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The First Regional of 2012 - Kingdom Con - Mini-Report

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Posted 16 April 2012 - 07:31 PM

First off, HUGE PROPS to John Kraus (Deathjester26) and James Speck (Bronson) for running both the Melee and Joust events.  I've been playing this game for 10 years now and this one of the most fun and best supported Regional that I've ever been to.  Aside from the improved FFG support, John and James and Ross Thompson (coordinator of Kingdom Con), we had the best wooden House cards EVER!  Everyone received prizes just for showing up!  It was a blast!

Friday night's Melee was the best Melee tourney that I have ever played.  In all three swiss rounds, every player had a chance to win!  I actually came in first in all three of my Melee rounds, but at midnight, it was time to cut to a final 8, 2 groups of 4.  The first and second players in each group of 4 were to play in the final game.  I was too tired to continue and wanted to get enough rest for the Joust the next day, so I fropped.  Besides, it's just Melee! 

btw....we had 28 players for Melee and 32 for Joust.  A great start to Regional Season!

Now, onto the Joust report....

I had been playing a Martell Maesters deck and a Greyjoy Winter deck for months. I had success with both decks at local tourneys.  I knew these decks inside-out and had decided on the Greyjoy Winter, but a friends didn't have a deck that was "legal" (it had a lot of proxies) and he loves Greyjoy Winter, so I let him play that deck.  I didn't want to play Maesters, so I played a Martell - Knights of the Hollow Hill deck that I had built 10 days earlier.  I only played 4 games with the deck (only 1 in its final form) but I figured that I'd have 3 more chances at Regionals this tourney season, so I played my new Martell deck.

This deck was the first Martell deck that I had ever built with Ghaston Grey.  I knew that I would receive errata at some point and wanted to wait until the new FAQ then would make a deck with GG.  In my opinion, GG is STILL BROKEN!!!

Round 1 was against a Targ-Maesters deck.  I was getting my butt kicked through the first 5 rounds and 10 minutes had just been announced.  I was doubting playing my deck.  But, I turned the game around and won on the 7th turn.  I was now 1-0.

Round 2 was against a Stark-Siege deck.  My opponent got off to a fast start and I couldn't get my tech going in time and lost on the 5th round.  I was now 1-1.

Round 3 was against a Stark-Maester deck.  The first three rounds were fairly even, but then I took control and won.  2-1.

Round 4 was against a Greyjoy-Alliance to Lannister deck.  I had early control and my opponent was never in it.  3-1.  At this point, I had really figured out fun tricks and how to really play my deck.  I didn't struggle from here on out.

Round 5 was against another Stark-Siege deck.  I had control of this game from the start and frustrated my opponent with all of my card draw and control. 4-1.

Round 6 was against a Greyjoy-Maester deck that was the only 5-0 left.  My opponent had the early advantage but I gained control by Round 5 and won shorty after. 5-1 and the #2 seed in the Top 8.


Quarterfinals vs. another Martell-Knights of the Hollow Hill. 

I started with the early card advantage (both in hand and on the table) and an early power advantage.  By round 4, I had command and won on Round 6.

Semi-Finals vs. The Greyjoy-Maester deck that I played in the sixth round of the event.  This was a much easier game the second time around.  My opponent didn't opponent couldn't even remove a chain until Round 5!  I won a few tunrs later but really had control the whole game.

Finals vs. Greyjoy-WInter.  I really liked my start in this game and even though my opponent had the arly power advantage, I felt confident and in control the entire game.  I felt that I had the game totally in control by Round 5 and won a few rounds later.

I know that I lost a step mentally as I feel that I have aged so much the past two years.    I'm sure that they all felt sorry for this old man and took it easy on me.    It was a blast and pretty exciting to win my first Regional and earn a spot in Worlds!  


btw...I kept the report pretty brief and generic because I don't want to give away any decks or tech of my opponents.  Plus, it's the first Regional and there is so much originality to come and my deck was pretty standard Martell.  I didn't need GG in every game, but it came out, I felt dirty.  I now that it has been FAQ'd, but every new Martell Noble released makes that card more broken!

Thanks again to everyone who attended Kingdom-Con and made the entire weekend so much fun! Good Luck to everyone who plays in Regionals!

BTW...the new Regional playmat is the artwork from Threat from the East AND looks amazing!!!!  Also, the new house cards given to participants look much better and each house gets its own cards.


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Posted 17 April 2012 - 05:18 AM

Congrats old man! 

Sounds like a blast, and you got to spend time with friends...and beat them down. 

See you at Kubla...KUBLA!!!

Oh, King eh? Very nice...

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