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In need of Help with monsters

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#1 cdcace



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Posted 29 February 2012 - 03:57 AM

Okay so normally I wouldn't be asking for anyone to be posting book contents on the fourms but as per my situation I'm in need of some assistance.

The campaign I'm running the party is getting into some pretty big scuffles with the Black sun(Dark Sun, can never really remember which it is) organization, and have been using the undead avaliable from the Base book.  I own all the books but sadly because of a house fire (Books were not burned) I had to send all my books away to clean out the soot and smoke smell out of the books.   And now the game has reached a point were a Slayer really isn't that challenging of a creature, so I was hoping someone could help me by posting some of the stronger creations of that Organization, per say examples, Razeials I think they are called, or anything else they have created that is stronger than a Slayer.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated.  Even if its just the ATK, DEF, LP stats I would still be grateful.  This is a short notice as my Game session will be starting 4pm Us Central


Your Fellow Gamer


#2 AlphaWhelp



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Posted 29 February 2012 - 05:12 AM

500 zombies divided into 5 mass combat units of 100 zombies should prove to be quite challenging, depending on level.  I'm not entirely sure what level the PCs are in your game.

#3 cdcace



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Posted 29 February 2012 - 08:49 AM

 Um thanks for the advice but you have seem to have forgotten that Mass Combat rules are also in "Those who walked Amongst us." And if I still had my copy I might have done that also.

#4 cdcace



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Posted 29 February 2012 - 08:51 AM

 Oh the party is Level 10, 9, 8, 8, 6.  Something like that.  The 6 might be a 7 I can't remember.



Dark Palidin


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#5 AlphaWhelp



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Posted 03 March 2012 - 04:10 PM

At those levels, Black Sun isn't really a challenging opponent.  Maybe move on to something new like Demons of the 3rd/2nd circle.

#6 ElricOfMelnibone



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Posted 03 March 2012 - 08:19 PM

 OK, I'm doing this for the first and last time.

Raziel NK-X (Type-666)

Level9 - Between Worlds (Undead) Gnosis 25


HP: 355

Str:13 Dex:10 Agi:6 Con:13 Int:5 Pow:10 Wil:8 Per:8

Initiative: 85 (Claw), 25 (Raxxor Zero)

Attack: 240Raxxor + 220Trap OR 230 Claw

Defense: 230Raxxor or 220 Claw

Damage: 180Raxxor (Cut/Imp) 85Claw(Cut)

AT: Cut10 Imp10 Thr10 Hea8 Ele4 Col8 Ene4

Natural Abilities: Defense against Projectile Module

Essential: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Physical Excemption, Unnatural Size, Ambidextrous, Inhumanity, Psychological Immunity, Elemental Immunity (half damage from heat, electricity and cold).

Size: 24 Regeneration: 0/5(Inside the Ataud)  Movement: 4 Fatigues: NA.

Secondary Abilities: Notice120 Search60 Feats of Strength220 Climb120 Jump80


Raxxor Zero: +10Quality Weapon, but inflicts -3AT and +20Critical. Non undead that try to use it suffer each turn MR140 or damage.

Trap: The Raziel may make a penalty free Trap Maneuver with his claw during the same turn he uses the raxxor.

Absodian Armor: Full Heavy Plate+10 plus natural AT4 against all (granting AT as indicated before), plus Damage Barrier 60.

Unstoppable: Can choose to defend as a Damage Accumulation being suffering only -80Defense and -20Attack.

Impossible Resistance: Keeps fighting until brought to -10XConstitution Life Points and suffers only -20 Action Penalty while below 0.


You may choose one or even more of these modifications for a Raziel (although officially no Raziel at the moment has more than a couple).

Retractile Claws: The Raziel's Trap Attack has a range of 30m and if it hits the target, the target is pulled in melee with the Raziel.

Spectral Shape: The Raziel can use the Spectral Shape as described in the Necromantic Level52 spell. Also, the Raziel retains full ability to affect the material world while in such shape. Those who cannot see spirits must pass a Notice Check against 120 or suffer from Blindness while fighting the Raziel in Spectral Shape. Spectral Shape can only be maintained for up to 1 minute.

Dual Raxxor Zero: Remove the trap attack and add a second raxxor.

Nova: Allows to do the two following things.

 - Energy Distance Attack with full attack ability, 500m range and Base Damage 100. Attack used instead of the additional claw attack. After using this attack for one turn Nova cannot be used.

- Energy Area Attack with full attack ability, 15m radius and Base Damage 100. Attack substitutes all other attacks in a turn. After using this attack for five turns Nova cannot be used.


My suggestion, considering your party level is facing it with a mixed group including a few modified Raziel as "frontline", a couple high level necromancers and eventually even some powerful seekers (you will have to roll a few NPC). Since your players are pretty strong, the Black Sun might also choose to test some new wonder against them. You might take the Raziel NK-X and "improve it" by a couple levels, adding more Attack/Defense and more powers. But really when facing such strong opponents it's likely that Black sun will send undead forces supported by "intelligent" seekers. Besides, they might choose to send beforehand a powerful prowler (a Shadow or Assassin) to "spy" on them, in order to better study their weaknesses and combat tactics. If the hunting party includes intelligent beings, it's level of danger is greatly increased then if simply using a few raziel that randomly charge the party. If scouting on them is hard due to the Shadow and the Ranger in the party (but again, I believe such organization should have access to even better prowlers), then Black Sun should have no problems obtaining the services of a magician with clairvoyance to spy on them. If the party is really getting dangerous to them, they're going to use any trick they can think of. For example, undead cretures can be trained in the use of nemesis, and the same goes with Raziels, of course. If any of your characters are using ki techniques THAT would be bothersome. As an alternative, if you really want them badly dead:

send them a high level Illusionist or Dark Paladin with high Edamiel Elan, Seducer, Zen, tons of DPs spent on Persuasion and POISONOUS BLOOD...then have her seduce them to the bed...If the character is an Illusionist, you may add a Lower Resistances spell to the mix. Also a character could get close to them for a time (a classical character asking for help initiating a quest, just to come into possession of a part of each of them. Then, Vodoo on them from safe distance with Necromancers "at the base".

A strong fighters party shouldn't be fought by fighters alone. At least, a powerful organization such as Black Sun (which should be led by very clever people who control world's economy), should be able to think of better ways of handling them.

Of course they mght also send against them their best seekers...I believe Clover should be between Lev12-14 and possibly his "close" mates are around level 10. Black Sun isn't going against such a strong party without preparing a tactic that ensures winning the battle...

#7 cdcace



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Posted 05 March 2012 - 10:45 AM

I thank you all for your assistance, I ended up creating a creature like the necrogolem for the game session since it happened the day I posted this thread.  And I apologize for having had to ask anyone to post any book information.  Hopefully I get my books back soon, so i don't have any more problems.  Thank you Elric for posting the information I had originally asked for, If I run another game session I will most definitely be using it and your advice.  I'm not really trying to kill the party, but am trying to throw something difficult at them.  And pretty much now Black Sun has a price on their heads so I for see lots of trouble for the party.  And just so you know Black Sun wasn't really targeting them at that time, the party openly attacked Black Sun in order to take control of an area that Black Sun had been using for research, catching them by surprise and barely scraping by did they defeat the Black Sun that had been stationed there, at the cost of one player being mortally wounded but literally by a few points barely escaped death.  The next time I plan on actually having the Black Sun throw some thing at the party, which i for see casualties.  

The world I'm running has been going on since the DM Toolkit came out, combinging multiple events from seperate parties in one to create an even more indepth game play where one party isn't the only one having stuff happen around them.  I've even had two parties cross paths before.  But this party that was in this game session are the farthest (and still alive for that matter) they are creating their own organization for the perpose of taking down the Inquisition.  I know it sounds like a pretty much impossible goal, but with the amounts of hours they have put into planning, yes planning, weve had whole game sessions just with them planning their tactics.

I would like to share more but this thread isn't really the place.  I've been thinking of creating a thread to post about where my campaign is going, but it would take some time to gather all thats happened and put it in writing.  I'm very bad at keeping notes and planning lots of stuff ahead, I normally just create a few scenarios of what can happen some encounters and then let everything go where the party takes it.

But once again thank you Elric, I was thinking I might have to post pone the game any further until i get my books back, but now with your advice and help I'm sure I should be able to bust out at least 2-3more sessions without my books.  Dependent on how the party reacts or if they even do what I expect them to do.




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