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[HE] Wish upon a star

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#1 Mallumo



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Posted 17 December 2011 - 01:15 AM

Here's a deck for casual play. Having gotten tired of indirect damage, I played a High Elves deck using the various dragons, and lately I've switched it to an all out Star Dragon build.



3 Envoy from Averlorn

3 Valorous Mage

3 Star Dragon



3 Warpstone Excavation

3 Contested Village

3 Citadel of Dusk

3 Watchstone of Athel Tamarha

3 Judgement of Loec



3 Asuryan's Cleansing

3 Scroll of Asur

3 Gift of Life

3 Inflame

3 Second Sight

3 Shield of Saphery

2 Tear of Isha

3 High Elf's Disdain

3 Flames of the Phoenix


50 cards


The small units and the supports all go into your quest zone. You don't need resources, you need to draw into all your cheap spells and the dragons. The Watchstones are the exception, naturally, and if you don't have one early, depending on your opponent, you might want to play something else into your kingdom to get the four resources for Flames. All the tactics (and Judgement) are spells, and you should dish them out indiscriminately, their main purpose is making your dragons cheap after all. Once you got a Watchstone or two, you'll actually be making a resources profit from the 0- and 1-cost spells, and soon you'll find it easy to afford the dragons, if their cost isn't 0 yet. With two Watchstones, a 0-cost spell will effectively lower the cost of a dragon in your hand by 3, for example.


In a deck with other dragons, Fury of Aenarion is better, but here Inflame has the benefit of taking another spell with it to the discard pile. You can use it to help your dragons burn zones, but early on just use them on your Envoys and Mages to draw more cards.


Shield of Saphery, Gift of Life and Tear of Isha help keep your dragons in the game once you've played them, but again, don't hesitate to use them on the cheap units early. You want spells in your discard pile, and you don't want your card draw to slow down.


Flames of the Phoenix is the kicker. Not only will it almost always hurt your opponent more than you, in the mid to late game you should be able to play a dragon or two for free after having cleared the board with it. It also serves to get the Envoys and Mages out of your quest again so you don't draw yourself dead. The other spell you should not fling about just for the sake of it is Judgement. Not only will it probably not go into your discard pile, but it is wonderful unit removal that you need to take care of the really annoying ones.


Dragon's Lair is superfluous here, and while neutral supports like Ancient Waystone might fit, keep in mind you still need loyalty for the dragons. Depending on what you expect to face, you could replace some of the spells with others, like Drain Magic, but in general, you want a low number of highly situational spells, and you'll also want to avoid most of the expensive ones.


Hope you like it, have fun if you try it.


#2 Vitamin T

Vitamin T


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Posted 17 December 2011 - 04:15 PM

I have played something similar a few times and I enjoy this deck quite a bit.  I do have decendant of indangir in my build as well though.

#3 Mallumo



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Posted 05 March 2012 - 11:00 PM

The deckbox link that should have been in the first post: deckbox.org/sets/83668

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