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Science vs False Idols - a game session report

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Posted 11 April 2012 - 08:44 AM

Hi everyone,

here is another game-session-report about a solo-game I played
yesterday in the evening.

What you should know is this funny thing: About the first half of the
game I totally forgot to use the special ability of the character I
randomly picked from the stack of Investigators. Ms Thompson was
the one I took in order to beat the randomly chosen Great Old One -

I so much hope you enjoy what you read here. As with my first session
report: All names, locations and specific items are fictitious and not
connected to any real person or place; I will use plenty of names and
wordings based on the game of "Elder Sign" by FGG, and I explicitly
don't claim intellectual property on these terms; I simply wish to
emphasize how much I like this game, this game-experience, which I wish
to share with you.

Now I will try to "describe" each gaming round a little bit in order to
give you the feeling of a story. ;)

When I set up the game, I had these six locations/ adventures on the
board right from the beginning: Horrible Visions, Stay away
from the Windows, Did you hear that?, Gala in the Great
Hall, The Curator, and The Hedge Maze. And it all
started with the Mythos of Sudden Terror ... Amid Stillness,
which also placed the first monster into the game. Lucky me, I drew a
Dimensional Chamber, which I placed on Did you hear That?.

The hard thing now was to chose the right location to start with. With
so many midnight-effect places on the board the first clock-rotation
did not feel very friendly, if I would not take care of things in this
first three rounds - not four because of the Dimensional
Shambler on Did you hear That?.

#01 Ms Thompson started to freak out on weird noises made by the
Dimensional Shambler. When she asked her assistant Paul: "Did
you hear that?"
, she did not get any reply. While working on her
newest scientific research on a new source of energy she totally forgot
the time and did not realize that Paul had gone home many hours before.
And suddenly this creature of madness was over her. She fought with her
will and all her might against the shambling terror, and finally she
was able to defeat it along with successfully passing her first
adventure. And that was very lucky for her, because she earned herself
the spell Flash Ward and the Necronomicon along with an
Elder Sign, of which she was not aware yet that she would need
it later on. She was so focused on this Elder Sign that she did
not realize how a slimy creature of madness flew away from her place.

#02 But something was wrong. The Dimensional Shambler
must have poisoned her; because all of a sudden Ms Thompson was shaken
by Horrible Visions. Or was this the effect of having started to
read the Necronomicon? She read on and lost herself in the
marvelous alien language and weird fantasy of this book. And while she
read it, she totally forgot to behave as cautious as scientists were
taught to be. Beneath her fingers the pages of the book crippled to
dust. And although she tried to save as much of the book as possible,
she was not able to keep hold of it. But with the book vanishing from
existence her horrible visions were gone as well. Strange as things
started to become she now found a huge red ruby on her desk; and next
to it was a small invitation card: "If you wish to learn more about the
Ruby of R'lyeh, please visit me on the gala in the in the
museum. C.". Underneath the ruby she found another Elder Sign.

#03 Ms Thompson went to the museum. Since her institute was on
the backside of the museum, she had to walk through the garden with
The Hedge Maze, in order to enter the museum. In the dark of the
night it was pretty hard for her to pass this part of the museum's
place. And when she turned around a strange bush within the maze, she
all of a sudden stood in front of an oozing, weird slimy thing, which
she remembered from the Necronomicon. Within the book the
Flying Polyp was described; and luckily remembering how to beat
this monstrosity, Ms Thompson was able to trick the creature into its
own end making it crush into thorny rose-bushes. During her walk
through this maze Ms Thompson found a couple of interesting items: the
Sword of Glory, an Old Journal, and again an Elder

And suddenly the church bells rang Midnight ... (I spent two
trophies in order to prevent any harm from Ms Thompson, because the
Curator was still in effect.) And another mythos was revealed: A
Warning ... of Living Nightmares.

#04 When Ms Thompson entered the museum, she was already amidst
the visitors at The Gala in the Great Hall. She started to have
a glass of champagne. And almost too late she realized that the
champagne was mixed with some kind of extra spice which made her vision
swirl around. People started to laugh at her, and everything seemed to
meld into a weird soup of colors and shapes. Ms Thompson started to
fight the urge of loosing the control over her body and mind. And when
she thought people would start beating her, she went into a basic
self-defense stance. She grabbed the first item her hands caught in her
bags, and she started to throw it against the nearest person. She did
not realize that it was the Ruby of R'lyeh. But she did not
care. Also she was happy that people started to keep their distance to
her, and she was able to flee from the masses. On her flight into a
hidden corner of the great hall she stumbled over a small closet in
which she hid between cloaks and capes. There she found a new spell -
Enchant Weapon - and again an Elder Sign. "Weird." She
thought. "All these strange pentagrams in blue, cold flames. That has
to have a certain meaning." Also she found some clues about a guy
called Hastur or something. But she did not connect this
information with anything else yet.

#05 When she was done catching her breath and calming down she
then moved on through the museum. She wanted to see this Mr or Ms "C."
who invited her to this place. And when she climbed a huge stairway a
gorgeous and handsome man appeared at the upper stairs - The
. He smiled at her. And when they started to talk to each
other Ms Thompson realized some rhetorical tricks he used on her. And
when she started to change the direction of the talks he revealed his
not so gorgeous as well as not so handsome interests in her - or more
of his master's interests in her. He spoke of Hastur and the
plans both would have with her in order to make her the virgin birthing
the horrible monstrosities she was meant to bring to life. When he
turned around to show her a picture of Hastur - a cloaked person
hiding under his cape -, she drew the Sword of Glory and thrust
it right through the man's back and abdomen. The sword hit some bones
and did no pierce the man, which is why Ms Thompson focused on pushing
the blade through her victim's more and more lifeless body. When he
collapsed, she did not react fast enough, and the blade broke. Then she
searched him and found another clue about the whereabouts of
Hastur, a small Axe strapped to a hidden belt, and an
Elder Sign.

#06 The fight drew some attention from downstairs; and Ms
Thompson heard people shouting and rushing upstairs. She fled into a
darker corridor; and there she found a Hidden Passage. She ran
into it, but she was unlucky, as she had no helpful lights with her.
After some time she got to a wooden door. And here she tried to pry it
open with the help of the Axe. But the blade sprang of the hilt
and hit her hurting her heavily.

#07 Though wounded she went on with prying the door open and
fleeing ever deeper down this passage. The deeper she went through this
passage, the more she felt like being lost. But after all the voices
died away behind her. When she took a small break and sat down in a
dark corner, she sat down on a small bag. In it she found two more
Elder Signs and a small lighter. She ignited it and took a look
at her small watch.

Midnight! Mysterious singing started as if a million voices were
chanting to evil gods and false idols. And in this chanting she caught
the name of Hastur. (I drew a High Priest and a Cultist from the
monster cup.) And the mythos occurs: Esoteric Devices ... Reveal a
False Trail

# 08 With this weird chanting howling through the dark passage
Ms Thompson kept going. After some time she happened to find a crack in
the wall. And she squeezed herself through. And when she saw the back
of a chanting Cultist she realized that Something has broken
... through this crack as well. Or maybe someone? The
Cultist? In order to find she attacked the Cultist and
overwhelmed him. But the panic from the flight, the chanting all over
the building, again this murdering of hers and all the weird happenings
made her flee from this crack at the wall.

#09 By whatever miracle she stumbled into the Entrance
of the museum. There she broke into a small room where she
found some medical treatment for her wounds.

#10 Having calmed down a bit she returned to the place, where
Something has broken Free.... And she tried to find out what the
Cultist was about to do there. But when the chanting became louder she
panicked again and fled from the place without answering her questions.

#11 On her flight she slipped through a door, which lead into
the Administration Office. Only moments later a crowd of ...
things? ... ran passed this door. Ms Thompson start to cry out. "What
have I gotten into ...? What the ... on earth, I mean ... I mean ..."
She tried to calm down and to understand more about this place, the
curator, Mr Hastur and anything else. So she searched the books
and archives within the office. But all the information made no sense
to her. She lost track of time ...

... and again Midnight struck. Shadow Entities ... Amid
Stillness. A certain darkness swept through this museum for a brief
moment. And an agonizing shriek howled through the corridors and halls
of this building (I drew a Shoggoth I then placed at "Something
has broken Free...").

#12 From the papers in the office Ms Thompson has learned that
the Loading Docks of the museum were kind of a specific place.
So she went down a small employees' stairway in order to reach this
place. And when she entered the vast area with so many different
chests, boxes, cranes, racks, small passages she got lost ...

#13 ... and even more lost. All the passages looked the same.
And the crude workings of the boxes gave her a lot of pain. Loosing her
mind and bleeding from many smaller wounds she returned to the
Entrance Hall ...

#14, 15 ... in order to fully recover and fall asleep for a
small while. When suddenly ...

The clock struck Midnight. A Warning ... Of Conspiracy
appeared on Ms Thompson's dreams and she awoke again.

#16 Having rested and sorted things out she remembered that many
boxes at the docks were labeled with The Gift Shop. This place
was near to the Entrance Hall, which is why she went there. In
the darkness of the night she searched the place. And she was lucky to
find a weird miniature - an Alien Statue. On this miniature she
found a couple of strange writings and symbols she remembered seeing at
the place, where the Cultist (Something) has broken Free ....

#17 So she went there again - not knowing what was awaiting her
there. A huge monster of utter uglyness, which looked like a parody of
any mind-bending creature hell has vomited in order to become a better
place again ... Shrieking in Terror ...

#18 ... Ms Thompson tried to keep her sanity alive. With the
Shoggoth she went into a fight no words would be able to grab or
describe. But finally she was able to catch the creature in a
flatfooted moment. When it crashed and breathed its final air that
smelled like all poisonous gases of the world compressed in this small
room, Ms. Thompson's mind was terrorized again.

#19 It took her some more effort to overcome the torture on her
soul. She deciphered the symbols at this location and matched them with
what she learned within the last couple of hours. It was then that she
realized new chanting in the building (another new Cultist in
the docks). But she did not care about it in her science-frenzy, she
fled into in order to keep slightly sane at this location. She found a
new clue about Hastur, the spell Red Sign of Shudde M'ell
and the Book of Dzyan in the clothing of the Cultist she
killed many hours ago.

Midnight struck - A Winding Trail ... To bring Forth
Horros (a clue prevents the doom track from gaining another doom
token ...).

#20 While Ms Thompson tried to puzzle with the various clues,
she thought about getting a tea at the café of the museum. There she
found a teapot in which she wanted to prepare the tea. But then she
noticed that there was a Tempest in the Teapot. "Another riddle?
In this place nothing surprises me anymore ..." So she cared about this
challenge at first. To her surprise there was another Flying
Polyp in the mists of the tempest within this teapot. Knowing how
to beat this creature she put some effort into this riddle. The spell
Red Sign of Shudde M'ell was a good aid, and finally she solved
this small puzzle. The tempest was gone. And when she looked into the
pot, she found a small book - Nameless Cults - along with a
personal note about Hastur - again - and underneath these two
items the next Elder Sign. She collected all items and put a
thorough look on the note. It mentioned A Peculiar Specimen
which was supposed to be a key object in the struggle against

#21 Ms Thompson did not hesitate. She ran through a couple of
departments of the museum in order to find A Peculiar Specimen.
And there it was - enclosed in a glass cabinet. Knowing how to handle
such special cabinets Ms Thompson had no trouble getting this prepared
specimen. She realized that there was an Elder Sign burnt into
its bottom. And when she wondered about how this Elder Sign
might be any different to any other Elder Sign she already
found, horrible noises and voices echoed through the museum in a
cacophony of madness.

#22 In that very moment Ms Thompson got aware of all natural
bodily needs any human body feels every now and then. She went to the
next Public Lavatory ... And the smell in front of the door
should have been a warning to her ... Urge and dire need against
warning signals ... And there she was - right in the middle between a
Zombie and a Dark Young. With all her might she was able
to smash her foes - not with her bodily might, but the might of her
mind, together with the empowering and bewildering energies released
from the Nameless Cults. But her struggling with these creatures
of darkness cost her a better part of her sanity.

#23 Weary she searched her way back to the Entrance Hall.
There she closed the door shut to her small hide out where she kept the
medical stuff. And she took some pills to stabilize her sanity again.
She did not realize that ...

Midnight struck again. (A Vampire appeared, and I placed
it into the Public Lavatory) Mythos - Eldritch Knoweldge ...
in a Disturbed Mind

#24 ... while she took care of her various wounds as well. After
some time she recovered from all the pain on her body and soul again.
And Ms Thompson drew more conclusions from the various clues she
gathered over the span of this night. "If there is so much trouble now
in the rooms and halls of this museum, how about searching the lower
sections then...?"

#25 Ms Thompson found a small map of the different levels of the
building. There she found the entrance to the old foundation of the
building. She went there and, when she entered the old corridors and
sewerage of this building, she suddenly realized all the Vermin in
the Pipes
. Knowing the weaknesses of these natural enemies of light
Ms Thompson had no trouble passing this small adventure. She found a
new clue about Hastur - as hoped and somewhat expected as well.
But it was buried in the lifeless body of someone whose cold hands
still held a Tommy Gun and a Lantern. The clue pointed
into the exhibition again ...

#26, 27 When she reached the halls of a specific section within
the exhibition, her eyes fell on plenty of signs and warnings:
Please Do Not Touch The Exhibits. But something was weird and
felt wrong with the exhibition. The exhibits were weird, resembled
modern art in its most weirdest and sanity-maddening fashion no human
mind could understand. Soon any object resembled the other although
colors and shapes were as different as possible. Loosing her focus on
what she was looking for Ms Thompson decided to read a guide helping
her on this - she remembered having the Book of Dzyan, with
which she was able to make sense of some of the exhibits. And with the
Lantern she shed light on exhibits a little off the main route
of the exhibition. And after hours that seemed like endless and
timeless void of insanity she was able to retrieve two more Elder
Signs. When she finally held these two items in her struggle
against Hastur she heard it again ...

The clock in the Entrance Hall struck Midnight again.
Mythos - Personal Possessions ... Bring Good Fortune] (, which
made me drew a Ghost I placed on The Writing on the Wall).

#28 Exhausted from her efforts in the pipes and the exhibition
Ms Thompson returned to her hide-out and took care of her headache. And
while she drank a shot of good, mind-clearing medicine she sorted out
things. "Now, with all the new information I should understand a couple
of things I read in the office ...!"

#29 So Ms Thompson took off to get into the Administration
again. There she tried to make more sense of all the various
books, entries, notes, files, and calenders. And indeed ... Everything
started to make sense now. She found a couple of notes dealing with
Hastur, well hidden between harmless entries about less
important stuff. "Jeez ...!" When she ran through a file-board next to
a side-door of the Administration office, she became aware of strange
markings on the dark carpet.

#30 "Blood on the Floor!" Ms Thompson followed the thin trail.
It lead through small corridors, side-doors, small hall-ways, stairs
and passages for employees. She reached a small chamber in which a dead
employee lay on the floor - together with another Elder Sign, a
Shotgun and a warning clue about Hastur. The clue only
held one information: the Souvenir Shop - HURRY!

#31 Ms Thompson took the items and ran back to the Entrance
. There it was - the Souvenir Shop. She broke into the
store and searched the shelves packed with so much crap and stuff and
presents ... And then she found an Elder Sign, when ...

Midnight struck again. Darkness fell over the museum, as the
The Stars Align ... Amid the Stillness. (I drew a Chthonian I
placed on the second place of the Public Lavatory).

#32 Ms Thompson kept searching for more Elder Signs in
the shop. And she was lucky ... (During the last two turns I spent all
the collected souvenirs on buying the missing two Elder Signs in order
to keep Hastur asleep ...)

When she held all the 13 Elder Signs in her hands, she laughed.
"Thirteen! My lucky number!" And suddenly they meld to one single sign
that exploded without heat, without flames, without debris, without
anything ... Only one thing changed: The museum became a lighter,
friendlier place. And the crazy voices and obnoxious noises of the
creepy creatures vanished as if swallowed by hell instantaneously. "As
my teacher taught me: Scientific means help you anytime ... Even
against false idols ... Praise the Lord ...!" Then she went home and
wanted to get some rest, before going on with her researches on more
important things then saving the world ...

For GM: Mad's Adventure, Adventure Hooks, NPCs, and Locations - same at RPGGEEK


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