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Dark Room lock card, Darkness action card, and event card questions...

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#1 DemonGurL13



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Posted 27 January 2012 - 05:20 PM

I recently started playing Mansions of Madness and I am LOVING playing the keeper. I think I'm starting to get majority of the rules down; however, today we were playing the Classroom Curses story and my keeper setup told me to put a Silver Key, Clue # 3 (it think), and a Dark Room lock card in one of the rooms by the laboratory. Here's where it got confusing: I understand that when an investigator explores a room, all the cards are revealed at once unless there is an obstacle or a lock in which case the investigator first needs to resolve those before exploring. So in the case of the Dark Room lock card which reads that the room is in darkness, can the investigator still explore the room and flip over the other cards during that same turn? I was under the impression that since the card reads that the investigator is unable to see anything at that particular time that it would take another turn/action in order to explore that room further. We were having a debate about it, but since it was getting pretty frustrating I just let the investigator go right ahead and flip over the rest of the cards. You see, I was thinking that there's no point in having the Dark Room as a lock card if it didn't hold back the investigators from exploring any further. I don't know, maybe that's just me but I really thought that since the text read the investigator opens the door and sees nothing, the rest of the cards will remain hidden until he takes another turn or until another investigator explores. Can someone explain to me how this card is really supposed to work, specifically as a lock?

Also, with regards to the event cards. Are the effects, which affect rooms, only resolved at the time the card is flipped over or do they  stay active until the next event is resolved? I'm asking this because I know that in Arkham Horror, events stay active until another one takes effect. The guy I was playing with said it resolves during that time that the event card is flipped and then it's discarded. I don't agree with this so I'd like to ask you guys how it's supposed to work.

Finally, the Darkness action card which lets the keeper put darkness in a room where the investigator then needs to test willpower: do they only have to do the check when the card is played? Say I play it on a room without an investigator, if an investigator were to enter that room during the following turn, do they have to do the check or not? I'm not sure about how that works...

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could clarify these things for me. Thanks!! ^~^


#2 amikezor



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Posted 29 January 2012 - 08:42 AM

a/ Lock cards are revealed when an investigator attempts to enter the room. Obstacle and explorations cards are revealed when an investigator explores. So the room is turned dark before it can be explored.

b/ The effects remain.

c/ All investigators in ANY dark room (including the one that has just been shutdown) must test willpower when darkness is played (and only when it is played).

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