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#1 Kill an Angel

Kill an Angel


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Posted 17 March 2012 - 07:24 PM

Hello All,

I am a huge fan of Warhammer 40K and all things related to it (enjoyed all 19 Horus Heresy novels), including a good battle report.  I have been playing Death Angel for some time and have managed to amass all of the POD expansions.  I have always been a fan of 40K battle reports and have decided to post some of my Death Angel sessions as a somewhat limited battle report.  While I was rather successful during the report I am about to post, I want to assure you that this level of success is by no means a common occurrence.  I originally misconstrued the rules and upon the emptying of either blip pile would immediately travel and than begin a new turn by returning to the choose actions phase.  After reading here that I should just perform my "travel" and than continue to the next appropriate phase I discovered that Death Angel is a quite challenging game.  Here is my first of several (if well received) battle reports (hopefully to show new players how to expect an 'average' game to play-out) I will post.  I might mention that after trying the DEATHWING POD I lost five (5) straight games without making it past the first two (2) locations.  I personally attribute this to a rather unfortunate shuffling of the deck and continuous major spawns during the beginning "turns."

I play with various void locks (typically solo, but i will mention additional players if necessary; this is to keep it interesting and not just continue playing the 'solo' void lock continuously).  I will typically use random team selection.  I count defeated genestealers as those removed by ANY action of a Space Marine (including those of the Lexicanium) or an event Card, but not those remaining in a blip pile when the Space Marines travel (the are bypassed).  I count the number of "turns" by counting the number of event cards required to clear a location, but never counting the first card used to spawn the starting 'stealers.  Without further explanation:

No PODS were used in this game.

VOID LOCK for 2 to 4 players (8 Space Marines)        played solo

Space Marines: Lexicanium Calisarius, Brother Scipio, Brother Zael, Brother Omnio, Sergeant Lorenzo, Brother Deino,Brother Claudio, Brother Goriel

                                                                        Turns                          Genestealers                            Casualties/Misc

VOID LOCK                                                   10                                 17                                                0/mostly due to no spawns, helped build support tokens

1C - Munitorium                                            3                                   5                                                  0/first card "THEY'RE EVERYWHERE" depleted blip pile

2 - Black Holds                                             6                                   19                                                Brother Deino/ Promethium Tank used

3 - Wrath of Baal Chapel                            2                                    8                                                  0/Artifact not Collected

4 - Launch Control Room                          3                                    12                                                0/Killed the 'stealers than attempted launch command

Total:                                                               24                                  61                                                (1) one


Several timely good rolls and never being overwhelmed by back-to-back major spawns contributed to the victory.  I on occasion resorted to a more attrition strategy of sacrificing the individual for the betterment of the mission (as any fearless space marine would), but was continuously rewarded (bless the Emperor) with a few lucky rolls (I think I would have won even if I had lost a few more of my adeptus astartes).

If there is anything that needs clarification or further explanation I would appreciate a critique so that I may improve my description of an amazing game.

#2 Cthonian



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Posted 19 March 2012 - 01:08 PM

Very nice your report !!

Though i prefer usually a more descriptive way.. that would be too long but you can describe a " highlight " round ..

I like to imagine my game sessions as a movie , every time i play ..

in the future may i write a story of my valorous marines....

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