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Ideas for alternative way of improving a caracter than going up a level? help would be much appriciated..

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#1 Ansalagon



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Posted 26 February 2012 - 10:45 PM

Our gamemaster Recent decided that we should not become higher level then 8 in A;BF  (we become that next time)

However we have a long campaign ahead of us, and we are looking for an alternative way improve our caracters...

any ideas?

#2 Arikail



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Posted 27 February 2012 - 02:51 AM

Part of the answer is going to be dependant upon why he has determined he wants to keep you at level 8. So what's the impetus for doing so? I've toyed around with such ideas in the past, awarding DP for advancement, and capping things at whatever level felt appropriate, though I think I'd raise those caps as the game went on.

The experiment in D&D was easy to do, with capping at 6, and then just adding a feat every 5k xp after that. Sadly, Anima doesn't really have the sheer number of feat type things D&D did, and even those (like most everything else) are tied into DP expenditures.The easiest method would probably be to award a small amount of DP every so often, with the understanding that X,Y, and Z are capped at this (for example, Attack is capped at whatever a character could spend on Attack by level 8). Using D&D's Epic 6 idea, it'd probably be whatever amount of DP every 250 xp earned by the characters, though that's just an idea. I don't think I'd cap MK and ML if using this system, but that's a personal opinion.

If going that route, I'd also look into finding additional things to spend DP on. Dominus Exxet and Arcana Exxet help with that greatly, in their repsective fields. Arcana Exxet should be out later this year, though you can find some translations on this forum (and maybe after my new computer gets here, I can continue where I left off at). So look into those resources.

Hope that helped a little, and maybe others could give some other ideas, depending on what the GM's reasoning was. Good luck.

#3 Ansalagon



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Posted 28 February 2012 - 12:08 AM

thanks for the answer :D

GM thinks we are getting to powerful for the NPC's and mosters of Those Who Walked Among Us.. In short, we are allowed to heroic but not "epic". After all some of the greatest heroes are level 10 (or less)..

we also leaves out some of the more "hard to relate to"- things out, such as the powers in shadow, the Nemesis guy, so that leaves out a lot of higer-ups ..

We are 4 in our group, our party we are currently consist of: a former sergent (a strike first type, acrobatic warrior) with an +15 staff as his only weapon (he went through hell to get it), a church sactified excosist (technisian), a disposed noble knight with split personality (Psychic warrior) and my charcter who is saint and a knight of Heaven Order (wizard)... our team is pretty well-rounded so we have an easy time dealing with most opponentes, though no power-gamers.. and lower level grunts don't stand a change of touching us.. The gamemaster don't have time to make more highlevel NPCs and he would find to explain why they are there..

i like your idea, our game master however would prefer we don't advance futher at all... :S

Well in regards to the Arcana Exxet, your efforts are much appriciated, a big THANK YOU :D




So far we have talked about gaining 2 CP each time we would otherwise gained level (max one may be spend on caracteristic)...



#4 tasuret



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Posted 28 February 2012 - 03:11 AM

 Here's the thing: if the players have gotten too powerful for the monsters, you have two options: step up your game, or end the campaign.

You mentioned he has Those Who Walked Among Us. This means he should know that he can make his own monsters. He should ALSO know that there are rules for mass combat. Why not put your characters in charge of a defensive (or offensive) mounted against a horde of monsters? Why not include the high-level, end-game enemies?

The trouble is, if you go by the Rules As Written, your characters shouldn't level up very often anyway. Going from Level 5 to 6 is going to take my group about 6 sessions, and the curve only grows. You're only supposed to get about 20xp per session anyway, and that's if you're good.

As a final note, 2CP per "level" is incredibly unbalanced. Your party would end up with a dozen advantages after a few levels. CP are supposed to be largely fixed from creation.

I can't say I sympathize much with your GM. S/He has to be willing to put in effort if they want to run any game. Tell him he needs to make more monsters, or he needs to get someone else in the group to help out. Surpassing the enemies in TWWAU is not a good reason to halt level progression. You can level them up! Who cares if an Ignis is only level 5? Give him 300 more DP and go wild!

#5 Ansalagon



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Posted 29 February 2012 - 12:35 AM

Well none of us wants to end the campaign... we ahve good caracters and GM have a good plot...

I havn't looked at the mass combat rules (Gm don't want us to look to much at it, so we wouldn't know the monsters..), but that sounds like a good idea...

hmm, sounds like our GM have advanced us a little to fast, (we started at level 6)

Well, gamemaster pretty much said something like "if you grow bored with you caracter, you could always say he settled down as an innkeeper or somethings " so the players tried to come up with an alternative idea.. but i agree you have a point

i'll take it to the GM, but quite frankly, i don't relly think he can be bothered with custommaking his mosters...  so i we hope to find an alternative solution

Thanks for the feedback :D


#6 AlphaWhelp



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Posted 29 February 2012 - 05:09 AM

Starting at level 6 is a huge mistake in this game, it's like starting your D&D 4e characters off as paragons.

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