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Serpent eating it's own tail.

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#1 keaSanya



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Posted 04 April 2012 - 08:41 PM

2x •Aziz Chatuluka, A Danger to all Mankind
3x Beings of Ib
3x Brood of Yig
3x •Carl Stanford, Deathless Fanatic
2x •Cthulhu, Lord of R'lyeh
3x Degenerate Serpent Cultist
3x Disguised Serpent Man
3x Dreamlands Fanatic
2x Feathered Serpent
3x Silver Twilight Temptress
3x Uroborus, Fang of Yig
2x •Yig, Father of Serpents
2x •Nyarlathotep, The Black Pharaoh

Total 34

3x Deep One Assault
2x Feeding Frenzy
3x Sacrificial Offerings
2x Broken Space, Broken Time
3x Sibilant Cry

Total 13

3x Called by Azathoth
3x •Temple of R'lyeh, Frozen in Time

Total 6

Total cards in the deck – 53

Aziz – great guy. Deck has Yig, Cthulhu and Nyarly - total 6 AO. Sacrificing him in the oppo turn and putting one of AO guys will be very unpleasant surprise. Espessially if you already have Beings of Ib on the table. Also he is a cultist so can fuel Carl Stanford in some situations.

Beings of Ib – free of charge guy that will be great with Nyarly . Also it’s a free of charge fuel for the Temple of R’lyeh.

Brood of Yig – 2 cost serpent-cultist with nice ability

Carl Stanford – must-have-guy in any “green” deck. Invulnerability, 3 skill, and ability to bust himself with cultists. Also he may sacrifice our serpent cultist to put Uroborus and use Sibilant Cry.

Cthulhu – strong AO, that may be putted into the game with Broken Space.

Degenerate Serpent Cultist – cheap serpent –cultist with T->A changing. If you have Uroborus and Dreamlands Fanatic in the hand. Only this serpent on the table the great move will be to use Sacrificial offerings. Lose of the cheap serpent gives us oppo char wounding+putting Uroborus and Fanatic to the game!

Disguised Serpent Man – not bad serpent wit 3C and icons changing.

Dreamlands Fanatic - must have.

Feathered Serpent – hight cost (that’s why 2 in the deck) but very strong serpent.

Silver Twilight Temptress – she’s a cultist. And she has very nice controlling ability

Uroborus – the main element of the deck. You can put it from the hand when losing on-the-table serpent. Also if you got 3 serpents in the graveyard (and yeah he is a serpent too!), you can put him back from the dead insnaned. Combo with the Temle of R’lyeh.

Yig – father of serpents. To put into play with Broken space or in the late game. + T for serpent and nice change of icons.

Nyarlathotep – all the icons, espessially investigation that we need in monogreen deck. With 1 or 2 Beings of Ib Nyarly really becomes the pain in the ass for oppo. And don’t forget about his annoying effect.

Deep One Assault – no comments. Must have

Feeding Frenzy – nice card for mass destruction. Just need to w8 it’s time.

Sacrificial Offerings – we are not afraid to lose our serpents. It’s plays our game. Because of Uroborus and Sibilant Cry.

Broken Space, Broken Time - we can for 4 cost find and put into play needed in the situation AO. Oppo also can do it, but if you understand it’s deck and guess that he hasn’t any AO, or already got it (Y’go for example), this event rules.

Sibilant Cry – w8 it’s time to put serpents from the dead.

Called by Azathoth – to fight nasty guys and girls, as AO and annoyin effects/actions

Temple of R'lyeh – one of the main card. We are not afraid to sacrifice our serpents. We can put Uroborus in response, than we can sacrifice uroborus, and then if we got 3 dead serpents we can pu uroborus back insane and sacrifice him next turn. It’s really Uroborus (serpent who eat his own tail – perpetual cyclic renewal of life and infinity, the concept of eternity and the eternal return, and represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth ). And don’t forget about Sibilant Cry as opportunity to return our serpents back. And it’s no cost to force oppo to sacrifice char (except of our blood) we have no need to exhaust our pay.

Any suggestions or critics?

#2 AUCodeMonkey



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Posted 05 April 2012 - 03:43 AM

I would consider removing all the stuff associated with AOs, simply due to the fact that there's no cost redux in there. I know Aziz and Broken Space, Broken Time are in there, but Aziz brings them out only temporarily and BSBT lets other players search for AOs as well. Since Serpents are relatively expensive, I'd recommend a Yhanthlei Statue, or a Nonencumbulus whatever the heck that Conspriacy card is to ward of some rushers. I'd also recommend Terror of the Tides for a surprise element. Throw in some Primal Fear and/or Get It Off! for some additional fun.

#3 keaSanya



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Posted 05 April 2012 - 08:27 PM

I  very like the aziz+nyarly+beings combo. yig is here to support the serpents. only Cthulhu seems a bit useless. according the BSBT, as i said the main idea is to use it in right situaition. if I know that the oppo's deck doesn't have any AO why not to find out Yig? orwhen it's clear that oppo has only Y'go and already pu it in.

#4 TheProfessor



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Posted 06 April 2012 - 03:11 AM

 My son has been playing a similar deck to what you propose, quite effectively.  He uses Innsmouth Trouble Maker and Khopesh as well as Cthulhu, no Nyralothotep,   The Khopesh has been showing up on the Troublemaker to slow things down to let the serpents do their thing.  Cthulhu or Yig comes in with Broken Space, Broken Time as appropriate to the situation.

As I mentioned, it is an effective deck - maybe not quite powerful enough for highest competition, but still pretty good.

#5 AUCodeMonkey



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Posted 06 April 2012 - 03:28 AM

I understand your logic behind the combo. However, it is quickly broken. It relies on having Aziz, and having him live. If I'm an opponent and I have a destruction card in my hand... Aziz is toast. If I can make Aziz insane, I will do that too. Let me be perfectly clear when I say that while I have tried combos before (see my reasoning on the "Afternoon on the Trampoline!" post about Like a Moth + Bound and Gagged), they can be difficult to set up and generally aren't worth your time.

Also, why would Beings of Ib + Nyarly be good? Is it because he has an Investigation icon? Because his ability is no good to have copied. I wouldn't include Nyarly if it was solely because of an Investigation icon, tbqh, but that's me.

#6 keaSanya



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Posted 09 April 2012 - 11:14 PM

nyarly+beings is good coz you have nyarly (all icons, 4 skill, toughgness +2 and cool ability) for 4 cost. and beings gives All icons and 4 skill just for free. it's my opinion. coz i think that monogreen deck needs some investigation icons. and beings+nyarly is the best variant (in this "temple built" deck - coz you can sacrifice free beings with temple).

the idea to add knopesh seems very good. but i personally hate this card coz i thinks that it's broken.  :)


i understand that Aziz is primary target for destruction. and like the deck is not built around the AO for me it's nice that oppo will waste destruction for him. he may be a kind of bluff.

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