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"Op. Ghostlight" Storyline, part 1

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Hello fellows,

probably you read other posts about Dust-Day, a fan created event that is just starting, being it´s first edition down in agrneitna next sunday 18 dec.

Operation Ghostlight is the campaign I´m designing for the event. 

Well, I´ve come up with a series of short stories that unwrapp the story behind the scenarios, and I think you might like reading, so here it is to share. Hope you enjoy!



***February 1947, proximities of Cape Horn, 03.45 am***

The humming of the U-boote´s VK engine resounded smoothly across the hull. More even so at this time of night, with most of the ship´s crewmen taking their hard-earned hours of rest.

Captain Schumann was still up though, sitting at his desk in the cockpit, and going through a pile of maps, papers and documents...he looked real busy, completely devoted to his duty.
However, it wasn´t devotion to duty that kept him from enjoying a nap in his cabin. He knew his trade real well and was pretty confident in achieving succesfully the task given.
What kept the captain so uneasy was related to the cargo he was carrying in the ship.

He had always been a loyal man, there was no question about that. That same quality, along with his valuable experience in battle througout the war, granted him the privilege of commanding the first of the VK U-boote designed by Von Thaler.
But those men (if you could call them so) the ship was carrying in it´s bowels...the memory of those wretched souls boarding the ship was beyond his nerves.
"Is that what awaits all of us who give our life for the fatherland? To become a mockery of the living and forced to keep fighting after death?", he thought. He felt cold sweat going down the side of his forehead.

"Is there anything else I can do for you, captain?"-the voice of the young officer echoed in the cockpit. Schumann felt his heart come to a sudden stop, he had forgotten about his companion.
"Are you alright, sir?"
"Yes, yes, I´m fine..."-he replied, coming back to himself-"Just somewhat tired, but I need to get through this data to set our landing point. This mission is vital to the Reich, you know?"
"I´d like to be of assitance, sir, if I may"
"No need, Stephan, just go and get some rest, we´ll be reaching destination shortly...I´ll be fine"
"As you command, Captain" There was a metallic sound on the catwalk as the young man left the room.

Schumann let out a sigh. He opened a small wooden chest under the desk, and pulled out a bottle of schnapse, he poured a glass and relaxed on the chair´s back. His mind was playing tricks on him, he thought, not good for a veteran like himseelf...maybe he could use some rest after all.

Then, a hissing, unearthly voice from behind.

"Everything under control, Captain?"

He felt a chill running down his spine, his whole body froze on the spot, but he forced himself to put down the glass, as he stood up and faced his visitor.

"Yes, milady! Everything under control. I was just rechecking data for our landing point, making sure everything works out as planned" - His nerves were about to snap, he swore he heard no steps after the officer left.
The totenmesiter mask only made it worse by giving him a reflection of himsef instead of some eyes to look into, although, now that he thought of it, he rather not look into her real eyes...

"Good, captain, good..."-she replied-"I count on you having special care in this mission, herr Schumann. I don´t fully trust our sources, and there have been suspicions of spy activity inside the bleutkreuze. You were specially recommended for the task, so I hope you live up to my expectations. Have I made myself clear?"

"Yes, milady, you have..." It took tremendous effort to make the words go through his throat.

The misleading small shape of the totenmeister walked away, making no sound on the catwalk as she left.
The man fell back to his chair, shaking.
"God help us all"-he thought.




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