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New Targ player VS Barartheon

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Posted 07 April 2012 - 01:06 PM


My roommate and I have got about  20 games under our belts using  two AGOT core decks.

I've decided to focus on the Targs so I can really get the hang of at least one house. My roommate has played LCG all his life so once he

get's it he's unstoppable. In fact his last words to me today were "The only way you will be able to beat me now, is by surprising me"

So I have my Targ cards from 2 cores sets, he's building his out of the same two core sets. He kicked my butt with Baratheon in three turns last night. Twice in a row. Actually he kicks my butt no matter what deck he plays. I had him play my Targ Deck and  he beat me again, it took a little longer but he had no problem.

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what the best strategy would be for me to try out with the available cards that I have. What is Targs greatest defense

and offense position? I've won 2 out of those twenty games and that was when we first got them and he was still learning.

I would like to buy expansions but feel like I really need to be able to win a few more games before I spend more on it. If I just suck at this and

can never win...it kind of loses it's fun, particularly when your playing someone that beats you in 3 rounds!

Thanks for any advice! Sounds like I'm whining...:)


#2 Mig el Pig

Mig el Pig


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Posted 22 April 2012 - 01:10 AM

Hello and welcome to the game.


Personally I think core set only Targ vs Bary can be an uphill battle since Bary is faster and has access to, on average, more powerful characters in the core set. Targ is slower since they need both gold and influence to work properly.

So if I had to make a targ deck specifically vs bary I wouldn't try to outrun him but go for one that will slow him down.

To do this we will need a few things.

Resets like Valar Morghulis or Westeros Bleeds: If your opponent has a stronger board position you lose less if the board gets reset. Especially if if you've got more cards in your hand then your opponent. Luckily for you Intrigue and card draw are 2 of Bary's weaknesses while targ has acces to both(although card draw is quite limited).

Claim soaks like Viserys, Bones of Child and Rhaegal: Bary can hit hard on power and military challenges. With Viserys and Rhaegal you limit the amount of damage he can do in military which means you don't lose any other characters. In addition they can survive your own resets.

Burn kill, like flame kissed, forever burning to get to his characters with power on them through saves.

I would try something like the following.

House Targaryen

Plots (7)
Holding the Trident
Snowed Under
Valar Morghulis
Mad King's Legacy
Uneasy Truce
Drunken Allegations

Most of these plots slow the game down, Blockade and Drunken Allegations limit the things he can throw at you. Holding the Trident forces him to commit more to challenges. Snowed Under can be very poweful because he can't risk kneeling his characters with lots of  power on them.

Most of the Times I would start with an Uneasy Truce and follow up with a Drunken Allegations or Holding the trident. If he already has 2 or 3 chars with renown on the field (and one of them is stannis or baratheon) without saves I might Valar.

Characters (27)
Daario Naharis Core Set 1
Qartheen Fanatic Core Set 2
Captain Groleo Core Set 1
Illyrio's Man Core Set 2
Maester Aemon Core Set 1
Quaithe of the Shadow Core Set 1
Daenerys Targaryen Core Set 1
Xaro Xoan Daxos Core Set 1
Khal Drogo Core Set 2
Jhogo Core Set 1
Viserys Targaryen Core Set 2
Brown Ben Plumm Core Set 1
Rhaegal Core Set 3
The Titan's Bastard Core Set 1
Drogon Core Set 1
Shae Core Set 1
Dany's Handmaiden Core Set 2
Viserion Core Set 1
Warlock's Servitors Core Set 2

The amount of characters you can choose from with 2 core sets is limited. Although the deck doesn't have alot of intrigue you should still have more then your opponent. The most difficult aspect is using your resources well. Your opponent will try to "overrun" you quickly with his powerful characters. You'll have to commit wisely to challenges and always keep the end goal in mind: making sure he doesn't win before you reset the board after having destroyed his hand. If your planning to do a reset next turn/during dominance how important is it do defend his mil challenge or do one of your own? Why not send in a weak attacker just to make him bow his more powerful characters and therefor weakening his own attack? He wants and has to win quickly. Everything that stalls his power gain and limits his options this and next turn will bring you closer to victory.

Events (6)

Distraction Core Set 2
Forever Burning Core Set 2
Westeros Bleeds Core Set 2

Forever Burning is your friend, combined with Flame Kissed you can kill Robert, Stannis, Melisandre(while kneeling)  through their saves. In addition you can influence the strength of characters during challenges, Once your opponent knows you have it he will have to commit more to be sure of a win. Westeros bleeds wipes the board completly, remember he can use his duplicates to save vs this so be weary. Distractions is another card that will slow him down alot, Bowing Robert or Stannis will slown down his power grab greatly.

Locations (18)

Street of Sisters Core Set 1
Temple of the Graces Core Set 3
Eastern Fiefdoms Core Set 3
Great Pyramid Core Set 2
Summer Sea Core Set 3
Khal Drogo's Tent Core Set 1
Crossroads Core Set 1
Street of Steel Core Set 1
Shadowblack Lane Core Set 1

Xaro's Home 1

Daenery's Chamber 1


It might be abit too gold heavy so don't be tempted to deplete your hand rapidly, you'll want to have characters after the reset. Luckily you have some characters who return to your hand like Drogo, Viserys, Titan's Bastard;

Attachments (9)
Poisoned Wine Core Set 2
Aegon's Blade Core Set 1
Flame-Kissed Core Set 2
Milk of the Poppy Core Set 2
Bones of a Child Core Set 2

Milk of the Poppy is another good card to limit his more powerfull characters, Robert without his double renown isn't exactly a threat.

Flame-Kissed combined with Drogon or Forever burning takes care of his biggest threats except his armies. Since you can play it at any time due to ambush it's another way to intervene in challenges.

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