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Dealing with Revealed Cylons, playing with Cylon Fleet Board

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#1 Just Another Skinjob

Just Another Skinjob


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Posted 31 January 2012 - 11:00 PM

Hi everyone,

After having had a few games with the Cylon fleet board now, I'm just after a couple of clarifications and tips regarding revealed Cylon players. This board really seems to shift the balance of power in the Cylons direction.

So, any help would be appreciated on the following:


Supercrisis Cards - Do the Cylon locations from the Pegasus expansion always replace the standard ones, or only if somebody is playing as a Cylon leader? (due to the infiltrating the human fleet ability)

We've been using them anyway, and both revealed Cylons have sat in Resurrection for a couple of turns, stocking up on Super Crisis cards, which seems a bit cheap, but we're pretty sure it's legal. Obviously though, this wouldn't be an option if the original Cylon locations were used instead.

Related to this is a question that was raised last night, which is when using the new locations, does a Cylon player who reveals himself still gets a Super Crisis as a standard step in the reveal process, or is this replaced by the action of drawing one once you're aboard the Resurrection ship?


The Cylon Fleet Board - This question is specifically about the ability on the CFB which allows the Cylons to adjust the pursuit/jump tracks. This seems particularly potent, but one possible way to limit the damage this can inflict I wondered about is whether a human player can use Strategic Planning or Calculations to affect the dice rolls? I know usually skill cards can't be used on Cylon players, but these affect the rolls made by a player, rather than the player directly. So, are they allowed to be used? At least this way you could try to ensure the jump prep isn't brought back too often.


One thing we found was that the CFB maybe takes away a little from the cloak and dagger aspect of the game, as both of our Cylon players last night said that they revealed early because they could clearly do more damage as revealed cylons than they could while hidden in the fleet.

Do other people find this is now often the case? We really enjoy the suspicion and uncertainty that goes with the pre-reveal part of the game and it would be a shame to curtail this. Does anybody have any tips or maybe even house rules to minimise this happening? Or is it just that we're over estimating the impact of the CFB simply due to inexperience?


Thanks in advance for any help!






#2 Holy Outlaw

Holy Outlaw


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Posted 01 February 2012 - 02:00 PM

Just Another Skinjob

I believe the answer to each question is, "Yes."

 Yes, you replace the cylon locations with the new ones when you add Pegasus, no matter what.

Yes, you still get a Super Crisis upon revealing, even with the modified locations.

Yes, the pursuit/jump space is incredible.

Yes, a human player can Strategic Planning / Calculations the cylon's roll.

I hope this is helpful! Happy gaming!

#3 Skowza



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Posted 03 February 2012 - 09:33 AM

Holy Outlaw said:

 Yes, you replace the cylon locations with the new ones when you add Pegasus, no matter what.

Yea, if I remember corectly there is a very important difference between the Pegasus board and the Core one: if a Cylon player chooses to draw 2 Crisis cards and reveal one, the Core board activated Cylon ships but didn't give you a jump icon... the Pegasus one reverses that, which is a big swing toward the Human team.

#4 Just Another Skinjob

Just Another Skinjob


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Posted 03 February 2012 - 10:43 AM

Thanks for the replies both. Think we should have our next game sometime this weekend so it's good to have that straight.



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