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Gloin, Mockery, Lorien, Self Preservation Resource Engine

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#1 wraith428



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Posted 07 March 2012 - 11:53 AM

So was introducing a new player to the game the other day and had constructed 3 decks to be used in multiplayer when we came upon a pretty nifty resource engine.  You might even be able to make this work solo but I think its easier in multiplayer.

So one guy was playing a archer deck with Gloin, Legolas and Bran.  I was playing a provider deck with Bilbo, Beravor and Theodred.  The third deck doesn't matter.

The key cards are Gloin, Song of Mockery, Protector of Lorien, and Self Preservation (although other healing cards can fill this role).  I had Bilbo with Protector of Lorien (also a Fast Hitch which is useful but not key.)  Gloin had Song of Mockery.  Bilbo would engage and defend.  Gloin would Song of Mockery the damage.  Depending on the shadow card Bilbo could up is Defense with Protector of Lorien to make sure Gloin only took as much as he wanted to take that turn.  Then someone else on my side would attack the monster (such as Beravor) and Legolas and Bran would range in to kill it.

The Protector of Lorien allow us to control how much damage Gloin took each round.  As soon as he got Self Preservation this was a non-stop resource engine so long as there were enemies to deal with dealing 3 or more damage.  Sometimes we'd even leave such enemies engaged with me just to keep mining them each turn.  Add in a Burning Brand on Bilbo and now shadow cards couldn't affect the amount of damage so you knew exactly what Gloin was taking.

Anyways it was fun enough I thought I'd share.  Sure others have discovered it already.




#2 booored



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Posted 07 March 2012 - 03:04 PM

That is a good combo to be sure.. Mocking and Gloin and Self Preservation is commonly known... .. . but I really like the angle of using protector of lorien to control the dmg Gloin gets. I've always used Cididel Plates myself, allowing Gloin to take vast amounts of dmg in a single hit so no need for protector, and also no need to destroy your own hand. The 2 heals from selfP a turn really make a plated gloin (8 health) a great ay to soak dmg.

The big problem with Gloin as a resource engine is that it requires so much to get up and running. Compared to Steward (1 card) and Ziggy (1 card and a deck set up for it) the need to have 2 cards (selfP + mocking) and 3 (plate/lorian) to get really running means that this resource engine shouldn't be counted on a a major tactic as it is slow to start up.

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#3 Budgernaut


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Posted 07 March 2012 - 04:00 PM

 That's a really neat idea, Wraith! I like it a lot! I've tried getting Self Preservation on Gloin before and it hasn't gone too well. When I finally did get it on him, he got wiped out anyway. Using Protector of Lorien is brilliant. Although I agree with booored that it's probably hard to get it set up, it sounds like it'd be really exciting to get it working. And of course, parting gifts would be an awesome addition as well, especially in a multi-player game, although I suppose it could be useful solo as well.

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