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Tau Spectres

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Posted 10 February 2012 - 02:08 AM

I had a terrible idea (I should clarify, I rather like the idea, but others will probably find it terrible.), and I thought I'd share it. This is a write-up for a new Caste of Tau, and the unit they grant the Empire access to.

Vacuus -- Void Caste
This recently identified new force of the Tau Empire consists of a new variety of Tau, altogether, one that has proven terrifying and dangerous to those who have been cursed to fight them. What sets these Tau apart from their brethren is that they seem to bear the Pariah gene, once thought unique to the Human genome, and it is notably stronger in these individuals than in most Humans recorded. This trait makes these warriors a demoralizing, interference-causing menace, and one none of the Tau's enemies have yet found a good means to counter.

The warriors of the Void Caste are rare, and fight with some unorthodox tactics. Most often, they do battle wearing stealth suits, and their low numbers make fielding teams of them risky, so they often attach to an existing Stealth Suit team, and  add their special traits to it. While in battle, they can unnerve their enemies, and render their psychic-based offenses and defenses worthless. Their stealth allows for them to do this without much fear of reprisal, and neutralizing their threat is often very difficult.


Physically, these new Tau look rather different from their brethren, with grayer, dry skin, and characteristically black eyes. They are slightly taller, and also thinner, than a Fire Caste member. When in battle, they make use of Tau Stealth Suits, making their fear-based abilities even more terrifying, appearing out of the dread just long enough to obliterate their enemies, and then vanish, like the specters of their namesake.

Vacuus Spectre
See Stealth Suit stat black (DW, p.366), modified with the following:
WP: add 10. Spectres are sure of themselves, and self-reliant. They know that their brethren are still leary of them, and can only depend on themselves.
Fellowship: subtract 10. Even among the Tau, the chill aura of being soulless has some effect. It is only the structure of Tau culture, and the orders of the Etherals that allows these warriors to function in a way no Human Null ever could.
Traits: Untouchable, Fear 1-2*, Null Aura* (see below)
Null Aura – this effect is treated as a Field with a rating equal to the Spectre’s Willpower score, though only against psychic powers, that cannot be overloaded. It has a radius equal to the Spectre’s Willpower bonus in meters.
* - Tau Ethereals are unaffected by these traits.

Personality: As one might expect, these individuals are a dour bunch. They find little joy in life, but are utterly dedicated to the Greater Good, and allow that dedication to doggedly carry them through; their duty is all the “joy” they need. While other Tau are notably less put off by Void Caste, they still feel the same aura, to a lesser extent, and have yet to completely adjust to these newest warriors. The will of the Ethereals, of course, keeps everyone in line, and the Ethereals are unaffected by the aura of the Voids.

Appearance: Voids are colorless, with skin that is much grayer than most other Tau, and noticeably dryer even then their brethren, with a dry scales sound when their skin rubs together. They are a bit taller, and thinner, than the Fire Caste, looking somewhat between them and the Air Caste. Their most notable feature, however, is their eyes, which have no light in them, and appear as pools of inky blackness.

Purpose: Voids are a new force within the Tau Empire, and are still coming into their own as a group; the Ethereals have only recently revealed them to their own people, much less the other races of the galaxy. Their fearful aura, and ability to interrupt psychic abilities makes them a fearsome foe, and their custom of wearing stealth-equipped battle suits, moving about unseen, sowing fear and terror among the enemy has earned them the ire of all non-Tau they have met. Otherwise, they make excellent espionage and surveillance forces, like any Stealth Suits. They often move with other Stealth Suit teams, as they are few in number, themselves.

Name: Void Caste members use the word Vacuus (Void) in their titles. As of yet, they have not climbed through much of the ranks, and so they are mostly La and Ui, with maybe one or two Vre. Their world of origin is unknown, so they use no sept name in their titles

I made these because I have thought that maybe whatever forged the Tau as a not-so-psychic race might have left this as a final oomph for them. Also, I like Untouchables, and this is a nice way to maybe get them in in a game of DW. I increased the power of the Pariah gene a bit, because I always disliked how it didn't reach beyond the possessor, like it is often described. Okay, that about covers it. If I make a named character, or tweak this in some way, I'll post it here for folks to see. Otherwise, thoughts are always appreciated.

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