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Requisitioning Skills

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Posted 09 February 2012 - 12:41 PM

I recently planned a mission for my kill team that involved them going undercover in order to achieve their mission goals. The only issue was that none of them had actually bought bluff, given the fact they were astartes. Duh.

I'm a massive fan of giving my team specific mission based gear they don't need to requisition. It's almost never a weapon, but the Librarian was recently issed a psychic hood for a mission because there was a Tyranid synapse creature in the region and the Watch-captain thought it prudent. Sometimes it might be an auspex, or a vehicle. Whatever is needed. So, I thought to myself in wonder, why not skills? Voila!

Astartes Asset: Hypnotraining

Cost: 30 requisition

Renown: Respected

The kill-team has been provided with a quick course of hypnotraining, imprinting them with a skill that will be required in the course of the mission. For the duration of the mission, the Kill-team counts as being trained in one skill of the squad leaders choice. If a member of the kill team is already trained in that skill, they gain Talented (selected skill). If they are already Talented, they gain no benefit from this asset. This asset must be chosen before the mission.


Inquisitorial Asset: Strange meals

Cost: 40 requisition

Renown: Distinguished

The inquisition has provided preserved cuts of meat, blood and brain matter of the target of the kill-teams next mission in order to allow them to gain more of an insight into the mindset of the target. Any character who chooses to imbibe can choose a single enemy (Fire Warrior, Hormagaunt, Cultist) and they count as having used their Omophagea on the selected creature type before the start of the mission. Due to the inquisitions gathering process, the bonus gained lasts twice as long and no corruption, insanity or damage will occur as a result of this asset. This asset must be chosen before the mission.

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