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Commissar Career Path

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Posted 14 December 2011 - 05:55 PM

Hello all.  This is my first post.  I am currently playing in a Dark Heresy campaign.  The GM and I are working on a new career path in the form of an Imperial Guard Commissar.  Please examine and critique honestly.  I apologize for any incorrect grammar.  Thank you.



Commissars are invariably stern and uncompromising individuals, able to keep even the most archaic regiments in line through fear, strength and power. They have authority over soldiers, sanctioned psykers and regimental officers. Commissars have both the right and duty to immediately execute any Imperial Guardsman or Officer who shows cowardice or incompetence in battle.

Commissar Ranks:

Cadet Commissar (XP Level: 0-499)
Penal Custodian (XP Level: 500-999)
Overseer (XP Level: 1000-1999)
Junior Commissar (XP Level: 2000-2999)
Commissar (XP Level: 3000-5999)
War Commissar/Field Commissar/Senior Commissar (XP Level: 6000-7999)
Deputy Commissar/Commissar Captain/Flag Commissar (XP Level: 8000-9999)
Political Commissar/Regimental Commissar/Ship's Commissar (XP Level: 10000-14999)

Commissar Characteristic Advances:

Characteristic: Simple/Intermediate/Trained/Expert
Weapon Skill: 100/250/500/750
Ballistic Skill: 500/750/1000/2500
Strength: 250/500/750/1000
Toughness: 250/500/750/1000
Agility: 500/750/1000/2500
Intelligence: 500/750/1000/2500
Perception: 100/250/500/750
Willpower: 100/250/500/750
Fellowship: 250/500/750/1000





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Posted 16 December 2011 - 08:35 AM

They do have a commisar path in one of the books, radicals handbook?  I can't recall, but I will admit it's a 1 level divergence and kind of weak.

A word about the titles you give, Commissar General seems a little high ranking for DH levels, I might consider saving that for Ascension.  Guardsmen go up to Commander, the theoretical guard step above Captain, though their description seems a little odd if you ask me.  Just saying a General Commisar is a sector level type mover and shaker from my readings

FWIW, I feel deadeye shot, lightning reflexes, and swift attack our out of place at that level, not sure why.  With deadeye, it's probably because even assassins don't get it that early.  Something also feels off about hip shooting at the rank you have it, as well as the pairing of two weapon wielder.  It seems like those should be spaced out like many other classes do.

For advances, I'd consider making WP and Fellowship, and Strength your cheap advances, as these tie directly into steely will and resistance of fear, command and charm, and intimidation and force of will.  For the intermediate/moderate priced ones, that's tougher, but I'd probably go WS, Toughness, and Intel to represent their swordsmanship, hardiness, and knowledge of the empire and investigative abilities (logic is intel based, as is search), then that unfortunately leaves BS, Agility, and Perception as your rank 3s.  Something feels wrong about making perception such a high cost, but the others just seem to make more sense.  When I think "Commissar" perceptive isn't the first that comes to mind- commanding, intimidating, tenatious do.  I might swap out strength in there, much like the Arbitrators, but I am not sure.

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Posted 24 January 2012 - 07:46 PM




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Posted 25 January 2012 - 11:48 AM

There is the 'Chaliced Commisariat' alternate rank.  They're not actual Commissars though, rather a Calixis 'local equivelent' who answer to Sector Governor Hax.  As a result they do not answer to the Munitorium as regular Commissars do.


I have found that the Cleric Career path makes an excellent Commissar and has everything your character needs to be good at making people do what you want, wasting them when they don't, and standing firm in the face of fear.

Try it, you'll be surprised at how good a Commissar it makes.

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