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can an investigator attack a ancient one more than once in their turn

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#1 chainsaw_ash



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Posted 21 February 2012 - 12:05 PM

it says on p12 of the rule book


"During the Attack the Ancient One step, players roll dice as they did during the Resolve an Adventure Card step........ Investigators may complete the task any number of times during the Attack the Ancient One step (but only once for each time they rooll the dice)"

Does this mean, that if an investigator is sucessful on his first roll he removes a Doom token and rolls all the dice again and providing he keeps being sucessful, he can keep rolling the dice until he doesn't have enough dice in his dice pool anymore? Thereby being able to remove more than one token in his turn theoretically if he was lucky beyond all odds and never failed a roll he could kill a ancient one in one turn?

Or does it mean he just removes a dice each time he fails until he suceeds once, and his turn ends ie just like completing Adventure Cards?


#2 Musha Shukou

Musha Shukou


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Posted 22 February 2012 - 03:49 PM

 Think of it this way: fighting an Ancient One is like attempting an Adventure that has as many tasks on it as the Ancient One has doom tokens. So, if the Ancient One is Nyarlathotep, who has 11 doom tokens, then you must complete the Ancient One's task 11 times. The only difference here is that your allies get to help you with this "Adventure." So, let's say you roll the 6 green dice and got lucky on your first roll: you rolled 2 terrors. Both dice that showed a terror result are pulled out to remove 1 doom token and you get to roll the remaining 4 dice to attack him again. You don't  get to re-roll all 6 as, just like on an Adventure, the other dice are being used up to complete another task (removing 1 doom token). You can keep rolling like this as long as you have dice to roll. So, if you are only rolling the 6 green dice against Nyarly, then it is only possible to remove 3 doom tokens on 1 investigator's turn, at best. Once you run out of dice, either by succeeding, or failing, or a combination of the two, it's the next player's turn.

But you may only get 1 success for each time you roll the dice. So, if by some miracle, you roll the 6 green dice and get 4 terror results, you still only remove 1 doom token, not 2. Unless, I think, you are Amanda.

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