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Multiple Sense of emergency

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#1 pnv_Creator



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Posted 26 January 2012 - 10:32 AM

 Hi guys,

I have 32 games of FoD and about 150 hours spent with that game. After that many games, we still have to check for some odd combinations of cards/effects and events almost every game. This time I want to ask something very basic though.

I thought I found the following in errata, faq or house rules, but I can't remember where and when:

Can hunters use 2 Resolve "Sense of Emergency" in one turn (e.g. first Lord G uses it and then Van Helsing).

What about if one of those is from card? We play that only one Resolve "SoE" can be used per Hunters' turn (all hunters), but cards are independant - you can use as much as you want. Probably we were misslead by "Only one resolve action can be used per Hunter's turn", but this applies for each hunter individually.

If we play it with unlimited "SoE" per turn it will be devastating per Dracula, who even now losses more often than the Hunters - 41/59 (%). We are talking for very experienced Dracula players here.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts about this :)

#2 pnv_Creator



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Posted 26 January 2012 - 09:34 PM

 P.S. This is not about complaining about how Dracula is weaker, some guys have Dracula winning rate 50% anyways. It is about too elementary victory for the hunters. Experienced players know that lategame it is almost always clear where Dracula was his previous turn (Hunters are 1 turn behind), or they can achieve the same effect with Hypnosis (they often play 3 hypnosis - two from cards and one from "Surprising return"), so if they have kept their Sense of Emergency cards + Resolves, they can easily teleport and kill Dracula at that stage.

With or without that rule, this is often what the Hunters' game is about, aggressive attacks on the last day or two, but at least they need some cards and luck to do it when they have only one Resolve:SoE per turn.

#3 pnv_Creator



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Posted 27 January 2012 - 04:44 AM

 Btw I found the official rules regarding that statemant:

"The hunters may not use the same Resolve effect more than once in a game turn." - Errata 1.3, June 2006

Still, if you have any thoughts or house rules about these, you can share in this topic.


#4 Semi-Adventurer



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Posted 29 January 2012 - 12:44 AM


I think hunter can use this power 2,3,even4 times in one turn if they have eough point.

And I have a quesion?

when item card deck is exhuast,then shuffle the discard of item card make a new item card? which page of rule book about that?

#5 Jervon



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Posted 29 January 2012 - 05:43 AM

Official rules are quite clear about the SoE. Like you said Hunters may not use the same RESOLVE effect more than once in game round (and game round is from first hunter turn to the end of Dracula's turn). But if hunters come acros same effect in event cards they are free to use them as this is not the resolve effect but event card.

As far as I know there is no writen rule that would say to shuffle item card deck and start it over after going trough it.

#6 pnv_Creator



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Posted 04 February 2012 - 01:43 AM

 Yes, definitely Jervon is right. My previous quote is incorrect, it is  "game round", not "game turn". So only one hunter can use Resolve SoE (per round). It makes a lot of sence to be that way.

Regarding the other question, I think it matches the spirt of the game that the Hunters will always be able to resupply items if they are in large city, if there was no encounter. The official rules skip a lot of details and I think that this was the idea, it is just not written. Else they would have written "Be careful, once you run out of cards in the item deck, you cannot resupply items anymore" or at least "You can draw one event card and one item card (if there are stil any cards in the item deck).

Nowhere in the rules is mentioned that you can run out of items (nor the opposite), but item deck is symbolic structure and we always reshuffle it, items cannot seize to exist in cities, nor we consider run-out-of-items as intended late game penalty for the hunters. It will cause the hunters to think a bit more whether they always draw item and bring somemore strategy for that action and more of a value to breaking items (Dracula's Strenght card), especially late game. It will be terrible to break hunter's item at that point, it will be better than a kill (except the 2 points) - the hunter becomes useless .

So we reshuffle. We would reshuffle event deck as well, but I think that it has never run out.

Is it a bad rule not to reshuffle? No, not at all - more strategy for the hunters (and dracula), some advantage to Dracula which is also a good think, considering that he wins only about 40% of the games.

P.S. Have also in mind that there are three "Heavenly Host" pieces and only two cards which can lead to putting them. Of course, there are two "Secret Weapon" event cards, that give you the possibility to get two "Heavenly host" item cards from the discard pile. I don't know if that information leads to any conclusions.

Here are some more thoughts on that topic. It woud be great if we get official opinion on this.




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