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Additional errata required for Dark Heresy core rulebook

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Posted 16 April 2012 - 06:06 AM

I've checked all previous threads in thie forum and have posted links to prior discussions of the same points where relevant. I am using the Fantasy Flight Games edition of the rulebook, with v3.0 of the Errata.


Some skills are listed as starting skills for Career Paths in Chapter 1, Stage Three, but are not included in the list of Rank 1 advances. These were mainly addressed in the Errata with the following exceptions:

  • Speak Language (Low Gothic) is a free skill for all Career Paths but is not listed against any of the rank 1 career advances. The mechanical purpose of this is so that all Acolytes have a common language for communicating in, but since this is never explicitly stated the absence of this skill from the rank advances is notable. (Its inclusion as a free skill for Noble Born and Schola Progenium characters in The Inquisitor's Handbook is therefore completely unnecessary.)
  • Additionally Literacy is a free skill for Tech-Priests but is not listed against the Technographer advances.


Inconsistencies in Rank Advances:

  • Assassin - Nighthawk (3) and Assassin (5) both have Ciphers (Underworld). The latter should perhaps be Ciphers (Underworld) +10.
  • Guardsman - Sergeant (4) has Basic Weapon Training (Bolt) but with a requirement for Strength 30; this prerequisite should not be needed.
  • Guardsman - Sergeant (4) and Lieutenant (6b) both have Interrogation. The latter should perhaps be Interrogation +10.
  • Scum - Outcast (2) and Outlaw (3) both have Ciphers (Underworld); Renegade (4) has Ciphers (Underworld) +10; Rogue (5) has Ciphers (Underworld) +20; Cutter (6a) *also* has Ciphers (Underworld) +10 and Gang Lord (8a) also has Ciphers (Underworld) +20. Perhaps evidence of two skills having been merged together?
  • Scum - Outcast (2) and Shark (7b) both have Deceive +10, though the former at 200xp and the latter at 100xp. Note that Deceive +20 is then an option for Charlatan (8b). Is this an error or deliberate, allowing a Shark that doesn't already have Deceive +10 to purchase it at a lower cost?
  • Scum - Fixer (6b) and Shark (7b) both have Inquiry +10. The latter should perhaps be Inquiry +20.



  • Scum - Both Cutter (6a) and Gang Lord (8a) have Melee Weapon Training (Power), though the former at 200xp and the latter at 100xp. Is this an error or deliberate, allowing a Gang Lord that doesn't already have the Talent to purchase it at a lower cost?



Some Talents that can be purchased multiple times are cheaper at higher ranks. Is the intention that the more expensive lower rank advances be bought first, or does a character that has not bought those advances at lower ranks then open up the option of purchasing a Talent at a cheaper rate at a higher rank? Specific examples are:

  • Imperial Psyker (Savant) and Psychic Power - costs 200xp at ranks 4 and 5 (Savant Militant and Savant Warrant) then 100xp at rank 8 (Preceptor-Savant).
  • Imperial Psyker (Scholar) and Psychic Power - costs 200xp at rank 4 (Scholar Materium) and then 100xp thereafter at ranks 5 to 8.
  • Tech-Priest and Sound Constitution - costs 100xp at ranks 1 to 3, 200xp at rank 4 (Enginseer), 100xp at rank 5 (Tech-Priest), then 200xp thereafter.



Skill and Talents that cannot be gained through listed advances (and so presumably are only available as elite advances with GM permission):

  • Speak Language (Low Gothic) - as already noted above, all Career Paths have this as a free starting skill (noted for completeness).
  • Speak Language (Hive Dialect X), Speak Language (Ship Dialect X), Speak Language (Tribal Dialect X) - these are gained through the appropriate Home Worlds (noted for completeness).
  • Forbidden Lore (Ordo Malleus), Forbidden Lore (Ordo Hereticus), Forbidden Lore (Ordo Xenos) - no discernable way to gain these skills.
  • Good Reputation (Imperial Navy) is not an option for any Career Path. But note that Peer (Imperial Navy) is an advance for Omniprophet (Tech-Priest 7b). Peer does not list Imperial Navy as a group. Presumably this switch was made due to the fact that a Tech-Priest cannot gain the required Fel 50 for Good Reputation. So perhaps Good Reputation should have Imperial Navy removed as a group, and Peer should have Imperial Navy added as a group.
  • Hatred (Heretics) - no discernable way to gain this talent.
  • Peer (Feral Worlders), Peer (Hivers) - no discernable way to gain these talents.


Talent dependencies:

  • Good Reputation (Imperial Guard) presumably requires Peer (Military). The inconsistent groups makes this slightly unclear. Peer (Military) would be better off renamed to Peer (Imperial Guard).
  • Imperial Psyker: Preceptor Savant (8a) can buy Strong Minded, but it requires Resistance (Psychic Power) which is not part of that career path.



There are a few more inconsistencies in the rules:

  • Dodge is listed as a Movement skill on p97 and as a Combat skill on p101.
  • Command is listed as an Interaction skill on p97 but not on p99. (This is clarified by Interaction on p230 - Command *is* an Interaction skill.)
  • The Armoury (p125) states that the Consequences of Availability table (p126) is based on a <1k population but according to the Availability by Population table it rather appears to be based on a <10k population.
  • Spook (p149) includes links to two minor psychic powers not listed in Dark Heresy (Enhance Phenomena and Time Skip) and doesn't link to Torch.


There are various other corrections that could be made (typographic errors for the most part), but none of these are material to playing the game. Although of interest, Black industries is mentioned in several places (p7, 218, 287, 396-397) rather than Fantasy Flight Games.

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Posted 16 April 2012 - 11:13 AM

I know that Hatred (heretics) is available through a cell directive in I think the ordo malleus book (I think the cell directive is Iron Evangels or something to that effect)

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