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Sector Domination

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#1 MKX



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Posted 10 April 2012 - 06:42 PM

Just bandying around some ideas and if anyone else has some good ones. Zee scenario is that I have a relatively well resourced, fairly competent and uncomfortably influential Heretek, at some point having survived with the most Infamy over the course of many game sessions from my mostly loyal if somewhat careless partners dying a few times and looking to me for the next step.

More or less hanging with Tzeentch as far as being aligned goes, so the theme of just changing things to embiggen and better-er the galaxy as a whole, background skills and talents. Lots of forbidden lores, bit of a background in Chymistry, Medicae, Armoury so I can mostly make anything, have a large, secret skull cave base, a shipyard, a couple of warships, 100,000 erstwhile if somewhat incompetent heretics, some robots and about 120 marines that mostly like me because I can make more marines. My modus is change and otherwise, let those guys over there fight it out and wander in later to make things right- reason being that Black Crusades are mostly led by large, angry men in big armour that take on the largest, shootiest empire in the whole galaxy and mostly fail because they're simply shot full of holes... so lets get a bit asymetric instead. Some hearts, minds, broken arses, random mutations etc.

1. Plan Alpha

Make a particually contagious meme-virus and shoot it into planet's atmospheres with MIRV torpedos, rather than kill everyone, reprogram their brains, maybe the odd mutation as a side-effect and make them LIKE chaos. At some point later when they stop punching each other in the head, swoop on in and make them my... I mean, our friends.

2. The Very Big Gun

A huge rail-gun mounted on a ship that sends a massive shell into near-light speed before engaging its one way warp drive to carry it guided by either a bound daemon or vat-job navis-servitor into systems we like and then it blows up into a great big, temporary warp storm and rains down corruption, green cheese, kittens and lols on the inhabitant planet(s). Either it'll kill a lot of them or make them more disposed to liking us... or  bit of both I dont really care. Advantage being, I'm not anywhere near it going off and can go somewhere else when they figure out just whats happening. Large things exploding into pretty firework colours never gets dull.

3. Girl Mareenz

A great disturbance in the galaxy, as if millions of neck-beards cried out in terror and where suddenly silenced. They will have big sensible armour, multi-lasers, things to hit people with and no high heels... ok so I'm a spiteful, evil heretek. The crusade will probably get sidelined sometimes by shopping sales, nagging, cleanliness, quality time and will worry if they're quiet, because it probably means they've very angry with us. Probably not the most popular idea and some 20yr vetran 40k players in the group are wondering just how badly we can ruin the genre any more than it already is. The answer to that is don't tempt me.

4. Chaos Mart

Inflict rampant consumerism and inflation on the Imperium, with cut-price, slave made goods of dubious patterns and other stuff we've stolen, that cannot be matched by ANYONE in the whole sector. Its all tainted with delicious chaos somewhere in its production, the DIY manuals are written in sort-of-gothic after being penned by an semi-literate scribe using a corrupted cogitator and run through a printing press that has ink made out of stuff thats better not said. While large populace of the imperium is crippled by an overwhelming urge to spend all their thrones, shells, trade children, organs and be sure to ask about our credit-scheme. I can pretty much spend the rest of my days chem-whacked on magic space coke and watch their worlds burn in a frenzy of capitalism until I turn into a daemon.

#2 Gurkhal



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Posted 10 April 2012 - 08:05 PM

Love it! That's the way to mount Lord Hax's corpse on a golden chair of his very own!

#3 MKX



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Posted 13 April 2012 - 12:15 AM

Oh the post worked! Browser timed out just after I posted and it didn't show up on the page so I wandered off to pout and sulk about it :o

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