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Campaign starter thoughts/concerns

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#1 Molonious Prime

Molonious Prime


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Posted 17 February 2012 - 06:41 AM

So, I'm starting a BC campaign here and the players have left it to me to actually create characters after choosing archetypes and a direction they'd like to take their characters. I've ended up with a desire for a Thousand Sons Sorceror (who will basically be starting as an aspirant sorceror recently elevated to a Space Marine out to prove himself in the eyes of the raven god and earn the mark of tzeentch initially), a Chosen (playing a Raptor with a jump pack), a Heretek, and a rogue Inquisitor (human Psyker) with a John Crighton complex to help drive the story.

Now, looking over character creating I'd like to have them start a bit higher than the initial starting value so I'm thinking ~1000xp for CSM characters and ~1500 for human characters. However, it still feels like the humans, though more versatile, still may not be able to pull their full weight and the party may be lacking in potentially key non-combat skills for a campaign. I was thinking of either increasing the human characters equipment allowance or giving them a bit more additional XP for non-combat skills, maybe starting at ~1700xp or something. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

Additionally, I'd like to start the campaign off with some homebrew content for a while and segue it into the Hand of Corruption adventure, reading through the books it seems rather challenging at some parts, anyone tried anything like that before and have any decent ideas/tips for doing so?




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Posted 01 March 2012 - 08:22 PM



What about just giving the system "a go" with a one-shot, perhaps?  The rules state that human heretics, tho' fragile, oughta be more versatile.  I haven't played it yet, tho'.




#3 Decessor



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Posted 03 March 2012 - 03:37 AM

My very mortal apostate was tied with a Dark Angel for most powerful member of the party. Not through force of arms but because he could gather allies and resources with little more than words. His contingent of NPC space marines outnumbered the rest of the warband's combined. He came *this* close to turning a Battle Sister - early in the campaign.

When said apostate fell to spawndom (warp-eater and hellishly long warp voyages are a bad combination) I brought in a renegade. Ex-Imperial Guard sniper. Even two or three thousand xp behind most of the party, he was capable in combat. When he got an unlocked exitus rifle after we beat a vindicare, he was downing Unforgiven terminators from half a kilometre away. Oh and was the only present PC to get offworld alive (our base had been attacked by said Unforgiven hunting that Dark Angel).

I'd strongly recommend looking at the "Balance in the game" section on p274-5 and using the optional rule where mortals can dodge hordes at the cost of the size bonus to hit hordes.

In short, mortals can be incredibly powerful. Finding a specialisation helps but the sheer number of skills and talents they get help a lot. They can't bull through combat like the Astartes can, they just have to be that bit more resourceful.

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