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Tannhauser: The Pen and Paper RPG

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Posted 04 March 2012 - 09:00 PM

Hi everyone!

Tannhauser as a fantastic game in part, and some might argue mostly, because of the setting and story. The characters are fantastic, the time, the history, the gear! It is, I think, perfect for a pen and paper RPG where players can create their own pulp heroes to go toe to toe with the Reich, the Shogunate, the Matriarchy, and the Union.

So I started thinking of how I wish someone would make a Tannhauser pen and paper RPG. But then I started thinking of systems I would use and how it could be done. I think I have enough of an idea that I want to actually do it. And hey, it's FF property now. They can do with it what they want. They could just make one (or be making one now). But in the mean time...

I want to be someone who makes a Tannhauser RPG. But I want to do it with people so everyone who thinks like I do can enjoy it. Also... I made a RPG before. It can be a lot of work. And for this, I wanted to do it with a fresh new system that is built off the board game. That is right. I want Tannhauser the RPG to feel like Tannhauser the board game when you play it.

So, based on my "I wish there was a Tannhauser RPG" and my "I can make a Tanhauser RPG!" I am going to post here some ideas and such. And hey, if anyone wants to help out with the project, I could always use more designers to bounce ideas around with, a writer or 2 to help make it into an actual readable document, and some play testers and such to run some games and see how it all works and give feed back.

Here is what I have so far!

Basic mechanics: You roll pools of 10 sided dice. 1 is automatic failure 10 is automatic success. Your attributes give you a base dice pool. Your skills set the difficulty the same way the board games attributes do. (10-skill level = target number to gain a success. Example: a 4 in guns means 10-4 = 6 or better on a d10 = 1 success). Weapons would then add dice to the dice pool. 1 for melee weapons, 2 for pistols, 3 for automatics... or some such. The defender would use stamina + armor for a dice pool with relavent skill for trying to avoid the damage to set difficulty. Each success from the defender cancles out one success from the attacker and anything left over is a wound.

Character creation: would be point buy. Meaning you have a certain number of points that you spend on different qualities for the character.


Used to give a base dice pool for any action you do. Since you might not have any skill in something you can still attempt most actions with just your attributes and hope to get lucky with natural 10s for successes.


Might: Melee attacks. Also some equipment will have might requirements to use without penalty (I.E. Heavy weapons)

Agility: Ranged attacks. Dodging

Stamina: Contributes to shock rolls.

Intellect: Spells and spell like things.

Willpower: Resisting mind influencing stuff

Perception: Notice things going around you. Make aim actions. etc...


Works like attributes do in the board game. The higher your skill the easier it is to get a success on a die roll.





etc etc...

Command Points:

Each character will get 3 command points. They gain 1 command point after every battle and reset back to 3 after a rest. The more you fight without resting the more points you can accumulate to spend in a single fight.

Command points can be spent to raise a stat (increasing chance of success on a single roll)

Can also be spent to shrug off wounds.

Other stuff I have not planned out yet...

Health levels:

I would like to have health levels just like on the Tannhauser boards. Basically whatever your attribute is would determine what the attribute levels below it would be. Characters would have more then 4 rows though... I am thinking something more like 6-7. If anyone played white wolf games they would be familiar with that kind of thing. Just this would be the first time it effected all your attributes. Some perks you can take in character creation might be able to add additional health levels or reduce the degradation of specific stats. (Instead of your might being 6/5/4/3/2 it would be 6/6/5/5/4 or some such. Dunno. Numbers need to be crunched.)


And other stuff I haven't fully planned out yet!

Character creation will include a ton of perks you can take to customize your characters. Including unique equipment!

Here is a character sheet I made to test layout.

Clearly that is a lot of lines for armor. The skill section will be expanded as I hammer out what exactly the skills are. I think abilities will also end up needing to be expanded. I figure you can put a paper clip on the left side of the sheet to mark which health level you are at without covering up the stats. And the stats from left to right are Might, Agility, Stamina, Intellect, Willpower, Perception.

What do you guys think?

Anyone else wish this existed? Want to help make it?

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Posted 07 March 2012 - 04:28 PM

Updates are being made here...


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