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Stun, or 'how to cause an anti-climax'...

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#1 alakazam



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Posted 14 January 2012 - 10:04 PM

Im interested in what people think of the 'Stun' rule in MoM.


It is my opinion that it seems a little too powerful against monsters in certain situations and has the ability to really cause problems for the keeper. Now, this may not always be a bad thing and can save the investigator's skin to pull a lucky 'stun' combat card at the right moment (which I have no problem with, ordinarily).

However, heres where it is a problem for me; in two games now 'stun' has caused a huge anti-climax to our game -


1) Walter Lynch turns up, screaming incoherent arcane gibberish while swinging his axe at the investigators, who all recoil in horror!

For the next 2 rounds (due to the pull of the cards) Walter is stunned in place while the investigators happily pull him apart. The end.


2) With the howl of eldritch energy the very fabric of space-time is rent apart as the huge bulk of a mighty Shoggoth pulls its way into our world - the investigators hastily retreat and barricade the door in a futile attempt to contain the monster. To their horror, the Shoggoth smashes its way through their pathetic defences and its huge bulk threatens to crush them like the insignificant insects they are as it attempts to escape the mansion to wreck havok on mankind.

Again, due to the pull of the cards, the Shoggoth sits there doing nothing while the investigators walk away as it cannot escape the mansion. The End.


Both of these games ended in anti-climax due to stun. Not really a great story.

The worst thing about it is the blanket 'the monster can do nothing' (as opposed to the investigators, that get penalties) AND the total and utter arbitary nature of the application of stun, its just the luck of the cards...


Now, changing the way stun is applied is not really feasable as it is hard-wired into the game (it would take a redesign of the combat cards, as well as trying to think up a less arbitary way to apply it). However, it is fairly simple to change the effect of stun. What do people think of:

A monster suffering a stun effect moves 1 less square than normal and investigators receive a +2 bonus to attribute tests in combat with the stunned monster.

This brings stun in line with the way it works for investigators.

However, you may prefer something a little more elegant:

A stunned monster or investigator may only move a maximum of 1 sqaure in a turn, regardless of the source of movement.

This makes stun affect movement and leaves darkness to affect tests - making them both distinct.


Comments, thoughts, criticisms and shout downs welcome :)

#2 MyNeighbourTrololo


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Posted 15 January 2012 - 12:20 PM

If you're so jelly about stunning named monsters, then just don't stun them and deal 1 bonus damage per stun token would be applied. 

That's cursed table-talk, and I'll stick you, if you don't shut it down, see?'

#3 Bleached Lizard

Bleached Lizard


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Posted 17 January 2012 - 07:52 AM

MyNeighbourTrololo said:

If you're so jelly about stunning named monsters, then just don't stun them and deal 1 bonus damage per stun token would be applied. 


Why is this better than what the OP suggests?

I like the OP's idea and will probably implement it in my games.

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