rule applies.

#3 Shinhideaki



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Posted 23 April 2012 - 05:23 AM

Thanks for the response.

From the text of the Empire's secondary ability states "build"

and Sarween tools read "you now receive one additional resource with which to build"

I figured it would be a legal play.


Anyway the reason why I ask, is because in our last play through, I had Sarween tools, I had

initiative and someone activated Empire, and I figured I could buy a free Destroyer.  Everyone

contested it. 


Was I wrong or, should I have been able the free destroyer.

#4 Fnoffen



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Posted 23 April 2012 - 05:44 AM

Getting a free Destroyer when having Sarween Tools and Initiative is not only a legal move, one should NEVER pass on the opportunity. Unless you're already maxed up to your fleet supply in that system, of course. But then two free Ground Forces or Fighters are an equally good deal imho.

Pax Magnifica Bellum Gloriosum

#5 Steve-O



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Posted 24 April 2012 - 01:24 PM

Yes, you get the free resource each time you build.  If you can find a way to deactivate a system and reactivate it to build again, you get the resource again.

If you use the SC that lets you build without activating the system, you get the free resource then and again if you properly activate it.

If you build in a system with multiple space docks, you get a free resource for each space dock.  Do note, however, that you cannot combine the free resources to build a single piece of expensive plastic on the cheap - each piece of plastic must be built at a single space dock, and the free resources are associated to the space dock that gave them.

#6 Perfect stranger

Perfect stranger


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Posted 02 February 2013 - 10:57 AM

Quick question. So if one has 2 space docks in a 2 planet system , one could not combine them to make say a cruiser ? Also if  I were to build 2 Fighters on one of the space docks would I need a carrier to transport to other space dock in same system.  How bout integrated economy.  affecting Sarween tools .Does unit buit with ST  still have to stay on space dock were it was created ?



#7 Fnoffen



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Posted 02 February 2013 - 11:55 AM

This small text surface I see when posting here from my "smart" phone is really starting to bug me immensly… At any rate, back to the topic at hand. No units are ever actually ON a Space Dock. The only three places any unit can ever be is either A: in space, B: on a planet or C: on board a carrier of some sort (which is kind of in space come to think of it). Look at it like this. The units you build with the single ST resource is like a candy bar where the SD is the wrapping. Or the unit is a chicken and the SD is the egg. You can only get one candy bar/chicken from each wrapping/egg but you can have servera wrappings/eggs. The units, once completed, do not have to sit on the wrapping/egg shell. It's really late here (0:57 a.m.) so I hope anything I said made any sense at all…

Pax Magnifica Bellum Gloriosum

#8 Shadow



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Posted 02 February 2013 - 01:07 PM

Space docks only produce units.  Nothing can be stored at a Space Dock.

Sarween Tools gives 1 free resource at each Space Dock.

If you are only using the 1 free resource for a build, you can only build at a Space Dock…..2 ground troops or 2 fighters or 1 destroyer or 1 ground troop or 1 fighter.

You may not build 1 ground troops and 1 fighter with the 1 free resource.  You may build 1 ground troop or 1 fighter with the 1 free resource and lose the remaining 1/2 resource.

If you build 2 ground troops, they must go on the planet with the Space dock that produced them except for Saar.  Saar may put them on ships.

You cannot put freshly built ground troops on your ships because the movement step that allows you to pick up ground troops occurs before the production step.


If you have 2 Space Docks, you may not combine the 2 free resources from Sarween to make a Cruiser or a PDS.  The 1 free resource may only be used at its original Space dock.  So you if you  built 2 destroyers, 1 destroyer was built at each Space dock.   Not 2 destroyers at one Space dock.

You could build 4 ground troops but 2 ground troops must be placed at the planet with the space dock.  Newly built ground troops cannot be moved since Production is the last step.  The movement step occurs before the production step.

If you have 2 Spacedocks with Sarween tools and 1 trade good.  You may build 6 ground troops.   But 4 ground troops goes on 1 planet and 2 ground troops goes on the other planet.   You may not put 3 ground troops on each planet since a space dock produces ground troops 2 at a time.


Fighters are always placed in Space.  Fighters are never put on a ship or on a space dock.

Fighters may never be without support unless they are Advanced fighters. 

So if you wish to move Fighters, you need a ship that provides support.

Space Docks, Carriers and  Warsuns provide fighter support.

If the unit providing fighter support is destroyed in battle, at the end of combat, any fighter not supported is destroyed.


If you do a transfer action with fighters, at no time may fighters be without fighter support. 

You may never deliberately kill fighters by removing the fighter support unless you are retreating.


So for example:  You have 12 fighters 1 carrier, and 2 space docks in a system. 

You may not move the carrier out without taking 6 fighters with you since the 2 Space docks only supports 6 fighters unless….you are retreating the carrier in a space battle.

You may not…..just move the carrier out to grab a few ground troops and come back.  You cannot deliberately kill a few fighters so the carrier can carry ground troops.

If you are in a space battle and the carrier is destroyed, fighter support is checked at the end of the battle and any unsupported fighters are destroyed then.




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