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Trying to design the Dunwitch/Kingsport Horror Investigators

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Posted 31 March 2012 - 03:41 AM

... but there's no graphic resources. sigh.


Agnes Baker, the Waitress (5/5)
Memories of Conquest - Whenever Agnes completes an adventure, she may cast a spell with [SAVE] icon to save a dice used to complete a task in that adventure.

Using spell was hard for me. When I save a dice it is hard to complete the adventure, and if I complete the adventure there's no dice left behind. 
Can Agnes' ability will solve this paradox? Not sure, but it fits for the name 'Memories of Conquest'.


Akachi Onyele, the Shaman (7/3)
Guardian of the Veil - GOO needs 1 more doom track to awaken. GOO starts the battle with the doom tokens as normal.

One more day to wake up. Period.


Diana Stanley, the Redeemed Cultist (4/6)
Dark Insight - Diana needs 1 less investigation to complete a task on a non-GOO, non-other world adventure.

There were two 4-investigation tasks, and one 7-investigation task. So I thought the number of dices does not change greatly.
....but not sure about the balance.


Jacqueline Fine, the Psychic (7/3)
Procognition - Jacqueline can lower her maximum sanity by 1 to cancel the whole mythos card just revealed.

Which one do you think is more effective, canceling the mythod with the high price or drawing another mythod with the low price?


Finn Edwards, the Bootlegger (6/4)
Slippery - Finn takes no penalty for failing an non-other world adventure with monster(s).

In AH, I think this character is extremely useless (lol) 
Becomes powerful if the monsters are crowded, but it means Arkham is HELL. Useless again. sigh.


George Barnaby, the Lawyer (7/3)
Knowledge is Power - George may always reroll [PERIL] resulted dice.

Minor version of Professor. 
To tell the truth, I think this ability is useless because I always roll TERROR a lot.


Jim Culver, the Musician (6/4)
Strange Luck - Once a day, Jim can spend a clue token to complete an other-world or non-GOO monster task with 1 less [TERROR] result.

Author has extremely powerful ability, making hard to design other abilities related to other world. (in my point of view)
1 clue token to purchase a TERROR without using dice... do you think it is overpowered?


Leo Anderson, the Expendition Leader (5/5)
Leadership - Once a day, Leo may prevent 1 point of Stamina or Sanity loss for any investigator.

Copy - and - paste from AH. Period.


Lily Chen, the Martial Artist (5/5)
Chosen One - When GOO awakens, remove 2 doom tokens from it.

No skills, no martial arts, no focus in ES... 
So I adoped the personal story.... Wait. It's Astronomer's. Sigh.


Lola Hayes. the Actress (6/4)
Improv - At midnight, Lola chooses another investigator and gains the ability of that investigator until next midnight.

Also, no skills in ES. I had to make her a COPYCAT.


Luke Robinson, the Dreamer (7/3)
(Starting Item includes Opened gate, you know, the gate icon)
Experienced Dreamer - Whenever Luke fails an other-world adventure, he gains 1 clue token instead of whole penalty of that adventure.

I think it is a unique idea, using other-world as a clue farm. 
But the clock will not wait for him doing this. Ding-dong-doom.


Marie Lambeau, the Entertainer (6/4)
Witch Blood - [SAVE]

[SAVE] means the dice save icon in the usual attack spells. Simple enough.


Mark Harrigan, the Soldier (3/7)
One Man Army - Mark is immune to all Nighmarish, Overwhelming, Time-consuming effect on the task.

No arrest, no delay, no stockage... therefore.


Rex Murphy, the Reporter (6/4)
Family Curse - Once per a roll, he may change a [LORE] or [PERIL] result to a [TERROR] result.

Rex in AH was a clue-farmer. But, are the clue tokens important in ES? 
Again, this ability is useless because I always roll [TERROR] a lot. 

1 Investigation - Change to LORE with Pyramid - Change to PERIL combo... useless. Better reroll instead.


Rita Young, the Athelete (4/6)
Resilent - In addition to the first aid, Rita can refill her stamina full with no trophy.

No madness or injury in ES. And, you know, if life becomes 0, you are devoured! ... sigh


Tommy Muldoon, the Rookie Cop (6/4)
Hero - When Tommy is devoured and GOO is not awaken yet, choose a player and an adventure. That player claims the reward of the adventure and the adventure itself as he/she completed that adventure.

Yum-yum. GOO eats Tommy, and Tommy will give you several items, a 2-worth trophy (plus a monster trophy) and an elder sign token.


Wendy Adams, the Urchin (4/4)
Blessed is the Child - When Wendy claims Elder Sign for reward, she gains 1 more.

Wendy cannot bring Elder Sign in ES because it is not unique item... sigh


Wilson Richards, the Handyman (5/5)
Odd Jobs - Wilson gains 1 clue token when he uses Lost & Found.

Using Lost & Found was a waste of time. It looks like "I'm fxxxed up and I need some starting items again" to me. Go get devoured instead.
...of course, if all the tasks are full or monsters, sometimes it becomes "We are fxxxed up" (...)


Power of abilities, balances, starting items, and several things are not considered yet.

Tomorrow I'll introduce ES to my AH playing club members.
We can have 8 hours to play, and if I can, I'll test these characters and report.

Innnsmouth Horror investigators will be the next, and GOOs will be the another.
Items or Adventures are beyond my abilities, because I cannot make the proxy card with my poor MSPAINT skill. sigh.



#2 Fake Ghost Pirate

Fake Ghost Pirate


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Posted 31 March 2012 - 05:49 PM

You've got tons of good ideas there, enough "food for thought" to make a banquet.... It's tricky to translate Arkham characters to Elder Sign. You've got me brainstorming now as well...


I think Wendy Adams' ability might prove to be WAY too powerful.  Maybe Elder Signs should cost her less at the gift shop, plus she could start with one- maybe one that's immune to Yig?

Maybe Finn Edwards could send a monster back to the cup if he fails an Adventure? That could be his "slippery" ability... 

#3 xris



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Posted 01 April 2012 - 12:43 AM

I would suggest that you take a look at the following three threads on Board Game Geek (it now appears to be back up).

All 8 investigators from Dunwich Horror in Elder Sign format

All 16 investigators of Innsmouth Horror in Elder Sign format

All 8 investigators of Kingsport Horror in Elder Sign format

Michael Redston (kroen) has done some excellent ground work in the above threads, I hope he doesn't mind me posting links to them. It's thanks to these threads that I decided to work on the artwork needed for this project.

When it come to the Special Abilities, there isn't a "right answer" as it's mostly down to personal opinion. There are guidelines that you can draw from AH but a lot of the time it requires a translation of game effects between two different game systems.

I've been working on creating Investigator Cards (for all AH Investigators) based on the work by Michael. I have all the Investigator card image templates and located suitable fonts to use on the cards, the Starting Items are most done so it's just down to selecting suitable Special Abilities.

I'll also plug my Elder Sign: Abominations project which contains new standalone Adventure cards (Abominations), Heralds, Guardians, Mythos cards. It will also include new Investigator cards, Ancient Ones, and anything else I can think of.

Here's the card for Mark Harrigan, it's only in LQ 150dpi, the final will be in 300dpi.

Mark Harrigan




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Posted 03 April 2012 - 01:50 AM



Thanks for all the replies.

I found mistakes for Agnes Baker, Akachi Onyele, Finn Edwards and George Barnaby : they are all from Innsmouth Horror. Also, Charlie Kane and Daisy Walker from Kingsport Horror was missing.  *cough*

Second, several words I used for the suggestion was unofficial. *cough*


To. Fake Ghost Pirate

Wendy can be strong, because she can get 10 trophy from the adventure... oops.
But I'm not sure she is that overbalanced, because she has less sanity and stamina, no useful abilities to resolve an adventure, and she is bad at "positive feedback" : using items to resolve an adventure and gain items more than he/she used. (Salesman, Magician, and Archeologist are good at this,)

In fact, my team members are really AGGRESIVE, and they usually wakes up GOO and try to kill it. So they usually ignores elder sign rewards... sigh

I suggest "she may immidiately spend that adventure trophy and discard other rewards other than elder sign, to gain 1 additional elder sign."

Finn's ability in AH was "he may move with monster" and "he receives no penalty when he knocked out", and I suggested similarly. Also, sending monster back to monster cup if he fails an adventure, your idea, can be good idea, but I think it should be able to target any monster, including other adventure cards. If an investigator gives up resolving adventure, completing a monster task itself is easy enough.


To. xris

Thanks for the comments. I rarely visit the boardgamegeek so I didn't know there was a similar plan.

And.... I've done my IH investigators but there are a lot of similar investigators in geek's....sigh




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Posted 03 April 2012 - 02:48 AM

Adding Investigators missing, mostly from Innsmouth horror.


Charlie Kane, the Politician (4/6)
Connection - When Charlie gains an ally, he may search through allies deck and take one he wants instead. When he discards an ally, turn it faced down instead. Faced-down ally loses all of its abilites and not considered as ally, and Charlie can spend faced-down ally as an 1 worth of trophy or a clue token.

My teammates think the allies are a crap, expensive but not useful, Of course, I don't think so.

The most important problem is - the ability area for the investigator sheet is not this big enough. *cough*


Daisy Walker, the Librarian (5/5)
Careful Reader - Whenever Daisy discards an unique item, turn it faced down instead. Faced-down unique item loses all of its abilites and not considered as unique item, and Daisy can spend faced-down unique item as an 1 worth of trophy.

First I tried to make an ability like "reading books (items give you red dice only) once more", but it was similar to the Archeologist's.


Hank Samson, the Farmhand (5/6)
Thick-skulled - Hank can complete ordered tasks in any order.

I think the '1 more maximum sanity' is more powerful than the thick-skulled ability. My bad.


Minh Thi Phan, the Secretary (6/4)
Synergy - After Minh attemped to resolve the adventure, she may move to another adventure.
Whenver Minh assists, active player does not set aside a dice for that failure.

Assisting is not powerful I think, because it means 'assisting player failed to complete the adventure', which also means 'he/she wasted his time'.


Norman Withers, the Astronomer (6/4)
The Path Is Lit - Play with the top 3 adventure cards, 2 other-world adventure cards, and 1 mythos card each reveled.

No monster kills after gate close in ES, and there's no garanteed gate opens, so I gave up his abilites and referenced his personal story.


Patrice Hathaway, the Violinist (5/5)
Inspiring - When a doom track is filled, Patrice gains 1 clue token.

Just compared to other reward-adders (Salesman, Magician, Archeologist), 10 to 12 free trophy is not powerful I think. Clue token is a good item, though.
.....powerful against Cthulu?


Roland Banks, the Fed (4/6)
Intuitive - When Roland purchases a clue token for a souvenior, he gains additional 2 clue tokens.

The boardgamegeek's idea says 'free clue once a day', but it is a dangerous idea because it needs an restriction like "You cannot use this ability when GOO is awaken" - a lot of GOO attacks just discards a clue token a day. But GOOs will not like this ability also.


Silas Marsh, the Sailor (4/6)
Tainted Blood - Whether Silas completes or fails and adventure, he takes both the penalty and rewards. He cannot gain Elder Sign token for the failed adventure.

In AH, Silas was MAD investigator (my teammates called him like this, because he was way too much powerful).


Skids O'Toole, the Ex-Convict (3/7)
School of Hard Knocks - Skids may always reroll [LORE] resulted dice.

Actually I designed this ability with Lawyer's opposite version.


Tony Morgan, the Bounty Hunter (3/7)
Clear Takedown - Tony's trophies are worth 1 more each.

Simple enough. Period.


Trish Scarborough, the Spy (6/4)
Abnormal Focus - Before she rolls, she may set aside 1 green dice to get yellow or red dice. If she does and she fails that adventure, she loses 1 stamina or 1 sanity of her choice. Cannot use this ability against GOO.

If she fails she gets additional penalty, but she will usually success if she has yellow and red dice. Of course, if she needs all 8 dices she will use her items. 


Ursula Downs, the Explorerer (5/5)
Quick-witted - Ursula can 'buy a souvenior' before she moves.

A lot of teammates were too busy to stop and buy a gift.


William Yorick, the Grave Digger (4/6)
Secrets of the Dead - William can spend 2 worth of trophies to gain a yellow dice.

Original AH ability says about the clue tokens, but I think the clue tokens are not powerful item. (my personal opinion)
Most common items gives you yellow dice, right?


Zoey Samars, the Chef (3/7)
Killer Instincts - Once a day, in her turn, Zoey can pay 2 stamina to defeat a monster. She cannot pay life to be devoured, and she should pay the cost of the defeated monster.

Using her 7 maximum stamina for a efficient way.... efficient?


Will try for GOOs or some items next.

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