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Comprehensive FAQ project

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#1 Roxas_Lawliet



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Posted 04 February 2009 - 05:01 AM

Hello Gaming Community,

I am the new marketing intern here at Fantasy Flight Games and I am working on a Comprehensive FAQ project and I need help from you, the fans. If you have any questions about the game that you feel were not addressed in the most current of the FAQ for Fury of Dracula, please post them here.

Thank you,

Fantasy Flight Games

#2 Gamer



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Posted 05 February 2009 - 12:06 AM

The Time Runs Short is a Dracula Keep event card. The card text has "Play this card at the start of your turn" and "You cannot play this card during the Small Hours". Shouldn't this card be have "Play this card just after the Timekeeping Phase" instead (since per page 7 of the rules the Timekeeping Phase is part of Dracula's turn)? The way it is currently written, if the Day/Night maker was at Midnight at the start of Dracula's turn, he could play Time Runs Short advancing the Day/Night maker to the Small Hours and then do the Timekeeping Phase to advance the Day/Night maker to Dawn. With the suggested change, if the Day/Night maker was at Midnight at the start of Dracula's turn, he would advance the Day/Night maker to the Small Hours during the Timekeeping Phase and then could not play Time Runs Short since the Day/Night is on the Small Hours.

The Consecrated Ground card indicates that encounters at the location are revealed. However, the rules on page 23 has "all encounters on that location are discarded". How are encounters handled with this Consecrated Ground?

Per page 22 of the rules Dracula cannot use Wolf Form to move through a location containing a Heavenly Host and Consecrated Ground. Dracula also cannot enter The Hospital of St. Joseph and St. Mary location but can he use Wolf Form to move trough this location?

If you Double Back to a location that you used the Wolf Form power is it correct that both the location and the Wolf Form power would be placed with Double Back power?

What happens if Dracula played Hide in a location and that location is revealed by Telegraph Ahead? I think only the Location would be revealed and not the Hide card but want to be sure.

What happens if Dracula played Hide in a location and that location is revealed by Hired Scouts? I think only the Location and any encounters on it would be revealed and not the Hide card and its encounters but want to be sure.

Hypnosis was played on Dracula and he had to declare his next move. Before he moved he was attacked and he Escaped by Bat. Must Dracula escape to the location he indicated he would move to? What if he indicated he would use a power for his next move?

If Jonathan Harker is in play, at the moment the sixth card in Dracula's would be revealed, can Sensational Press be used to prevent it from being revealed or is Jonathan Harker's ability immune to this event?

An Ambush encounter matures but all hunters are at sea. Obviously there would be no encounter but does Dracula still clear his trail down to 3 cards even though no encounter took place?


#3 Nagypapi



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Posted 10 February 2009 - 08:02 AM

When more than one cards can be drawn during the 'resupply' action, are they:

1)  drawn one by one (it would also imply that the hunter can decide after each draw to stop or draw more (if he still legally can) and in what order he draws the cards at all)


2) should the hunter announce what cards and how much he wants to draw before he draws them?

If #2 is correct than what about the timing and resolving the cards? What if two 'play immediately' event is drawn, which one is resolved first? What if one is a Dracula 'play immediately' event and the other is Hunter 'play immediately' event? Could Dracula use a just drawn 'Devilish Power' card to counter the effect of the just drawn Hunter 'play immediately' event?

Also, for a Large City sometimes it matters if the event or the item card is drawn first (for example in the case of the 'Re-equip' event card it matters which items are in the Hunter's hand right than).

#4 pdp



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Posted 02 March 2009 - 08:20 AM


may I play Unearthy Swiftness in conjunction with Wolf form to do 3 movements (cities) as Dracula in a turn?

#5 MrEntity



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Posted 06 March 2009 - 03:02 PM

1 -- The card "Newspaper reports" and the ____ ability "Newspaper reports" are the exact same except for one word. To me this seems like an oversight.
The card: Reveal Dracula's oldest location
The ability: Reveal Dracula's oldest UNREVEALED location


This makes the ability way more useful than the card. Is this deliberate, or a typo?

2 -- If a group is in combat and one uses a pistol, does the roll bonus apply to everyone, or does it only apply if Dracula targets the pistoleer?

#6 GI Joe

GI Joe


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Posted 23 April 2009 - 06:08 AM

1) With the event card "Forewarned", can a hunter also discard an already revealed encounter? Or can the card only be used in the very instance that a hunter actually flips a revealed marker over to its unrevealed side?

2) Can a hunter use two (or more) "Fast Horses" item cards at the beginning of his turn to move more than 2 cities?

3) Can a hunter travel through a city with a revealed "Fog" encounter using a "Fast Horses" item card?

4) If a hunter has rolled the train die and it came up with a result of "0", can he still play "Fast Horses" to be able to move 2 cities instead of 1?

5) What happens if one of the hunters plays "Chartered Carriage" and Dracula plays "False Tip-Off" simultaneously?

6) Can "Hired Scouts" be cancelled by Dracula's "Devilish Power", after the two cities have been named? Or does Dracula generally have to cancel such a card right away, before the hunters start naming cities? (Same or similar issue with some other cards: "Hypnosis", "Heroic Leap", etc. - can a player cancel the effects of a card - as if it had never been played - after dice have been rolled?)

7) Can "Wild Horses" only be played by Dracula in a city that's completely void of encounters (except for Dracula himself, of course)? Or could it also be played when it's obvious/inevitable that some other fight/combat will take place (for example if there is only an already revealed "Minion" encounter in the city)?

8) Which card has precedence if, prior to a combat, a hunter plays "Escape Route" and Dracula plays "Wild Horses"? Does it make a difference whether it's the hunter's turn or Dracula's turn?

9) What happens or what penalty should be applied if the hunter or Dracula player plays a wrong (= illegal) card during combat (for example, "Dodge" in the first combat round)?










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