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Orcs in Runewars

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#1 Psyco



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Posted 24 January 2012 - 09:55 AM

There seems to be a general consensus that the Zul Orcs will be a race in an upcoming expansion. So, what should they look like?
•Starting TAC/INF
•Dial Configuration/Starting Dial Numbers
•Unit names/abilities/Hit Points/Base Shape/Initiative Number/Quantity
•Home Realm Configuration
•Unique Development

I have my thoughts about what this could look like, but I'd love to hear what you think.

#2 Hinnyboy



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Posted 24 January 2012 - 12:38 PM


Assassin (fast) - unit hp1 initiative1 Triangle: Orb (destroy 1 circle,. triangle or rectangle unit of your choice.)
Shaman - unit 2hp 2initiative circle. Orb: (summon spirits summon 2 spirits).
Brute - unit 1hp 3iniative triangle. Orb: (bloodlust: deal 1 damage, if this destroys a unit deal 1 additional damage.)
Ogre - hexagon 3hp initiative4. Orb (deal damage x 3)
Vengeful Spirit (ethereal - can only exist in battle and cannot be target of any damage, rout or other affect, do not counts towards strength) -hp 5initiative circle Orb: Horrify (deal 1 rout)

16 Brute Units
8 Shaman Units
8 Assassin Units
4 Ogre Units
8 Spirit Tokens

FOOD (3): Brute, Tactics Card, Brute, Brute, empty, Brute, empty, empty
WOOD (2): Shaman, Influence, Shaman, Tactics Card, Shaman, Influence, Ogre, Influence
ORE (2): Tactics Card, Assassin, Influence, Ogre, Tactics Card, Assassin, Tactics Card, Tactics Card

Alignment: Neutral

Starting Influence: 1+ (Starts with 1 influence but win any tie with starting influence)
Tactics Cards: 3

Developments: training grounds, diplomat, resources, 2 x Ancestral Grave (summon 3 sprits).

#3 Psyco



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Posted 12 February 2012 - 06:04 AM

Here's what I think the Orcs should look like.  Through collaberation I thought it best to create some new Traits and some new components.  Here they are first:


Stalwart = Units with the Stalwart attribute may not become routed or be forced to retreat by an opponent during a battle.
= When placing damage to your units in battle, standing units with the Taunt attribute must be assigned damage first.  Assigning damage to already damaged units still applies.
Protection Token = A Protection token may be used at any point during a battle to absorb one damage or to remove one damage from any unit.  Unused tokens are discarded after the battle.
Entangle Token = When a unit has an Entangle token assigned to it, the unit may not draw Fate cards for the remainder of the battle.  In addition, during any battle the unit may not become routed until all other available units have been routed first and the unit cannot be forced to retreat.

Zul Orcs (Neutral, 3 TAC/2.5 INF)

4 Food – Fighter, TAC, Fighter, INF, Blank, Fighter, Fighter, Blank
1 Wood – Goblin, TAC, Shaman, INF, Goblin, TAC, Blank, INF
2 Ore – INF, Shaman, TAC, Ogre, INF, Ogre, TAC, Shaman

Name, Initiative/Shape/Health/Number

Goblin Raider (Fast), 1/REC/2/8

Pillage: Your opponent must discard 1 Influence.  This ability has no effect against unallied neutral units.


[SHA] Orc Assassin, 2/REC/1/8

Paralyzing Poison:  Deal one Entangle token.  Your opponent must assign this to a unit with Initiative 3 or higher (if able).


Fighter (Stalwart, Taunt), 3/TRI/1/16

Cleaving: Deal 1 damage.  If this defeats the unit, deal 1 additional damage.


Ogre, 4/HEX/4/4

Knockback: Deal 1 rout.  Then deal 2 damage.


Shaman, 5/CIR/1/8

Dark Charm: Your opponent must select one of his standing units.  Take the unit from your opponent’s side and add it to your own at initiative 1.  Destroy the unit at the end of the battle, after calculating final strength.  No cards are drawn for the stolen unit.


[OGR] Beastrider (Fast), 5/HEX/3/4

Whirlwind Attack: Draw another Fate card, select any area of the Fate card and apply its effects.  A special ability deals 2 damage.  Then deal 1 damage to this unit. 

Home Realm: Food, Food, Food/Food, Ore (Single Water)/Ore, Wood (Single Mountain)

Developments: 2 Resources, 1 Neutrality Pact (Place 2 Neutral TRI units at the Stronghold), 3 Obarak Tribesman (Your opponent must discard 2 Tactics cards in order to play a Tactics card in this area during a battle.  If your opponent does not have 2 Tactics cards to discard, he cannot play a Tactics card.)

Development Cards:

Wargs – Goblin Raider (1 Food, 1 Wood): After resolving the special ability Pillage, you may gain Influence.
Forced Discipline – Fighter (1 Food): When participating in a battle on a tile with a friendly Hero, Fighters resolve Fate cards as if they were REC unit types.
Underworld Connections – Orc Assassin (1 Wood, 1 Ore): Each time you recruit an Orc Assassin you may spend 1 Influence to receive 1 Tactics card.
Darkwood Club – Ogre (1 Wood): After resolving an Ogre Knockback ability, you may add one Protection token to your army.
Combat Barding – Beastrider (1 Food, 1 Wood): Your Beastriders now have 4 health each.
Blood Sacrifice – Shaman (1 Food, 1 Ore):  When resolving a Shaman Dark Charm ability, you may select which unit to take.
Spirits of the Lost – Faction (2 Wood, 1 Ore): When resolving the secondary ability of all fall Season cards, you may gain either 4 Influence or 2 Tactics cards instead of the printed values.


#4 SolennelBern



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Posted 03 April 2012 - 02:58 AM

I'd love to see new races added...especially the Dwarves!

But would you keep a 4-player limit or add a 5th player?

5 players, could be even more epic!!!!!!!

#5 IronRavenstorm



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Posted 22 April 2012 - 07:03 AM

Five players would be epic.  My gaming group for the most part is around four people average who can make it (Making this a perfect game), but when we plan things out in advance we have had up to 12 people.  It is hard sometimes when we have five people and really want to play this game, but we always have to switch to something else so no one gets left out.  I am in favor for adding a possible fifth player.  Dwarves are never fairly represented in most games, and would be a welcomed sight in Runewars.

#6 morty_piper



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Posted 22 June 2012 - 10:13 AM

 i'm looking forward to the orcs expansion a lot. Mostly i want the game to be expanded. Sometimes i have 3-4 players and it's fine, but my usual strategy game is about 5 of us, if not more. So if the orcs allows an additonal faction during the game i'd be pumped. 

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