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First Game:

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Posted 20 February 2012 - 03:08 PM

 After lurking on the forums for a long time, I was finally able to procure a copy of BSG, and my crew had it's first taste of it this weekend.

We played a six player core game, with regular sympathizer rules.

Characters (in turn order): Starbuck, Tigh, Zarek (me), Boomer, Helo, Baltar.  Our group mainly was treating this as a "beta" test to get a feel for the game and how things work.

Starbuck launched to play with the cylons, Tigh moved to weapons control to try and destroy the basestar (failed his first roll), then I XO'ed him and we destroyed it on my turn (to show the co-operative nature of the game.)  We managed to jump extremely quickly, and then had a complete lull with no combat crisis cards popping up whatsoever.

Two of our players are very adept at running probabilities (I'm a physics major, the other is a math major) and we were running off the likelihood of the bad cards coming in, and already suspected that Starbuck was spiking the deck.  Well on a crisis, Boomer holds off, Helo still isn't quite in the game yet, and we have 3 red cards show up (Baltar has never picked up a red...) so, Starbuck gets sent to the Brig by Baltar.  Other pieces caused us to suspect Baltar, so when Tigh's turn came, Baltar was thrown in the brig.  (Both briggings were done with me contributing Investigative Committees to see what is going on.)

Well, we get a little bit of a scuffle, to which Starbuck keeps screaming how she's not a cylon, and she needs to get out because our star pilot is rotting (Boomer is able to hold them off enough for us to get an FTL control jump off.)

At this point, sleeper phase hits.  Boomer turns out to be a sympathizer, with no resource in the red... Transfers to the cylon ship.  Baltar decides he wants to look at Zarek's loyalty cards (I just picked up a "You are a Cylon card" during sleeper phase.)  So Baltar is squawking about how I'm a cylon, and he's in the brig, Starbuck still can't get out, Tigh lets me slide, and I figure I better go ahead an reveal, sending Tigh to Sickbay on my reveal.  

Things are looking fairly grim, Starbuck gets out, to try and stop the basic onslaught (my SC has not been played)  Tigh moved to FTL control and sat there (they were 1 away from a -3 pop) XO'ing Starbuck to try and do damage control. Jump prep gets moved up, and Baltar XO's Tigh to jump them out of there.  They jump, with a pop loss, Tigh chooses destination then, reveals, throwing Starbuck back in the brig.

So I lay my Supercrisis down, Boomer assists, they are scrambling to get everyone out of the brig, with us spiking them, then Tigh sets down his supercrisis, we knock them down, and on their jump of distance 8, ran out of fuel.

We had both basestars, all raiders, 2 heavy raiders, and 3 boarding parties, while Helo was the only one outside of the brig.

It was a beautiful sight.  Turns out, both Baltar and Starbuck wanted to test the waters, and just see how the accusations worked, but since they did not do smartly, while everyone was human (NO ONE had a You are a cylon card to start with) they got thrown in the brig, and the cylons just bid our time till perfection.

The game was wonderful, and even my human players can't wait for the next session.

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Posted 22 February 2012 - 02:44 PM


You know, it sounds like it was a really great game. It also sounds a lot like a "first game," all the way down to the rampant distrust and eventual cylon massacre. Seeing as you're someone who enjoys considering probabilities, I think that angle of the game probably has a lot to offer you. The woefully incomplete picture that each player has really yields players who are attentive to details big dividends sometimes. I hope your group sticks with it long enough for the humans to have a fighting chance, even though I'll warn you it may be a few games away yet.

Good times!   

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