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Two Tales Of Baltar

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Posted 07 February 2012 - 01:44 AM

I just thought to share the tales of two games.


the first was the first game of battlestar i played

Table Composistion in turn sequence:Gaius Baltar(Me & President) Chief Tyrol, Tom Zarek, Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, Saul Tigh

both of my starting loyalty cards were "You Are A Cylon" yet luckily no-one suspected me and i was deemed the least-likely to be a Cylon because of my falsified effort for their survival.

I Had two arrest orders in my presidential hand and there was a Cylon fleet swarming Galactica and unfortunantly we had failed a skill check on a crisis, card sending starbuck to the brig(i managed to set engineering cards that Tyrol was blamed for.)

and then it was saul tighs turn and since we needed our pilot, the plan was to get her out during saul's turn and use "Executive Order" to enable her to defend the fleet. Then i lied about having a "  Presidential Pardon" in my hand, so Saul Tigh uses "executive order" on me and i reveal my true intentions....

and send both Tyrol and Zarek to the brig using my arrest orders. And Then During My turn i use a presidential card that reduces population and increases something(Don't Remember)  and then reveal myself sending Saul to the brig and give the other cylon card to Zarek. a full turn goes by, each attempt out of the brig fails and everyone is in the brig(except me leading the Cylon Fleet) and then Saul(after being "executive ordered") escaped  then a turn goes by and the cylon fleet devestates the civilian ships leaving them at population 1 and during Chief Tyrol's turn, Zarek says "i have a presidential pardon to get Starbuck out"  and so does Tyrol Unwittingly "EO" him and Zarek the pardon on himself and then uses the last point of population into food, using his "Once Per Game" reducing the population to zero ending the game.


The second one was a three man game, where we learned never to play "Boomer" in a three man game

Table Composistion in turn sequence: Gaius Baltar(Me) "Boomer" and Chief Tyrol


I had  an arrest order(again) and i rushed the game towards the sleeper phase, causing "Boomers" effect to force her in the brig, then during my turn i arrest ordered Tyrol, and Contained them both in jail for the rest of the game.

p.s Srry for telling such similar stories

these were two stories of my playing battlestar, Id like to hear some other stories so post them in the replies(if you feel like it)

and if you liked these two there's also the story of the "Prison Pizza"

if anyone would like to hear it, request it in the comments.


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