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Second Anima: Beyond Fantasy fanfic... hope it works well enough.

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Posted 09 March 2012 - 04:06 PM

I do not, in any way, own the characters in this idea. I don't even own the setting involved, it's that much out of my hands, but I hope to some day be the proud creator of a game that I thought of that goes in one-half of the setting of this idea.


Flames... they had brought the destruction of an entire area of town. That was my first real memory in my re-forged life... my life forged in the fires of Hell.

I had walked from one part of the area to another, seeing all the corpses laying all around me, and feeling that I was the survivor around. I only remember one thing from my previous life: my given name is Shirou, and I was named by whomever my birth-parents were.

The fire as if it were Hell on Earth, the sky that was threatening to burst open, and my life was on the verge of ending within the inferno that was almost about to consume me. With a final trudge, I pushed onward, though the screaming that I heard crying for help would remain silent to me for the rest of my life.

Soon, I tripped over a body and fell onto the ashen ground. I turned myself upright, facing the burning sky, and saw a face over me. The face belonged to a man, but the man was also on his last legs. As his empty eyes gazed into my own, a wonderful thing happened. A smile crossed that worn face. One of pure happiness and joy. With a shaking hand he brought a beautiful light close to me. I couldn't gaze upon its radiance, but its warmth entered my aching chest and eased the pain even slightly. And then, as if he’d just expended the last of his strength, the nameless man fell atop me and died.

I felt his warmth flee from his body as time passed by incoherently.

As I was about to drift into what I thought would be my end, I heard footsteps in the distance, possibly other survivors, I first thought. That was when I heard the voice of what I thought was a scientist, though I couldn't understand the language at all, and yet I knew that the speaker was someone important in his field. As soon as he came within a certain range, I could feel that, somehow, this man would be my savior.

I stretch my hand out from under the nameless man and tried to speak to the newcomer, but my mouth failed me and I felt faint, while I thought that I'd lose my grip on life and reality.


I wake up in a hospital room of a sort, noticing that I'm completely rejuvenated from the fire the day before. In fact, it's as if I've never been alive until now, it's that much a difference in living experience. Given that I feel as if the fire and anything from before is a really bad dream, I check my body over to see what could have gone wrong, and before I get far enough, I hear the scientist's voice, but this time I can clearly understand what he's saying. Okay, what happened before was probably not a dream after all, so this could be reality right here.

"Good morning, young one, my name is Loctus Khan Schwarzwald. I suppose you have a lot of questions, but now is not the time to ask them, because I have to ensure that you have a place to stay. I can't exactly be here for you should you try something reckless, so I have to find an available orphanage for you to stay at and for you to be adopted," I hear the scientist say, which causes me to turn my head around to see what he looks like.

Schwarzwald, for lack of a better term, looks as if he had recently gotten out of a shower, his chocolate-brown hair having signs of being wet, and his cobalt-black eyes shone with a brilliance that suggested that he was more than a normal scientist. He's wearing a black body suit underneath a white lab-coat, with brown shoes that might be combat boots on his feet, which tells me he might be in the military or something.

He said he'd go to find an available orphanage for me to live in until I could be adopted, but something was telling me to go with this man, the one who saved my life as it would appear. I would like to be able to know why my instincts say this man is safe, but for what I know, it could be the other way around. Still...

"Excuse me," I say, which draws his attention to me again, "but would you possibly take me with you? I think it'd be better that way, so that you can keep an eye on me, the one you saved." Seeing a shocked look on his face, I press on, "I have no way of knowing who I am, so I'm pretty much a blank slate. Would it be better to take me with you in that case?"

After a few seconds, though it seemed like forever, Schwarzwald finally speaks up to me, as he says, "Very well, young man. I do know one thing about who you are, but that's a first name only, Shirou-kun. I might as well say something to you, though, and..." he heads over to a desk at the far wall, picks up a folder, and looks through it while mumbling, 'it's got to be around here somewhere... AHA!' As soon as he finds what he was looking for, he comes back to me and says, "what I'm about to say may shock you, but you are capable of using magical energy at its best, as determined by the nodes within your body that are specifically made to do circulate the energy."

As if to prove it to me, he takes a chart that he made that shows what my body on the inside looks like, only it's labeled as "Shirou's soul"... wait, I'm having a bit of an information overload, I can't process what is being inserted in my head! It's as if my head is going to split apart at any moment!


That's all I could think of at the moment, I didn't want to turn this into a massive snippet, I did what I could to ensure that it stayed small enough to fit. Okay, background information for those who are unfamiliar with the parental figure in this story.

Loctus Khan Schwarzwald is, by the very definition, a mad scientist, albeit an unwilling one, mainly because he underwent a process at the highest possible dosage that had not only increased his physical and mental capacities, but made him insane from the procedure, which makes him a very dangerous person if he doesn't get his head on straight again. He literally can crush divine beings like it was nothing more that a snap of his fingers one moment, only to run from city guards the next, though that's only without someone to help him get his sanity back. To be honest, though, he has nobody to help him out of that funk in canon... which is why I'm trying to get Shirou to be his child.

If I'm missing any details, someone that knows Schwarzwald please help me get the right details, okay?

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