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Reign of Fire Dragon card Effect with Dragon Slayers Ending

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#1 Caius Shadowsworn

Caius Shadowsworn


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Posted 21 January 2012 - 06:20 PM

While Playing the New Talisman: The Dragon Expansion just recently, the card Reign of fire was drawn out of the Varthrax (Red dragon) Deck.  Now with the Dragon Slayers Ending, That one card Ended the game.  There is still much controversy about this, due to the game not lasting more than 2 hours.  The question is, Is this The correct way to play out the effect and resolve End-game?

The Play that happened:

Player 1 draws a card from the Varthrax Deck after landing on a space occupied by a red Dragon Scale. The card revealed is Reign of Fire. All 5 dragon scales are on each Draconic Lord, none were taken.  So players 1-5 each place the Dragon scale on the board as instructed.  After 11 tokens were placed on the board, there were no unoccupied spaces to place dragon scales on, so by rules, they are discarded and that player suffered the appropriate Dragon Rage effect.  Afterwards, no player was killed from the Dragon rage effects, and all three Draconic lords were removed from the game. With Dragon Slayers Ending, because all 3 Were eliminated by removing all scales, the player with the most scales on the table would win.  So players 1, 3, and 5 had 1 token, Player 2 had 2 and player 4 had no tokens.  We declaired player 2 the winner.

Exact Card Text:


Reign of Fire-Event 

Clockwise starting with yourself, all characters take 1 dragon scale from a Draconic Lord of his choice and place it on his space following normal rules, until all dragon scales on each Draconic Lord has been placed on the Board, Then Discard this card.


Dragon Slayers - Alternate Ending - Revealed Ending card

At the start of the game, place the Draconic Lord Cards faceup next to the board. Instead of placing life counters on the Draconic Lords, Place five Dragon Scales on each card.

During each of his Turns, a character on the Crown of Command must choose to a Draconic Lord to attack using strength or craft.  Each time he defeats a Draconic lord he must take one dragon scale from the Draconic Lord's card, place it in his play area, and then either attack a Draconic Lord or move to the Portal of Power.  If the character is Defeated, In addition to losing a life, his turn ends and he must suffer the Dragon Rage Effect.

When all five dragon scales have been taken from a Draconic Lord, his card is removed from the game.  When all Draconic Lords have been removed from the game, the character with the most dragon scales in hisplay area wins the game!  If two or more characters tie for the most dragon scales, they share the win.

Draconic Lords do not heal even if there are no characters on the crown of command.



Is This Correct?  Please Help, this is a very confusing Ruling.  If it is correct, then that card is a Game ending card, given the Dragon Slayers Ending card is the Goal, Which makes little sense, and is anti-climatic.

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Posted 21 January 2012 - 09:44 PM

The five Dragon Scales you place on the cards at the start of the game are to replace lives and should be considered as "tokens" whilst the game is in progress. Otherwise there would be a continual battle for Dragon King as all of the Lords would have at least three Dragon Scales!

To keep them separate, it would be an idea to perhaps have them face-down and down the side of the card, then you can place the "real" Dragon Scales on another part of the card for use in the contest for becoming King.

The Reign of Fire card would therefore only effect the "real" Dragon Scales, and not the "tokens".

When a character claims one of these tokens, then it would of course be classed as a Dragon Scale in his possession.

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